Thursday, March 30, 2006

A short farewell

I'll be leaving the Blog temporarily. Not because I'm not wanting to write anymore, but because of work. Now that the winter is almost over they have finally called me to the mountains to plow snow. I don't know how long I will be gone. Any where from as short as 2-3 days or as long as 2-3 weeks. It will be some long ass days but worth it in the long run. I'll be plowing snow, working 12 hour shifts, 7 days straight. Until they decide to let me come home after there are no more storms backed up in the Pacific. my shifys will be from noon to midnight. *Yay*. (Thats sarcasm.) The best part is that I will be working 16 hours tomorrow with the travel time. AND all 16 of those hours will be over time. Along with OT on Sat. & Sun. So between Fri, Sat., & Sun. I'll have 40 hours OT. Cha Ching!

I will be taking Summer's laptop along though in hopes that there will be an internet connection nearby. That is also if I am awake enough.
So until my return I bid you a fond farewell.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It was a good morning

As I said in my last post at the end, Summer and I picked up the wedding ring that I bought her for Valentines Day. It has been welded together and sized to fit her finger.
She put it on in the store and wore it home. I know for my part it really made me happy to see it on her finger. Of course she took it off after we got home. She had to go to a friends house to do a massage, and she can't wear any rings while doing a massage. She also don't wear it around the house during daily type stuff. She only wears it when we go out somewhere. This is a huge step in the right direction for us.

This morning as the alarm went off I hit the snooze button a few times as is usual for me. Finally it went off and Summer said she really had to get out of bed. I responded "I really need to make love to you". Her response was to grab my package and ask what I had to offer her. ;) So we made love this morning before I got up to go to work.
Although I still have not learned my lesson to turn off the alarm clock before we start. Talk about a rude interruption.
There's just something about sex before work that makes going to work much more enjoyable. Well maybe at least bearable.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

TMI 100

Well let's see if I can actually do this. Just for kicks I'm going to tell you now when I'm starting this just to see how long it takes to get all 100. It's Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 12:03PM

1)I'm 32 years old
2)Been married for 12 years
3)I was 20 when we got married
4)Summer was 18
5)Summer was 2 months pregnant when we got married
6)From the day we met to the day we got married was 8 months
7)We met on July 31, 1993
8)She became my girlfriend on Sep. 5
9)We got engaged on Nov. 25
10)We found out she was pregnant on Feb. 1, 1994
11)We had sex on the first date
12)I just ended a relationship with my second girlfriend before Summer and I met.
13)That girlfriend and I ended the relationship because she was pregnant and didn't tell me about it.
14)I found out from a mutual friend that she had a "miscarriage". That's the only way that I knew she was even pregnant.
15)That was the same time that I stopped doing crank/meth
16)At that time in my life I was actually a regular attender in church. I drove 35 miles each way just to go to a church I felt comfortable in.
17)I stopped attending churches after I moved away from that area
18)I never had a girlfriend until after I graduated high school.
19)I broke up with her a month after we started dating.
20)Even after I dumped her we had sex on a regular basis.
21)I broke up with her because she wanted to have a 3some that did not involve me. She wanted my best friend and his girlfriend.
22)She ended up marrying her best friends dad. He was 48. She was 19. They were having an affair and she got pregnant. He divorced his wife to be with her. They live in New Mexico now.
23)As stated before I was molested as a child.
24)Due to that I had questions about my sexuality when I got older.
25)I have actually had a shall we say........bisexual experience.
26)It actually happened more than once.
27)I have been involved in a 3some.
28)I would like #27 to happen again.
29)I have never "completed" from oral.
30)Unlike FTN who gave up porn for religious and marital reasons, I gave up porn because it did nothing for me.
31)I find porn to be to degrading to women. (Yes I do sound like a chick now huh?)
32)Summer is the only person that get me a "hard-on" anymore.
33)For that reason porn does nothing for me. If I can't get "aroused" or hard then why watch it? Right? Or why look at a magazine?
34)Another reason for not looking at magazines is why would I want to look at pics when I get to see the real thing every night.
35)I have taken explicit photos of one of the 3 women I have had sex with.
36)That same person has taken photos of me at the same time.
37)I have always wanted to make my own porn movie. But don't have a video camera or a willing partner.
38)Even though I look at other women in public (and HNT pics) No one compares to the beauty that Summer has.
39)Beauty is more than skin deep. And Summer has an unending inner beauty.
40)I love to be the person that makes Summer smile.
41)I can't have sex with someone I don't have true feelings for.
42)I sometimes wonder if Summer was right when she says we got married to young.
43)I left for Basic Training in the Army 11 days after we got married.
44)That was the longest 6 months of my life.
45)I didn't have sex for those entire six months.
46)I have fallen asleep while having sex.
47)I have had Summers mom walk in on us having sex. She walked right in sat on the bed and asked for a cigarette.
48)One of the most erotic things to happen to me was to have Summer and her sister sucking on my ears. (I LOVE to have my ears sucked on.) We kicked her out of the room so we could have sex. :D
49)I LOVE to talk about sex!
50)I was the first person to give Summers sister an orgasm. (No we did NOT have sex you perves!) I was reading a passage from a book to Summer when her sister came in. She sat down and listened. All of a sudden she started shaking and breathing funny. Then she turned red and ran out of the room.
51)2 years ago Summer got tired of her sister flirting with me all the time.
52)To teach her a lesson Summer told me to take a shower with her when she asked me to wash her back.
53)It didn't work. She still flirts with me.
54)She said if me and Summer split up last year she wanted her chance at me next. I had to find a polite way of saying thanks but no thanks.
55)As I told o272 there are some things that people won't want to know about me. The previous few just might be examples. I'm sure there will be more to follow also.
56)My dad and I get along great until we spend more than 3 days together. Then we start to fight.
57)My dad and I have squared off to each other and come close to blows several times.
58)If someone hurts me I will try to strike back instantly. And the strike back will be for no other purpose other than to hurt you more than you hurt me.
59)I used to have hair down to almost the middle of my back.
60)Now I don't let it get longer than 1 inch.
61)I want to have long hair again but I don't have the patience to grow it back.
62)The hair on my goatee is longer than the hair on my head.
63)I have blue eyes.
64)My hair is black. But it is also starting to get real grey. Especially below the hat line on the sides.
65)My mom plucked my first grey hair from my head when I was 13.
66)She still has it saves in her filing cabinet in my file.
67)I refuse to drink Jack Daniels.
68)Drinking Jack makes me a mean drunk.
69)This is my favorite position. I love to be on my back licking pussy and having my dick sucked on at the same time.
70)I have more than one blog. My other one receives very little traffic at the moment.
71)I think Paris Hilton is an ugly bitch. She is WAY to skinny.
72)I can't stand to see woman that are deathly thin. I like to see a little meat on a woman's bones.
73)My favorite movie of all time is Airplane! My kids are 5 & 11 and they are already memorizing the lines to that movie.
74)For some strange reason I love Julie Haggertys voice. Her voice annoys Summer to no end.
75)I wish I was a teenager in the 60's.
76)I want to find a hippie that spit on US soldiers as they came home and kick them as hard as possible in there nuts. Or same area if they were a woman.
77)I think draft dodgers from the Vietnam war should be shot. They may have the right to protest but how do they think that they got those rights to begin with?
78)I once called a teacher a whore in high school because she said that all soldiers that fought in the war were baby killers and that we never should have been there. She sent me to the principal. I told him what happened. She got in a trouble for spewing her trash.
79)My favorite time to have sex with Summer is Sun. morning before she goes to church.
80)I love to cook big breakfasts for my family on Sun. mornings.
81)Today I fried eggs, linguisa, and had OJ. I forgot to buy hash browns and English muffins last night.
82)The best way to eat pancakes is to make Bisquik as per box directions. But instead of using milk use beer instead. It makes them fluffier, thicker, and they don't sit in my stomach like a lump after breakfast. I can't eat pancakes with milk in them. Been eating Beer batter pancakes since I was a little kid.
83)I love to have breakfast for dinner. ie. Waffles or pancakes and eggs.
84)I had sex for the very first time in the front seat of my 67 Mustang.
85)Had sex in that same car in the parking lot of an open department store.
86)I sold that Mustang so I could buy a van that had a back seat that folded down into a double bed.
87)I have had sex with 3 women in my life.
88)The time that elapsed from my first girlfriend to my engagement to Summer was 10 months.
89)I am willing to do anything sexually except earn my red wings.
90)Sex at "that time of the month" don't bother me at all.
91)I feel bad because unlike some people that can list off thing after thing that they love about their spouse I never have been able to. I just know that I love Summer with everything that I am. I live my life for her and to make her happy.
92)My therapist thinks that I am doing a miservice to Summer and myself by saying that I live my life for her.
93)Before I met Summer the only thing that I loved was smoking pot. I did it on a daily basis. After I met her doing drugs wasn't any fun anymore.
94)Because of that last sentence I often wonder if that is the reason that I love her so much. She thinks I'm more afraid of going back to drugs than I am of losing her. And losing her would send me back.
95)My favorite TV show is That 70's Show.
96)I have a degree in Electrical Engineering. But instead of working on computers I run heavy equipment, and flag traffic around our lane closures on the highways.
97)When I smoke cigarettes I am a much less stressed person. Things don't bother me as much. But I am always mad at myself for smoking. Mainly because Summer is always upset about the money spent. So before I quit this year I used to smoke about 6 a day. That way I was only buying 2 packs a week on average. My smokes of choice were Marlboro Lights. I want one SO bad right now. It helps relieve my stresses.
98)Although I may sound like I drink a lot I only drink on Fri. Sat. and Sun. I don't drink the rest of the week. Actually today I had the first beer of the week. Didn't drink anything Fri. or Sat. night.
99)I believe it is possible for a person to be in love with two people at the same time.
100)I can't sleep unless I can "spoon" Summer few about half an hour first.
101)We both sleep in the "buff". Can't sleep any other way.
102)Summer thinks that part of the reason I am not happy is because I have big dreams that won't be realized.
103)Even though I am happy with where things are I always want more.
104)I want to get a body piercing but am afraid to. Not because of the "pain" but because of my age.
105)I want to get a few tattoos but can't justify the cost.

There you have it. I decided to through in an extra 5. There are actually a few more things that I want to post about here but I already think that I wrote to much as far as Summer goes.

We went to pick up the wedding ring that I gave Summer for Valentines Day. She is wearing it at the moment. She seems to be ok with it for the time being. I just hope that I don't screw things up this time around. I was lucky enough to get a second chance. Well it's time to wrap this up. Need to eat dinner and get the kids to bed before the Sopranos starts.

The current time is now 6:46 PM On Sun. evening.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm a Thief

Well the creative well is dry at the moment so I stole this from o272. Last night it was stealing from Michael tonight it's o. Lock me up in the nearest jail.

10 Favorites
1. Season: Duck Season!
2. Color: Black
3. Time: Bed time
4. Food: BBQ Ribs
5. Drink: Anything with alchohol but at the moment Smirnoff Ice
6. Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Caramel Sutra
7. Place: Lake Tahoe
8. Sport: Hunting
9. Actor: John Wayne
10. Actress: The chick from Walk the Line. Her name escapes me at the moment.

9 Currents
1. Feeling: Bored
2. Drink: Smirnoff Ice Green Apple flavor. About to start on the Appletini's and Komakazi's
3. Time: 8:06 pm
4. Show on TV: On demand menu
5. Mobile: I have no idea what this means.
6. Windows open: I hope none! It's cold outside!
7. Underwear: scooby Doo Boxer's
8. Clothes: Jeans and a Sportman's Warehouse T-Shirt
9. Thought: I'm really bored!

8 Firsts
1. Nickname: Don't remember
2. Kiss: My first girlfriend when I was 19
3. Crush: Firat day of kindergaden. I came home and told my mom that I was in love. I still remember her name. Clarissa
4. Best Friend: My wife. Don't have any friends besides her. Of course my Blogging friends.
5. Vehicle: 1974 Mustang II
6. Job: Round Table delivery driver. I made a ton of $$$ for an 18 year old
7. Date: After I graduated high school. I took my best friends sister to the Olive Garden. After the date was over I was to chicken to kiss her so I gave her a hug instead. Found out the next day that she was wanting me to do much more but I didn't know how to interperet her signals.
8. Pet: Brittney Spaniel named Lady. She was stolen when I was 2.

7 Lasts
1. Drink: Smirnoff Ice Black Cherry
2. Kiss: Summer came over and kissed me about 5 minutes ago.
3. Meal: Polish Sausage, Mac n Cheese and Tater tots
4. Web site: My other Blog
5. Movie: Under cover Brother
6. Phone call: Called my mom to tell her I was bored and was on my way over
7. TV Show: Extreme 4x4

6 Have You Evers
1. Broken the law: Many many times :D
2. Been drunk: Yes
3. Kissed someone you didn't know: Yes and no..
4. Been close to gunfire: Every time I go hunting
5. Skinny dipped: Yes. Got really sick because of it too. It was Cold in the middle of Jan.
6. Broken someone's heart: Yes

5 Things
1. You can hear right now: Oldest son doing dishes and Summer giving youngest son a bath
2. On your bed: Sheets, blankets, pillows, Laundry
3. You ate today: 2 meetball sandwiches for lunch and what I told you I had for dinner.
4. You can't live without: SEX!!!
5. You do when you're bored: I read blogs over and over again. Even if there are no updates. I click on neveryone of them just to see if I missed an update.

4 Places You've Been Today
1. Bed
2. My parents house
3. Garage to play pool. Even that got boring. Whats wrong with me?
4. Kitchen to cook dinner

3 Things On Your Desk Right Now
1. beer
2. Web cam
3. Wireless mouse

2 Choices
1. Black or White: Black
2. Hot or Cold: Cold. I can always put on more clothes to warm up. But there is only so much you can take off.

1 Place You Want to Visit
1. Anywhere but here!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

15% Yankee

5% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

I really had nothing to post today. So I decided to steal this from Michael.

It's just been more fun to read than it is to post the last few days.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Things not to do while getting "frisky"

In line with FTN I'd like to add something NOT to do while being intimate with your SO.

When your male partner is playing with certain anatomy parts and you are telling him how good it feels and to do other things to said anatomy part don't do this. When your cat jumps on the bed don't divert all of your attention to the cat. It does 2 things. First it makes your partner think that you are not "into" the moment. Second it causes the cat to purr loudly. Therein distracting partner.

Also when your partner stops playing with you for a few minutes because all your attention is focused on the cat, don't act surprised when you finally notice the playing has stopped.

*****I'm in no way saying these things happened last night. Just giving advice to save someone's feelings.*****

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tieing up some loose ends

Well for my second post of the day I'm going to finish up a post that I started last week. At the time my emotions were getting the best of me so I was unable to finish.

So now I'm going to finish off on my therapy appointment from last Mon. After the conversation about my past we touched briefly on what is happening in the now. He wanted to know how the meds were working for our youngest son. I told him how I perceived them to be working. But that the real issue was his tantrums.
So he gave me a suggestion to use the next time he threw a tantrum. He told me to put him in a big bear hug where he can't move his arms or legs. That way he can't hit anyone. Then calmly tell him that he will not be let go until he can talk in a normal voice with no yelling and no hitting.

We used that suggestion on Tue. night. I had to hold him for an hour. But he was fine for the rest of the day. We have only had to do that 3 times this week and each time is less than the last.

On Thu. I attended my first group therapy session. I must say that I like it a little more than I like individual therapy. I feel that it is easier to open up to a group than it is to an individual. Plus the group meetings are 2 hours, and every week. Unlike individual which is 1 hour and whenever I get lucky to get an opening. My next one in in 3 weeks.

Fri. I took the day off work so that I could attend an appointment for our youngest son with a counselor. We were told over the phone that it was to be adults only for the first appointment. Summer had a massage so I was the only person to attend. I got there and the counselor said that he is one of the very few that wants the child present on the first visit. So we talked a bit and he suggested the same thing that my Dr. did for the tantrums. He also told me that he is going to recomend us to a person that works in his office. This person attends IEP meetings with the parents and knows all the rights for parents, and makes sure that the schools follow through with what they are supposed to. He then gave me a list of numbers to call for parent student advocates. And a list of Attorneys that deal with schools not following through with the IEP's.
We are not saying that we are going to sue the school. But we will use this list as leverage to get them to follow through with what they say they will do. We're not going to be pushed around anymore. Time for the nice parents is over. They will follow through with their recommendations or there will be consequences for them.

And that's the rest of the story.

A weekend of cleaning

Well I've spent pretty much the whole weekend cleaning around the house. Did several loads of laundry, worked in the garage. You know the usual weekend cleaning. Also had a drinking party with April last night. It was quite fun to drink with someone else compared to drinking alone. She can put away the tequilla too. Might have to have these parties more often and with more people next time.

Today came the unusal but really neccessary cleaning. We bought some new lamps from my parents this week and put them in our room today. Since we were already cleaning our room for the lamps I decided to clean out a drawer of my nightstand. I threw away countless porn magazines, sex story books, and about 6 movies. I was going to throw away ALL of my mags but Summer actually asked me to keep all the Playboys. She said they might be worth something someday. Go figure. She still confuses the hell out of me. Gotta love her!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A word (maybe more) on massage

There have been a few posts lately going through the blogs about massages. I have tried to comment on them but have decided that my own post would be easier.

It was first brought up by FTN. He was mainly asking about the apparel to wear and whether you would prefer a same sex Massage Therapist or one of the opposite sex. As pretty much all of my readers know my wife SR is a Certified Massage Therapist. So naturally I prefer my MT (massage therapist) to be of the opposite sex. Even in more detail I prefer my MT to be my wife. But if the choice had to be made between a male MT and no massage at all I'd have to pick the male MT.It really has nothing to do with being homophobic. I would just prefer the hands that are touching my body to be of the soft variety you find on a woman. With long thin fingers. Not short stubby fingers with clauses on them. To touch on the other part of his post I prefer to be as I came into the world when I receive my massages. I'm just more comfortable that way. There are other reason as well but we'll get into them later.

DH was the next to post about massage with these two posts. Now these are the types of massages that cause problems like this. Now I'm in no way saying that there is anything wrong with this. Hell I'd like to receive a massage like that. It's just that people like the little Asian girl he had are the ones that spark letters like SR received and want to shut her down from her business. If a person wants to give those types of massages then they should give them in a place that it is legal. Like Reno for example. But I would like to take this time to give DH a congratulations for ending his spell! Even though it was not from his wife he still ended it.

Next came from Michael in this post. He took his space to elaborate his experiences from FTN's original post. And took the time to explain about the "pitching of a tent" being a physiological occurrence than an arousal response. He equated a massage to being like a hug.

But isn't that part of the allure of a massage; not just the idea of relaxing the muscles, releasing toxins, etc., etc., but just the whole idea of being touched and pampered by another human. Isn't there an inherent sensuality to a massage, not necessarily sexual, but definitely at least a familiarity...I mean come on, a stranger rubbing oil over your mostly naked body. I know it doesn't have to be sexual, but it definitely can be. I would liken it to a hug. I realize this doesn't hold true for you non-huggers out there but just hear me out. A hug always feels good. Sometimes it's affection from your significant other, sometimes it's encouragement or joy from a friend, but (unless there's some bad b.o. involved) a hug is always enjoyable

Now here is where I am going to tie them all together to make my own post. I know I took way to long to get here but just bear with me here.

The reason that I like to be without apparel when receiving a massage (FTN) is that I have a major fantasy that what happened to DH will happen to me. Because after all I am receiving a massage from my wife therefore I do take it sexually. Like Michael said "I know it doesn't have to be sexual, but it definitely can be. That is the reason that I have the issue with pitching a tent every time that Summer gives me a massage. I take it as very sexual. After I am done receiving a massage the first thing I want to do is take her to the bedroom and ravish her body. Some of my best O's are after a massage. Alas that is never going to happen. She takes her job as a MT very seriously. Which is a good thing. To a point. Here we are husband and wife and she gets pissed off at me if I try to give her a kiss while I'm still on the massage table after the massage is over. To me that goes a little to far. I brushed her breast one time during a massage when she fist stared going to school and she stopped the massage right there. Told me that if I did that again it would be my last massage.

So that brings me to the point that as much as I love to have her give them to me it makes it hard to relax fully. I know that as soon as she rolls me onto my back and touches me (it don't matter where just a touch anywhere will do) I will start to pitch the circus tent. I also no that if that happens she will get embarrassed and not want to finish.

Maybe it is only a physiological response. But I know that it makes her uncomfortable. I also know that I can't help it. I pitch that tent every time she walks into the room. Just looking at her or thinking about her makes me that way.

That is why I would like to receive a massage from someone else sometime to see of I respond the same way. I have thought about going to the school she went to so I can receive a massage there from a student. I would also like to go to one of those massage parlors with the little Asian women in it to have them walk on my back for me.

There are a few types of massage that I would like to receive at one point. The first is a synchronicity massage.

Synchronicity Massage
For the ultimate pampering in relaxation. Not one but two massage therapists move in harmony to soothe and calm your entire body, creating balance and deep relaxation.
It is offered here. Unfortunately that is a definite NO on Summer's list. She refuses to share a client. I also can guarantee that I will pitch the biggest tent of my life for that one.

The next on my massage want list is a couple's massage. That would be where Summer and I are in the same room getting massaged at the sane time. Again that is something else that she will not do.

I also love to give Summer massages too. But ever since she went to school for it I just don't feel adequate in that department. Plus as I already said she take her massages very seriously. I on the other hand like to massage her whole body but at the same time I like to hhhmmmmmmmm............ explore. That's it. I like to explore her body while I am massaging her. As I said I see massage as being very sexual. I can't help it. I'm just an animal I guess. I see her body laying there and I just have to feel it and taste it smell it.

So there is my comments on massage. I really need to go now. ;-)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Well yesterday I went to see the Therapist again. Haven't seen him in almost a month. That's one of the things that I don't like about going to Kaiser for my therapy. I have to wait sometimes 3-4 weeks to get my next appointment sometimes. This time for example. I saw him yesterday but won't see him again until the 3rd.
anyways when I saw him yesterday I brought up what I talked about in these posts. That is where things started to go downhill for us. I kept telling him that I felt responsible for what happened to my sister because I'm her older brother and it was my job to take care of her. So he asked me what does that make me? That question confused the hell out of me. I'm not sure where he was going with this. So we went round in circles for awhile. I just kept saying that I was supposed to protect my sister. Then he asked the big question. Who was supposed to take care of you?
Again I couldn't answer that. I just kept saying I was supposed to take care of myself. So he asked me what about your parents? Weren't they supposed to take care of you? That's about the time that I started to shut him out. I wasn't going to sit there and let him blame my parents for what happened. It wasn't their fault. It was my cousins. Who the hell does this ass hole think he is anyways? It wasn't my parents shoving my cousins dick down my throat. It wasn't my parents fucking my sister. How dare this ass wipe try to blame my parents for what happened?
And this brings me to the reason that I have avoided therapy for so long. All the therapist's want to do is blame the parents for what is wrong with you. Whatever happened to self responsibility? My parents did the best that they could for me when I was growing up. I am very thankful to them for what they did. I wasn't the easiest kid to raise. As bad as my temper is now it's nothing compared to what it was when I was a kid. My parents made many sacrifices when we were kids to make sure we had food on the table, a roof over our heads, and presents under the Christmas tree. (One year my dad had to sell his camper and boat to buy presents for my sister and I. The next year he had to sell his Jeep.) So as I was saying they did the best they could. I was just fucked up. It's not there fault that I am the way I am. And it sure as hell wasn't there fault that we were molested.

I had more that I wanted to say but I'm too worked up at the moment.
Good Night.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What a weekend

This will have to be a quick post.

Besides having our anniversary celebration last night this was a pretty good weekend. Yesterday I got my garage cleaned again. But this a good thing this time. After my garage was cleaned I went to my neighbors house and he gave us a pool table for FREE! It's not a competition size table but it was free. So I'm not complaining. I fulfilled a childhood dream today when we carried the table across the street. I was on cloud 9. And so were the kids when I said it was ours to keep in the garage.

Today is also a special day as well. In 15 minutes we will finally be able to watch the new season of the Soprano's. To make it even more special youngest son is asleep so that Summer and I can watch it together. We love this show. I'm actually considering buying the series on DVD. But that will have to be after I complete the series of Sex and the City on DVD.

So now to the part that I eluded to in my post from this morning down below.
Last night I made some observations that really caught me off guard.
First: people being rude to hostess'. If you have a party that is rather large (12 people) and they tell you that the wait will be 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes, then you should be willing to wait or go somewhere else. Or better yet call ahead and make a reservation ass wipe. But don't go to the hostess after 50 minutes and complain about not being seated. She is not in control of the people that are already seated.
Second: When I used to go out to dinner especially to a nice restaurant I used to have to wear slacks and a button down shirt. Now I'll admit that I was in jeans last night but they were nice jeans. But there were people showing up to this place wearing shorts (it was in the freakin 40's and there were 3 people in shorts), whole jeans, and raggedy T-shirts. Come on. If you are going out to a decent place to eat then dress like a respectable person. Not like trash.
Third: It was prom night for the high school in the town we ate at. There was a lucky guy there that had two dates with him. How the hell do you get that lucky to be able to take two girls to the prom and have them be fine with it?
Lastly: Kids! While at the restaurant there was a girl about 5 that was chasing her 18 month old sister around the place. Parents didn't give a rats ass. The kids were running all over. The waiters and buser's were tripping over them and no one said a thing. The last thing about kids was at the bowling alley. It's 9:30 at night. There is a 3 year old with his parents. That's fine. IF the parents were watching him. He was running all over the lanes. More than once he ran in front of us while we were in mid stride with a 15 pound ball in our hand. I mean what the hell!?! This kid could get seriously hurt and the parents don't give a crap. They are letting him run all over the dam place unsupervised.

Well It's time to go now. It's Soprano time. :-)

Happy Anniversary!

Well today is the day. 12 years ago Summer and I woke up early in the morning and drove to Reno to get married. We got married at a small chapel on the strip close to El Dorado and Circus Circus. It was 1994 and they were just beginning to build Silver Legacy. My beautiful bride was about 2 months pregnant. We had found out she was pregnant the previous month. After we were already engaged. 11 days after the wedding I got on a plane and flew to Alabama for basic training in the Army. We didn't see each other at all for the first 5 months of our marriage.

Last night we went out for our night alone together. The first time alone in quite some time.
We dropped the kids off at my parents house and went out to dinner. We went to a very good Italian restaurant. I love Italian food. Had another Appletini to. Even better than the one I made on Fri. night. I made mine with Rose's Martini Infusions Sour Apple. The one from last night used Pucker Sour Apple schnapps. Amazingly good.

After dinner we went to go bowling. Aren't those shoes just so attractive on me? That was fun as well. We had a lot of fun. Bowling isn't as cheap as I remember it to be though. I also won't go into details about how we bowled either. Let's just say that those shoes looked better than we did.
The best thing about Bowling was the look on Summer's face. I haven't seen her smile that big and happy in so long I forgot that she can smile like that. She is very beautiful when she smiles that big.
After bowling we came to an empty house. That was the best part of the evening for me. We had time to do what we wanted to do without noisy kids or trying to put the kids to bed. This morning I let Summer sleep in as I went to get the kids from my parents first thing I woke up so youngest son could get his meds. Actually as soon as I got there he asked me if I had his med for him to take. He has no idea why he is taking it but he makes sure that we don't forget to give it to him.

There are some things about last night that bothered me but that is for another post. It just don't make sense how people can ignore there kids at places and let them go wherever they want to.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Interesting weather

A few weeks ago we were in the 70's. Woke up this morning to find snow on the ground. That was around 6:00. It's gone now. The city we live in hasn't seen snow for over 80 years. We live at an elevation of 11 feet. There's snow all over the Bay Area. SF got snow. Santa Cruz has highways closed and major accidents due to it.

Well that was the reason for this post. Just to let you all know that it isn't all sunshine and suntans here in Cali. We get our fair share of cold weather also.

Friday, March 10, 2006

An interesting day

Let me first start off by saying that I might be rambling a little bit tonight. I have gotten over my fear of drinking alone, and found a new drink. Appletini's. I've had 4 since about 5:00. It's now 7:40. MMMM MMMMM good!

Summer had a massage to do at her work at 1 this afternoon. Oldest son got out of school early today so he had to come home to an empty house. I had Summer leave the front door open so he could get in the house when he got home. I called him to make sure he got home alright and he said he was fine and his friend Michelle (not real) was here with him. He asked me what they could do and I said play the GameCube. I then hung up the phone saying I would call and check in with him in about 45 minutes.
I called after the allotted time and got our voice mail box. That only happens when we are on the line with someone else. It was like that for 25 minutes. So I began to worry. So I told my boss that I needed to go home real quick to check on things. As I was leaving a co-worker AND my boss started joking with me say that my 11 year old son was getting his "groove" on with his 11 year old friend. They said that ole CH will be a grandad in about 9 months. I did not take that as a joke.
So as I'm driving home I have all these thoughts racing through my head. I let my mind get the best of me at times.

I walk in the door and there they are.

Laying on the living room floor together.

In all there glory......

Playing their GameCube like I told them to. So I asked why the phone wasn't working. My son said he didn't know. He didn't even know where the phone was. Apparently what happened was that since we got new cordless phone recently he didn't know how to hang it up. He thought it was hung up and it wasn't. The call timer said that it had a 56 minute phone call. So glad it was not a cell phone.

So I go back to work and they are still giving me a ration of shit. "You know that he was using that as an excuse. He was gettin busy with his girlfriend."
Well at least he has good taste. Little blonde girl. Really nice kid. Just a little to quiet. She makes me nervous. Quiet people do that to me.

While cooking dinner I told Summer about what the co-workers had to say. Then son walked in the room in the middle of the conversation. So I said well I cant say what they were saying while the kids are in the room. She just started laughing hysterically.

So here is the question to you my dear readers: Should we not leave our 11 year old son home alone with his 11 year old female friend? Just curious. My mind is still thinking about what could have happened. But then again I mean come on. They are only 11 years old.

So we finally agreed on what we will do tomorrow night. We're going out to dinner and then going bowling. It has been years since we bowled. I used to love going. But then we just stopped going. We might have to make that a new regular thing to do. She also thinks that she will beat me. We'll see.

One last comment for the day. We are actually thinking about moving out of state. Not sure if it will happen but we are talking about moving to SLC to be closer to her dad and sister. I want to go there for the cheaper housing. But I also don't want to lose my retirement and medical from my state job. (Appletini #5 and beer #2 now. :-) ) I need to stay with the state for 20 years to get full medical for life. 10 years will get me 50% medical for life. I've only got 7.5 years presently. Plus I have the potential to make more money retired than I do working if I stay here till I'm 60. God that's another 28 years though. But on the other side our kids need to know there grandfather and their Mexican heritage from him. The state is not going to give me a raise anytime soon. The "governator" wants to cut our pay by 5 % and take more money out of pocket for medical and take away 3 holidays from us. Basically the pay cut will be 5 days off per year with out pay. Hence the taking away 3 holidays. We have not received a raise for cost of living in about 10 years.
Decision decisions.

Sorry. One more thing. I'm watching the best show right now on VH1. I love Toys! OMG the memories this show is bringing back. Big Wheels! and Sho Gun Wariors. Army Men. This show is awesome.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ho hum.

That's how I'm feeling right now.
I finally accepted defeat yesterday and towed my truck to the shop. They will finish the tear down and buildup of the engine. The good thing is that I have all the new parts so that will bring down the bill. Also the owner is going to let me go down there after work to help work on it to keep the cost even lower. I think he needs another case or 2 of beer on payday. What do you think?

So Sun. we finally got to watch Walk the Line. I bought it on Tue. and every night since I bought it Summer would say we'll watch it tonight. But it never happened. So I put it in the DVD player after she came home from church and sent the kids to play in their room. It was an excellent movie. I really enjoyed it.

This weekend is our 12th wedding anniversary. We're trying to decide what we are going to do. My parents are going to watch the kids for us on Sat. My mom even said that they could spend the night if we wanted them to. But Summer says "NO" She don't want to be away from youngest son overnight because she wants to give him his med first thing in the morning. Apparently my mom is not capable of giving him his med in the morning.
(I just bumped the esc key and deleted half my post. AAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! )
So now we need to find out what we can do on Sat. night that don't involve the kids staying at my parents for the night and that we can do for under 80 bucks. Sounds like dinner and back home again. Not that anything is wrong with that. But because of all the stuff we went through last year we didn't do anything at all. So I wanted this year to be special. I wanted to go out and be alone for at least a night with out the kids. If for nothing else than to just be the 2 of us again. I really miss that. I'll give it to her that some of the stuff I came up with was really off the wall and out rageous. But at least I was trying to come up with something. All summer will do is say "I don't know what to do. What do you want to do?" I tell her and she says "I don't want to do that." Then tell me what you want then. I'll do anything she wants to do. That way I know it will be the right thing. As long as we are together I will be happy.

I know that last section sounded like I was upset with her. But really I'm not. Outside of planning this weekend things are still doing fine with us. The communication is still there. We just need to stop getting our signals crossed. She's trying to be playful and I'm taking it seriously. I need to get used to the playful side of her. It's been buried for so long that I forgot that she even had that in her. I really missed it and am glad it's back.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

When do you accept defeat?

I've been trying to work on my truck all weekend long. I need to replace the timing chain. But this is a foreign truck and they cant make it an easy replacement like the American made ones. No I have to tear down the whole damn engine to do it. Remove the heads, intake, exhaust, oil pan, water pump, pulley's. All that shit. Well this morning the truck kicked my ass. I had everything taken apart except for the Pulley's. The hold down bolt for them is on so damn tight that I cant get it off. Even with my air hammer. All that does is spin the socket on the bolt. Not good.
So I decided to take a quick break, do a little blogging and go back at it in a little bit. If I can't get it off after the break I will throw in the towel and tow it to the shop tomorrow. At least I did most of the major work to it so the bill won't be that bad. Plus I have all the parts so that will make it cheaper also.

Yesterday morning Summer and I laid in bed for a few hours before getting up and taking core of the kids. It was a typical Sat. morning in bed. Almost anyways. This time we had started and finished a conversation. Our communication level has really gone up in the past few months. I'm becoming more involved with the daily activities and she is being more open to me about talking to me and what we talk about. I'm much happier with where we are today compared to where we were a year ago. Financially we are in almost the same place but that is a constant with us. We are still pretty much debt free except for the house and student loans.
Her clientele has been increasing little by little at her new job. So things are better for her at work. I had a big blow out with my boss last week. Since then my boss and I are getting along better also.
So back to the conversation of yesterday. We actually had a talk about sex. I had told her that I was happy with the frequency that we have been at lately. She on the other hand was surprised about that. She then shocked me and said she has actually been upset about the frequency of sex that we have and wishes it was more. I was totally caught off guard. We have just been so caught up with the kids and work that we have been putting 'us' on the back burner except for weekends. We also talked about our Blogs. She told me that her blog has really helped her to put the past where it belongs. And she apologized for anything she may have wrote that upset me. I told her that it was alright. If I didn't want it to be out there I would not have asked her to start a blog to begin with. We also discussed starting new blogs also. We'll have to see if hers gets started or not. Mine will be up in a week or so. But it won't have any links to this one. The 2 are to be kept separate. Neither one of us are going to shut down our sites. We just want another place to express ourselves.

So all in all things are going pretty well here. Except for youngest son. Some days his medication seems to work wonders. Others it's like he's worse than before. Take Fri. for example. He got sent home from school for the second time in the week. This time it was for throwing rocks at his teacher and at the other students. When he got home he was throwing a huge tantrum because Summer would not let him watch TV or give him any treats. Then when she went to the garage to do laundry he locked her in the garage. She called me up at work to see if I could let her back in but I was 65 miles away at the time. So I called the house and he let her in when the phone rang. Then an hour later he locked her in one of the rooms of the house.
Now compare that to Wed. His teacher said that he was fine at school. The babysitter told me that he was perfectly fine with her as well.
Next week we will see his Counselor for the first time. We're hoping that the counselor will be able to get him in to be seen asap. Unlike my counselor. After my last appointment he was booked up for 5 weeks. So I still have another week to go.

Well the family is home now off I go.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tagged again!

I was tagged by Daddy's lil Girl over @ Secret Life of a BBWList seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Buckcherry: Crazy Bitch
2. Lynard Skynard: Freebird
3. Trace Adkins: Honky Tonk Badonk-a-Donk
4. Avenged Sevenfold: Batcountry
5. Disturbed: Garden
6. Eminem: Lose Yourself
7. Brad Paisely w/ Allison Krause: Whiskey Lullaby

And now to tag the 7 people.
1) Michael
2) Pretty Peanut
3) April
4) Wrygirl
5) Summer Rose Check out her HNT pic if you haven't already. Isn't she just sexy as hell? :-D
6) Synergy
7) ??????????? We'll just leave this one open for now.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Nope not from me. But My lovely wife has posted her first HNT photo tonight. I was able to take her picture this afternoon on my Mental Health Day. So go over and check it out. Sh'e a little nervous about putting her pic on the web. Here is the link to her pic.
Haooy HNT to you all.

Mental Health Day

That's what I took today.
I woke up this morning and really didn't feel like getting out of bed. I did get up enough to talk to Summer while she was showering and tell her that I wanted to stay home from work. She said it's alright. YIPPEE! I'll always jump at the chance to stay home with her when she wants me home. I called in to my boss and said I'm not coming in, and got back in bed.
The rest of the day turned out to be pretty enjoyable as well. Got to take some fun pictures, and help Summer around with the housework. I'm now feeling rested and ready to go back to work tomorrow.

The pictures that I took gave me an idea for another post but that will have to wait until a later date.

I really just wanted to stop by and say that things are still going pretty well. I'm happier lately, and Summer seems to be happier as well. Except for the school problems. But they seem to be working themselves out as well.
So for now I bid you farewell.