Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just wanted to drop by and say that today is a special day for me. For the first time since I started taking the antidepressant medications I had sex three times in a seven day period. To some that may not be a big deal. But to me it's HUGE! Just like my tool. ;-) Oh wait. You've seen my tool and know the truth. Never mind.

Anyways as you can see things are going good for me. I'm in a good mood. The world is right. The state finally got off their ass and sent us our signing bonus. The best news about the check is that they didn't tax it at the overtime rate! That would have meant that they would have taken out 44% of the check. Instead they only took out something like 1%. So what am I doing with this new found money? I got my new cell phone to start off with. Finally. And got the one I wanted too. The rest is going towards the Visa bill. Then when we can find an open Sat. night Summer and I are going to go out to dinner. Alone. She's been wanting to try out a restaurant that we haven't tried before. So we're going to TGI Friday's. Supposed to be a good place.

Nothing much else going on in this little corner of the world. SR went to a Sisters in Christ conference yesterday. Ever since she got back she hasn't stopped telling me how much she loves me. Glad she went. Great ego boost for me. :D

I took the boys shopping yesterday and bought them Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl. Watched it twice so far. Pretty good movie. Haven't seen that one before.

So now I guess I should tell about what is going on with youngest and school. He will be attending a new school starting tomorrow morning. He will NOT be going to the school we went to look at two weeks ago. Instead he will be going to the same school that had the pre school he attended. It is closer to home for us and he is comfortable going there. They have a special day class that he will be going into. Then when he does better they will have him splitting the time between the day class and the kinder class there.

Ever since we had him out of the class he was in and got him away from his aide he has been doing great at school. He has been spending his days in his resource teachers class. Melissa I think is what I named her. Anyways she had thought that since he was doing so well for her for the 9 days he was in her class that he might be able to stay at this school and just go to a different teacher and get a different aide. She talked to the principle about it and she refused the idea. She said she does not want him at the school. Even though we have two people with the school district saying that the problem was most likely caused by conflicting personalities between him and the aide. Melissa said that the only problems that he had come across was when the aide came to the classroom with another of her students.

So I'm wondering now if there is any legal action I can take against the school to have him stay here. I'm already pissed enough at the original teacher for what he said to my son.

Oh that's right I never told you about that did I. The day after we had the IEP meeting at the school our sons kinder teacher told our son that he would be going to a school for bad boys. I was livid. I called the principal. She had the teacher call me and SR to apologize to us. He said that he was sorry and he just got frustrated and lost his cool. And that was it. Nothing happened to him. I want this ass holes job. I want him fired and have this on his record so he can not teach ever again. He went to school to learn how to deal with kids. And this is how he reacts. Maybe he found the wrong profession. So after this incident with the principal refusing to let him stay at this school I'm contacting my EAP program and talking to a lawyer to see if we have anything to go on here. All I want is 1- for the teacher to be fired & 2- to have our son stay at the school he is supposed to be at.

So do any of you think I have a snow balls chance in hell of accomplishing this?


Cinnamon said...

Dear GOD man, get an advocate. Or a Case Manager as it is called. You son's rights have been violated 18 different ways.

In my area there is a group of legal eagles set up to be an education advocacy task force, to help parents like us, without paying $400 per hour for legal fees. You need to find them in your area. And no, the school district will never, never tell you who they are or that they exhist --- but your pediatrician or the children's hospital will.

Document everything. Every converstaion. Make a timeline. Keep an ongoing journal of who said what, when, and get names and dates and titles. It's hard work, but not harder than blogging. That way your lawyers have something concrete to go on, becaseu there need to be letters sent to your state's Department of Educational Compliance. Especially about that teacher. They are breaking the law, but the only way it gets fixed is if you report them - and telling the principal is NOT reporting anyone. It dies there. Nothing counts if it isn't 1) in writing, 2) copied all the way up the food chain and 3) involving other parents and the 6 o'clock news.

Good luck -I'min the same boat and I wish I could crack skulls.

LBP said...

1. no you can't get him fired for that, and you shouldn't be trying. Because if you want to accomplish #2, keeping your kid at that school, you'll make the rest of the people there not want to work with you or your child. You probably have some rights under one of the education titles, I'm not familiar with which one. So, I suggest you do some homework, march back up there, tell them you expect to be a partner with them as an entity and as individuals in working with your kid, and start getting that done. You'll need to be his advocate and being his advocate means being firm but polite, setting reasonable goals and seeking personal credibility so you create opportunities to make advances for your child, so you make people want to help him. Trying to get someone fired isn't in any of those categories.

Just Me said...

I agree with Cinnamon. They can not kick him out without going through the proper procedures - which includes several suspensions etc. And the least you should do about the teacher is write a letter of complaint and have it put in his file. It is possible for teachers to get fired (I am a teacher in Ca.) and if there are enough of them, when the teacher goes through thier anual review - it will be important.

Just Me said...

oh, congrats on the effectivness of the meds!

Emily said...

Well, I can see why you are happy. If I had sex three times in seven days I would be the happiest girl in the world!

Well done, that man (and well done, SR)!

Magick Musings said...

Me - is back. ;-)

worfismine said...

You might contact the Americans with Disabilities organization. But lbp is right, too. You don't want to burn your bridges if you decide you want your son to go there. Good luck!