Thursday, October 26, 2006

The poll

As i have stated a few times on my blog and in comments to others I don't watch pornographic movies. I also don't masturbate.

well tonight while I was in a small chat romm with SR, myself and two fellow bloggers. Summer made the comment that I do watch porn. I countered with the fact that I haven't looked at a pornographic website or movie in over a year. She agreed and said that's true.

But then she asked me what was on the cable box under the on demand watched programs. well those were some of the shows that I have watched recently. They were on the HBO section under late night specials. I had watched the first few episodes of Pornucopia Going Down in the Valley. And also the best of Real Sex. NO! I waqs not watvhing all these episodes at once. Any ways we got into a "discussion" about whether or not that was equal to watching a porn movie or porn on the net. My standing was that this is NOT the same. There is a difference between the two.

The difference is that porn is something to watch when you need a release. Or are trying to get aroused for your partner. You watch it and rub one out. Unless of course your watching with your poartner then you can renact the scenes as they unfold.

The shows on HBO are more like reality TV. There are no money shots. A lot of the stuff is actually blurred out. Watching a seminar with a bunch of left over hippies learn about being at one with your partner is not porn.

What do you think? Go ahead and answer the poll to the right. And please for the love of all that is good, if you are going to put an answer on the poll post your oppinions why in the comments. Yes I am a comment whore.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Blogger is finally cooperating today. So here is the photos I wanted to post last night.

Another beautiful sunrise on the marsh. I live for moments like this!

This would be the birds we shot. This picture ws taken about 45 minutes after shooting time.

Me all ready to go with my war paint on. (I actually like duck hunting because it gives me an excuse to wear makeup. :-)~ )

Oldest son holding my uncles bull sprig.

Youngest son holding my hen mallard. No he is not scared or upset. That is just the funny face he likes to make for pictures.

All the birds hanging in my garage.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The opening of duck season!

**WARNING!! Photos of duck carnage following!!**

The trip started off being a long one. SR didn't get home from work till after 11:00 on Fri. night. So I wasn't on the road untill quarter after. I had an hour long drive to my uncles house. Didn't get to sleep till around 1:30. Let me tell you something. 3:00 AM comes aroung pretty quick!

We drove to the refuge we were to hunt and got all signed in. Let me tell you. I love having a reservation! We walked to the blind, set out our decoys, and still had 45 minutes to drink coffee and watch the sun come up before it was shoot time. We even had time to watch the shooting stars. We saw about 7 in 30 minutes. Not like going on in the sweatline where your rushing to get all your gear out before shooting time. As is usual on opening day some bozzo was shooting 5 minutes before legal time. When legal time hit though My uncle and I had 2 mallards locked in on us. My uncle got up and shot first. Missed. I shot second and stoned my bird. As I am climbing out of the blind my uncle says hold still. We have 2 more birds locked on our decoys. My uncle misses again. I hit my target. My uncle gets out and goes after the first bird. I go after the second. I look for about 20 minutes and can't find it. So I go back to the blind and wait for the sun to come up some more. It was simply amazing. For the first 2 hours of the morning the skies were just full of birds. We missed quite a few opportunities on teal. Those birds are fast as hell. We passed on all the spoonies we saw. Opening morning is NOT the day to be slumming on spoon bills. My uncle downed 2 birds for himself as well. After the flight died down we both got out of the blind to look for my lost bird. We searched for over an hour. Could not even find feathers where it hit the ground. The thing that got me was that it was on dry land. No tules around at all.

We ended the hunt around 11:00 and drove back to my uncles house. I talked to my aunt for a little bit and drove home. SR and I went shopping for youngest son's birthday presents.

That folks is how my wonderful weekend went. I get to do it all over again next weekend. I'm going to go hunt next weekend in the Sacramento valley for their opener as well. Can't wait.

Without further ado here is the carnage photos along with a few others from the day.

Well I WAS going to post photos but Blogger once again is being a bitch and won't let me upload any pics. So they will have to wait for another time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The question

As I said in my last post I had a question that came about from my morning going to church with SR. This question is for anyone to answer but I am really looking forward to the input from a few specific readers: FTN, Desmond, Christian Husband, and Digger. Just for the record I'm looking for anyone's input here, but these are the ones that I know of that regularly post on the topic of religion. And I know that they aren't shy about posting their opinions.

So here is the topic of the day: The churches mission and vision pt6. It has been an ongoing topic over the last few weeks. I attended part 4 & 6. He was talking about how the congregation is supposed to be the disciple's to the people in their lives, to get them to know the truth. He also said that it is every Christians duty to love God and put Him at the top of your priorities even above your spouse and children. I understand that from a Christians point of view. But then he said that if the congregation believed that he was not doing his job as being a disciple of the church that they should go ahead and find another pastor. A few minutes later he ended and we all went home.

After church we went back to the carnival and then went to do our payday shopping. On the way out of town I asked Summer what that was all about with him saying that they should find a new pastor. Apparently the Elders of the church (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong dear) aren't to fond of the pastor. I found this hard to believe because I really like the way he talks and preaches. So I asked her why that was. She said that it was due to his age. They think that he was/is to young to have the position of being pastor of the church. Apparently a prominent family in this small town stopped attending the church because they didn't like him for his age.

So the question is what does his age have to do with him holding this position? I've heard some of the people that I specifically mentioned views on having a female pastor in FTN's comment fest last month. So does this also apply to having a young pastor?

A little background that I do know: He is around 27 years old. Married to a smokin hot wife. Has 3 kids ranging in age from 6-3. Lost a son at a very early age. Is very passionate about his job and takes it very seriously. He is one of the people that takes the bible literally for what is said. There is no interpretation of the written words.

So what does his age have to do with whether or not he should be a pastor? If they thought that he was to young then why would they hire him in the first place? Does it say in the bible that you must be X years old to be in charge of a congregation?

In other news duck season opens day after tomorrow! I can't wait. I'm so excited for this years season to begin. I haven't been excited about an upcoming duck season in years. This is truly a new chapter in my life.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


That's right folks. Just 6 more days to my favorite season of the year. Duck season! This year is a very special year to hunt ducks for me too. I got my first reservation to hunt a refuge on opening day. No sitting in a parking lot for hours waiting for the people who got a ressi to shoot their limit and leave so I can get on. Not this year. I get to be in the field at first light and get first crack at the new birds of the season. I can't wait. I just need to get all my gear out of storage and ready to go.

The past weekend was a good one. Our town had it's annual celebration. There was a carnival for 4 days, fireworks, vendors, a parade today, and awards for the biggest Striped Bass caught. They even had a car show yesterday morning. SR volunteered at the Chamber of Commerce booth selling raffle tickets, T-shirts, and give wrist bands to people over 21 so they could by beer.

When SR got off at the booth last night the kids and I met her down in town and we walked around from about 5:30 till a little after 10:00. We ate dinner and took the kids to the carnival. We all rode the bumper cars. The kids just love to do that. After that was over Oldest went on the Ferris wheel with some friends while youngest and I got on the Tornado. That was a complete shocker to me. It was his idea and he insisted on going on it. So we stood in line for a 20 minutes waiting to get on. The whole time he is extremely excited. When it was our turn to get on he ran to where he was told to get on and had the biggest smile in his face. When the ride got going it lifted us off the ground and went in circles. He asked my to spin the bar so we could spin more. So I did. He had the biggest smile I have ever seen on him. He was laughing so hard. My parents were there to take videos of him as we were going in circles. I can't wait to see them.

Now if he was me when I was 5 there was no way in hell I was going on that ride. Or any other ride for that matter. I was the biggest chicken you ever saw. The first coaster I ever went on was the Demon at Great America. I hated it. And I was 15! I didn't like coasters until I was about 17. Then you couldn't keep me off of the Demon, or the Edge or any other coaster I got a chance to ride.

Back to last night. After we rode the Tornado it was time to get ready to watch the fireworks. So the 6 of us went back to Summer's truck to watch the show. Now for a little town like it is that we live in they have one heck of a show. Nothing like Disneyland or Butchart Gardens, but good none the less. They bring a barge in under the draw bridge and have it stop right at the end of main street. Then they light the fireworks off by hand. No electronics used. There are 4 guys on the barge lighting them off with flares. It was awesome.

Then we went back to the carnival again where youngest went on the super slide and oldest went back on the bumper cars. Then it was home to bed. Boy did I sleep good last night.

This morning I attended church with the family. It was a good time. Although I have some questions to ask a few of my readers. Those will wait for later in the week though. Need to keep something for a post in the bank. :D After church we went back to the carnival to watch the parade. Then the boys and I took SR over to the boat dealer where they were having some excellent deals on some boats. There was one that normally goes for 130k that was show priced to 98k. What a deal! We did see a patio boat that we were semi interested in. It was about 23k. but SR really surprised me when she saw a boat that was going for 20k. The payments were 170 a month. Something we can't yet afford. But she said if we could afford it, it might be something she'd be interested in. It was a 19' Searay w/135 horse motor. It had a fiberglass floor to it so it made it real good as a fishing boat. But it also had the wakeboard tower on it as well so it would be a great ski boat as well. I miss water skiing. So we have more stuff to dream over now. Along with 2 new trucks for SR and I.

Then it was back to the carnival for another round of bumper cars. This time youngest went on the small coaster with SR. They had a good time. Both kids went on the Super Slide. Then all 4 of us got on the Tornado. SR screamed the whole time. Telling me to stop spinning while youngest is wanting me to spin more. My arms got real tired. :D

That's all for now. I want to leave you with final thing. I don't usually do this but decided that what the heck. I'll only live once. I found a new blog the other night.Ramble....anyone? She is a new blogger and only has about 5 posts. If you want to check out some good Ferris wheel stories go check her out. Especially parts 2 and 3. She's just starting out and is looking for input on her writings so go give her a visit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another hunting trip

Went on another hunting trip the past weekend. Went back to the same place as before. Just on a different hill. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I saw 4 deer in 3 days. Never before have I had a worse season than this. I'm used to at least seeing 15-20 deer a day. All does of course. But it was a good trip all the same. This time it was just my dad and I. The kids wanted to stay home this time. Which was fine with me because it gave me an extra day to go hunting. It also gave me some time to spend with just my dad. So it was fun. We did a little bit of talking. Not a lot but hey at least we talked.

Nothing spectacular happened this time like the last time. No crashed vehicles or anything like that. Although my uncle called us on Sun. morning to ask where we were at on the mountain. Apparently he shot his deer on Sat. at the club. So he was going to meet us at our spot. His season lasted an entire 90 minutes. Shooting time was at 6:30 he got his deer at 8:00. A 2x3 buck. But it wasn't mine or my dads so I won't bore you with the details.

So this afternoon SR asked me the silliest question. She asked me if I had enough decoys for duck hunting finally. That would be like asking if a woman had enough pairs of black heels. Of course not! She said that I have tons of decoys now. What else could I possibly need. Well let's see here. I currently have about 5 dozen duck decoys. 2 dozen mallard, 1 dozen pintail, 1/2 dozen green wing teal, 1/2 dozen widgeon, various decoys I've found over the years, some feeders, sleepers, and flyers. She bought me a decoy bag last year that holds 8 dozen decoys. So I NEED at least 3 dozen more.

Then there are goose decoys. 2 dozen honker shells. 1 dozen honker "socks". 8 dozen honker silhouettes. 2 dozen snow goose "socks". 1 dozen spec shells. I NEED at least 1 more dozen spec shells. 2 dozen spec silhouettes. 200 snow rags. 2 dozen snow shells. 1 dozen spec floaters. 1/2 dozen honker floaters. 2 dozen honker full bodies.

So as you can see there is still a long ways to go before I have what I need. That's just decoys. There's still jackets, waders, calls, boats, dogs. The list is endless. Just like black heels to a lady I can NEVER have to much duck hunting equipment. Sorry to those ladies out there that don't wear black heels. I'm in no way trying to be patronizing or stereotyping.

One last little tidbit of good news. SR got her schedule changed at work. So she is now working M-T during the days. And Fri. nights. That means that I will be able to attend my men's group meetings on Thu. nights! Isn't that great news? I'm so happy about this. I can't wait to go this Thu.

Just for those of you that are keeping track (not that there are many) our sex streak came to a screeching halt after I posted about it last. Went from 3 times in 7 days to once in 10 days. So there really isn't much to be jealous over. It just has it's ups and downs like every other relationship out there. I just wish it wasn't MY relationship. But then again I guess everyone thinks that.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's wrong?

What the heck is going on here? I can't see my blog at all. Is this just me?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just wanted to drop by and say that today is a special day for me. For the first time since I started taking the antidepressant medications I had sex three times in a seven day period. To some that may not be a big deal. But to me it's HUGE! Just like my tool. ;-) Oh wait. You've seen my tool and know the truth. Never mind.

Anyways as you can see things are going good for me. I'm in a good mood. The world is right. The state finally got off their ass and sent us our signing bonus. The best news about the check is that they didn't tax it at the overtime rate! That would have meant that they would have taken out 44% of the check. Instead they only took out something like 1%. So what am I doing with this new found money? I got my new cell phone to start off with. Finally. And got the one I wanted too. The rest is going towards the Visa bill. Then when we can find an open Sat. night Summer and I are going to go out to dinner. Alone. She's been wanting to try out a restaurant that we haven't tried before. So we're going to TGI Friday's. Supposed to be a good place.

Nothing much else going on in this little corner of the world. SR went to a Sisters in Christ conference yesterday. Ever since she got back she hasn't stopped telling me how much she loves me. Glad she went. Great ego boost for me. :D

I took the boys shopping yesterday and bought them Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl. Watched it twice so far. Pretty good movie. Haven't seen that one before.

So now I guess I should tell about what is going on with youngest and school. He will be attending a new school starting tomorrow morning. He will NOT be going to the school we went to look at two weeks ago. Instead he will be going to the same school that had the pre school he attended. It is closer to home for us and he is comfortable going there. They have a special day class that he will be going into. Then when he does better they will have him splitting the time between the day class and the kinder class there.

Ever since we had him out of the class he was in and got him away from his aide he has been doing great at school. He has been spending his days in his resource teachers class. Melissa I think is what I named her. Anyways she had thought that since he was doing so well for her for the 9 days he was in her class that he might be able to stay at this school and just go to a different teacher and get a different aide. She talked to the principle about it and she refused the idea. She said she does not want him at the school. Even though we have two people with the school district saying that the problem was most likely caused by conflicting personalities between him and the aide. Melissa said that the only problems that he had come across was when the aide came to the classroom with another of her students.

So I'm wondering now if there is any legal action I can take against the school to have him stay here. I'm already pissed enough at the original teacher for what he said to my son.

Oh that's right I never told you about that did I. The day after we had the IEP meeting at the school our sons kinder teacher told our son that he would be going to a school for bad boys. I was livid. I called the principal. She had the teacher call me and SR to apologize to us. He said that he was sorry and he just got frustrated and lost his cool. And that was it. Nothing happened to him. I want this ass holes job. I want him fired and have this on his record so he can not teach ever again. He went to school to learn how to deal with kids. And this is how he reacts. Maybe he found the wrong profession. So after this incident with the principal refusing to let him stay at this school I'm contacting my EAP program and talking to a lawyer to see if we have anything to go on here. All I want is 1- for the teacher to be fired & 2- to have our son stay at the school he is supposed to be at.

So do any of you think I have a snow balls chance in hell of accomplishing this?