Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fishing and snakes

I finally got off my ass and borrowed my dads boat. The family and I went fishing today at a local lake. If you call an hour and a half drive local @ 3.09 a gallon for gas.
The day started off like it was going to be crappy weather to be at the lake. It was cold and cloudy. But no sooner did we launch the boat the sun came out. B-e-a-utiful day! I caught the first fish. Which was a big deal for me as it was the first fish that I caught on my new pole. AND the first fish caught by me in over a year. 30 minutes later the oldest hooks into a fish also. I told Summer and the youngest to reel in so the lines don't get tangled which is easy to do when trolling 4 people in a small boat. Suddenly youngest says I got one! I didn't believe him because I thought that it was just the flashers he had on. Lo and behold when his line gets close enough to see he does have a fish on. So we had a double hook up. Quite fun.

We fished for about another hour then decided that it was time for lunch so we went to shore for a picnic. That's when things really turned lucky for us.

After lunch Oldest and youngest walked about 100 feet from where we ate and started fishing from shore. Oldest got snagged so I went over to unhook him. After that I went back to Summer and sat down. A minute later Youngest said he saw a snake. I ASSumed it was a stick, so I said just come on back it's nothing. That's when he really freaked out and just froze. So Summer walked over and called me over because it WAS a snake, but she couldn't identify it. I walked over and found that it was this-------

If you have never seen one before that was a baby Diamondback rattlesnake. About maybe 1-2 years old. It had shed it's skin at least 2 times because It had 2 rattles on it. It was maybe 18 inches long about. I had it distracted with the stick so that the kids and Summer could go back to the blanket. Here is where we got lucky. I LOVE snakes. So if I see one I have to pick it up. This snake did not scare me when I was as close as I was to it. We were lucky because #1 and most importantly Youngest son IS afraid of snakes so he wont try to pick one up like I would. He froze in his tracks and refused to move. I actually had to carry him away. When he saw it, it was coiled and ready.
#2 lucky because when I walked over to help oldest get untangled I stepped my bare foot with no jeans 2 feet from where the snake was. I didn't even see it. That was literally 2 minutes max before our son saw it. If you don't know about Rattlers the young ones are the most deadly ones. That is because they can not control the venom that comes out from there pockets like an older one will. They just empty their pouches on the bight site. After I was done with the snake the stick was soaked with venom. NO I did not kill the snake. I flung it in the lake to make it swim to a different part of the shore.

After that we decided that it was time to head home.

Below is picture of what I do when I find a nonvennomous snake.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a day

I stayed home from work today so that Summer and I could go to our son's second psychiatrist appointment. She asked us if we wanted to put him on some meds for his Autism.
I haven't mentioned our son having Autism before on this sight because Summer was taking core of that aspect on her site. But she closed shop for awhile leaving it up to me. That was the reason for me being so distraught in the post the other night when I was crying on the phone to my mom. This Dr. said that his being diagnosed with ADHD was really off base, and he is on the lower end of the Autistic scale. So now we are going to Doctors all over the Bay Area to get him tested and so forth so that he can go to a private school in the fall. At least that is the plan as of now.

Anyways she was suggesting giving him a medication to help keep him settled down. We are both opposed to this. She was suggesting Prozac. She feels that we need to do something because we are both at our wits end with the tantrums that he throws. His memory is like the memory of an elephant. He NEVER forgets anything. And that causes a lot of the tantrums. My concern is that all the Dr.s want to do is put him some dammed medication. They are going to end up having him walking around in a drug induced haze all the time. I actually said that do the doc today.

Reading up some of the material that was given to us he is showing all kinds of signs for Autism and has been for years. So why is it just now being diagnosed? He's seen Doctors for quite some time and we have asked them about all the things that this doctor is saying are signs of autism. So I guess that I owe the school a big apology.

After the appointment Summer and I went out to lunch before my appointment. Where she started to ask me what I had planned for the HUGE surprise I wrote about yesterday. She was getting downright rude about it. And me being the push over I am for her came very close to telling her. I couldn't keep a straight face when talking about it. I was just so happy about what I did that I couldn't hide it. I need to stop talking about it before I give it away here.

Tonight we finally went to do the shopping for Summer's b-day clothes shopping spree. I had a blast. She enjoyed herself. It was a good evening. I just love to spend money on Summer. It makes me feel so....... I can't really describe it. But there is a downside. Now that I'm home and the shopping is over I feel empty inside. I built this up for the whole month waiting for this OT check. It's here, we spent, and now it's done. It's depressing. Plus the fact that Summer got sick right after we got home. She told me that she wanted to relax with me and cuddle when we got home. Now she's stuck in the bathroom.

And that's all for this p[post. I'm working on another post going through some memories, that is taking longer than I thought. It's also not turning out the way I want either so it's going to be hard.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stupid people

Well I was going to write about something pleasant tonight. Instead I got called to work at 5:15 to close down the highway, and just got in. I just spent the last 4 hours getting yelled at being called every name in the book because people can't go home the way they want to. Like it's MY fault that we had to close down the highway. Sorry but it wasn't my idea to have my dinner and evening interrupted. Some jackass decided to pass on the double yellow line and hit a tanker truck. Which made the tanker truck go over on his side. Spilling his fuel tanks (both holding well over 70 gallons each) into the river. Luckily he didn't spill his load as hazardous material as well. That's what we originally thought.

So let me paint you a picture. Your are at a 4 way intersection. The East to West lanes are 2 lanes each. North to South are 1 lane. Each direction has a left hand turn pocket. The south bound lane is where I am with my pickup. Orange truck with orange rotating lights. I have a sign that says "Accident Ahead" and another that says "Road Closed". I have flares burning and about 15 cones across the lane. On the turn pocket from the West lane to the South lane we have cones spaced every 20 feet for about a tenth of a mile.

Then every one and their mother asks "what's wrong? Are you guys closing for road work?" Hey idiot. Did you pass 4th grade? Can you read? The sign says ACCIDENT AHEAD. Not road work.

"Why are you telling me I cant go home. Why is the road closed!" I'm telling you that you can't go home because it brings me great joy to cause you some sort of inconvinience. The road is closed because I don't have anything better to do with my time. Like eating dinner with my wife and kids. I made that big rig roll over because I wanted you to tell me what kind of ass hole I am.

"I need to go through here! I have kids waiting for me to come home." Tough shit. I have kids waiting on me too.

Of course I don't say that to them. I'm very polite even while being called a fucking ass hole. I should actually ask them if thats the best they can do. My wife does worse than that to me on a daily basis. (Just kidding Summer!) I tell them what happened and they begin to yell at me for telling them the detour. Which is about 60 miles. Sorry folks but that's life on the delta. You have to cross bridge "X" that goes over the bay to get home. That's the ONLY way except the detour. Either sit here and wait till we open the road or take the detour.

that's the type of shit I have to deal with at work. Is it really worth the 5 bucks an hour I make?

So for the rest of my day.

I went to a Dr. apt. for myself. I have had this lump under my chin for the past 3 months now. Recently it has started to hurt like hell and get a little bigger. So I finally went in. Doc said he's not sure what it is. But he saw it as necessary enough to send me to the ENT surgery center tomorrow afternoon. Lovely.

On the plus side I got my OT check from working in the snow. YIPPEE! What sucks is how much went to taxes. 50%! What a crock of shit. I bust my ass so they can rape me with taxes. Especially when my normal checks are taxed at like 10%.

So I have something HUGE planned for the future. But it's a secret. So you will have to wait. That means YOU Summer!

Well it's time to eat a late dinner.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A sad day

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what today is. A very sad day. Summer has decided to stop posting for some period of time. Who knows how long. I'm actually taking this very badly. I feel empty inside.

I don't want her to just stop posting. It has helped us out so much.

Trust me I know exactly what she is going through. I'm going through the same exact things. They are my kids too.

I'm just afraid that once she stops posting she will close up again. All the steps forward that have been taken will just be forgotten. She will go back to the way she used to be. Not talking, not being open to new things.

I know that it is her decision. But I don't have to be happy about it do I?

Even though she didn't paint me in the best light I'm glad that she started and wrote what she did. I needed to hear it.

Summer I want you to know that I will miss your postings very much. I think that it helped to put the whole picture out there. I love you!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Random thoughts

I have so many ideas when of things to write about when I am at work. I think about them all day long and just can't wait until I get home to put them into writing. Then suddenly I walk through the door at home and *poof* they're gone. All of my great ideas to post on just disappear. It's actually very frustrating. I get all my thoughts organized and then they just leave me. I still remember some of the topics but I can't remember how I was going to say it.

For instance I want to expand on my own a topic that has been going on over at Reality and Redemption about kids and marriage. I think that one is more being "lost" because I'm afraid of how I may come across and the backlash for it.

I also want to talk about some of the issues that are sex related going through my head. But those are getting lost because of the guilty thoughts going in my head about those thoughts. I don't want it to come out like I am complaining about my sex life. That could not be farther from the truth. Plus there are to many other people of both sexes that are not getting the sex that they are craving from their loved ones. So how can I say what I want to say when at least I am having sex on a regular basis? I know I'm being cryptive here but I feel that I need to for the time being.

I also want to write about some of my experiences with my first girlfriend. Like how I lost my virginity to her the third day that we were together, in my car. Or some of the crazy shit that we/she used to do. I'm telling you she wouldn't care who was around to see what we were doing. If she was in the mood then she go for whatever it was that she wanted.
But here is a question for my female readers here. If your husband were to write about the acts that he used to do with his ex-girlfriend would that upset you? Or seem disrespectful of your dealings?

And lastly there is the situation that I find myself in at work. As you know I work for the state of Ca. and from the pics from my trip I'm sure you know which dept. I work for. But I guess that's not that important. The important thing is that we have a new employee on our crew now. She just transferred here from another yard. I can't stand working with her. I've known her for about 4 years now. She annoys the hell out of me. Every morning when I come to work she speaks out in a real shrill high pitched voice "Hi sweetie! Morning CH!" I'm sorry but I just am not a morning person. She is way to cheerful in the mornings. Then when we are stuck working out of the same vehicle together she is CONSTANTLY saying " I love you CH." UGH! It's non stop. I told her sorry but there are only 3 people in this world that I love- Summer, and my boys. There's just no room to love anyone else. Then she is always running to catch up to me and walk with her arm over my shoulder. Or come up to me and give me a hug. It really bothers me. Seriously. But I'm just to nice of a person to say anything. I don't want to say something that will hurt her feelings. And we won't talk about how she can't find a belt big enough to fit her so she uses a piece of rope instead.

So tonight I have been kicked into the garage. :-( Summer is doing a massage in the living room. I could have gone to the bedroom but I wanted access to the pool table. I'm SO glad that we bought the laptop. I got bored with pool so I started this post and am listening to the radio. I need to get a heater in here and put a TV with cable out here. Then I'd never have to leave except to use the restroom. I've got beer and a freezer to keep it in, food in the pantry, and chairs. All I really need is the TV. I could always put on a jacket. Just a little bit more carpet and the whole garage will be carpeted also. That will help keep it warmer. The garage door is insulated also.

While my SIL was here I did realize one of things that I truly miss about Summers mom not being with us still. Her cooking. She was an excellent cook. Especially her home made refried beans and tortillas. They were the best. Unfortunately that was something that Summer never learned from her mom. I love to eat refried beans on the side with a little cheese on top like they serve at the Mexican restaurants. But the canned beans don't taste good on their own. SIL made some beans for dinner on Sat. and they were really close to her moms but not the same. Although that was partially my fault. I took to long with the door and they got dried out a little bit. Now if only they could learn how to cook tortillas like their mom I'd be on cloud 9.

When Summer was in Utah last year I tried to get her to learn from her Stepmom how to make the beans. Unfortunately her stepmom don't speak English at all so that was a no go. Summer don't speak Spanish at all.

That actually made for an interesting day a few months ago when we went to visit her Aunt and Uncle for a few hours. Her Uncle wasn't home and her Aunt speaks very little English. So until he came home from work there really was very little talking. But OMG! Could her aunt cook too. She BBQ'd some Carne Asada steaks and grilled some onions and bell peppers. Then she had a "salad" that she made with a bunch of ingredients that I can't remember except Napoles (sp?). She then cooked the tortillas on the grill too and served homemade refried beans. We put everything on a tortilla and it was just excellent eating. MMM-MMMM good. I just love Mexican food. Except Taco Bell. I actually need to find someone that knows how to make sweet tamales. My friends grandma made some for me when I spent the night at their house. No one I have talked to since then even knows what I'm talking about. Am I crazy?

Well that's enough randomness for one night. Good night.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back to normal

We took SIL home this morning! :D Not that I don't enjoy her company but I just like to have the 4 of us around the house.

So any of you that read Summer's Blog know that she has a moderate sprain in her right ankle on Thu. morning. So I had to take her to the docs after work. That was fun. She's telling me about how much it hurts and that she can't stand on it. Then when they call her in they ask her if she wants a wheelchair. She said no way. Are you crazy? Then when she is in the exam room they ask her what the pain is like on a scale of 1-10. She says a 4. WHAT!? She told me that it hurts so bad she can't stand or walk. Then when asked she says a 4. Finally after her x-ray she decides that she needs a wheelchair. And I got to push her. :D It was SO hard not to race down the halls. They ended up giving her an air cast and crutches. When we left the hospital I had to wear her purse out to the truck because she couldn't carry it. Yes I am secure in my manhood enough to wear a purse in public.
As soon as our youngest son saw her in crutches he started crying. It was so cute. (Does that make me a bad father? Thinking that him crying was cute and funny?)

If only I can get her to stay off her feet. She won't rest. She's even getting mad at me for telling her to sit down. And it sure as hell aint pretty when I tell her to use her crutches.

Yesterday was a great day. I finally got our front door installed. I say finally because we bought it the day after Christmas with our Christmas gift certificates. The weather has finally gotten clear enough and long enough to put it on. That was an all day ordeal. My dad came over about 9 and we didn't finish until about 6. I don't ever want to do that again. Well that is until we get the time to finish the job. We still need to put the molding around the outside of the door and put on the security door. At least we now have a working front door. The best part of it seeing how happy the new door makes Summer every time she walks past it. She just smiles so happily and thanks me for putting it on tells me how good the door looks.

After the door installation ordeal I decided that it was time that I had something to drink in earnest. So SIL celebrated her bday with a few (lost count) drinks. It was the first good "buzz" that I have had in quite a few months. I slept so good last night.

Today we took SIL home and went to visit my cousin and his family. It was a dam pleasing day.
I know. I've really got nothing today. I seem to be getting nothing to post about lately. I've got a few ideas but the time has just been non existent lately. The entire time that Summer's sister was here we never went to bed before midnight. So we have been exhausted the past few weeks. Sleep just sounds so good right now.
With that I bid you good night.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time for an update

Well life has been pretty quiet since Easter. Nothing of interest to post about. Well that's not completely true. I/We have some major updates to tell you all about our youngest son. But I'm wanting to be a good husband and let Summer tell you all about it when she gets a chance to update. She is the one that uses her Blog to talk about the kids.

With everything that is going on since his Dr. appointment last week I finally broke down on Mon. night while talking to my mom on the phone. For the first time since I can remember I cried. Although it wasn't very much. Not even a minute. I tried to go to Summer but she was putting our son to bed so I left her alone. I finaly had an opportunity to talk to her for a minute before bed and I just couldn't let go again. Why? Why is it that I can cry with my mom on the phone but can't let go and show my full emotions to my wife? All I wanted when I was on the phone was to go to Summer and have her hold me. Then when I had the chance I had to be the "strong" male figure. What a crock of shit. Just because I am a man does not mean that I don't have feelings. I have these feelings but can't seem to let them out. Summer will be supportive of me if I let them out. I know she will. It may even help her to truly know me. But I just have this dam macho BS going through my head saying that if I open myself up that much it will make me weak. You don't need to tell me I know that it is BS. A true man will be able to let his wife know his true feelings.
And while we are on the subject of letting true feelings out I've also got some more things that I have been keeping inside and not telling her. Mainly because I don't want her to think that I'm pressuring her or begging. We have both been under a lot of stress lately. Ahe wants to deal with her stress by laying next to me in bed and having me hold her till she sleeps. Which we have been doing quite often lately. Don't get me wrong here either. I LOVE to spoon Summer and hold her until she falls asleep. But I also need to get some of my relaxation techniques also. For me to relax and feel better about thw way things are going I have had the strong need to to not just have sex with Summer but to actually take my time and focus all my energy into her pleasure.
**Side note: I stopped writing so that I could eat dinner. After dinner my "needs" were met and I'm feeling like I'm in a much better place than earlier. But I'm going to go ahead and finish what I was saying earlier as Summer and I spent quite awhile talking about what I'm posting now. End side note.**
I was feeling like my needs were being neglected. I felt that if I tried to talk to her about this the other night she would feel that I was pressuring her for sex and that I didn't care about her needs. But I was wrong as usual. We talked and she was very understanding. She actualy wantd to feel the intimate closeness that I wanted. I was the one to apply the brakes this time. I wanted to make love to her so bad but I needed to talk to her first. I just needed to talk and clear the thoughts in my head. It worked. I'm feeling much better since we talked and had intimate relations. Now she's getting ready to give me a massage. So the rest of the post will have to come later.

I'll also run a spell check at a later time. sorry for the horendous spelling.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

I hope you all ahd a happy easter today. Mine was interesting, but good.

Summer and I slept through the alarm so we were late going to my parents for breakfast. After that we went to church and went went back to my parents for the rest of the day.

Thats when it got interesting. My mom said that their computer was in the shop getting repaired for a virus. I thought that was strange since they just fixed it last year when we did ours. Then she blew my mind away (or actualy grossed me out). She said let me give you a piece of advice- don't look at porn on the internet. It'll give you a virus. Same dammed thing that your father got the virus from last year.

Now I'm not sying that internet porn grosses me out. well some of it does. But I don't want to hear about my 60 year old dade looking at porn online. And I sure as hell don't need her to be telling me about it or discussing this with me for any length of time.
But then maybe I should be happy that in my family the desire for sex is still alive at the age of 60.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


That is how my day is going. Perfectly wonderful. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Last night before bed Summer and I had a really good talk about things she has been planning for her blog. We also talked a little bit about us. It was great. She even started to write about some of those things as well.

This morning we woke up around 7:30. But we stayed in bed just laying next to each other, holding each other and just talking. Seeing as S-I-L was here we stayed in our room all morning. Summer decided that it would be a good time to work on the post that she had started the previous night. This is when the morning started to get even better.

Writing the post took her the better part of 3 hours. If you haven't read it yet please do so. I sat there (or rather layed there) next to her the whole time as she was writing. Believe me that as I was reading what she was writing I was having the hardest time keeping my hands off of her. When she was done posting and we read the final version was when I was finally able to touch her.

We were both so ready by the time that she was done writing. I'm not sure if I remember a time when she was more ready. We ended up having some fantastic sex and then taking a shower together. When we finally emerged from the bedroom it was after 1:00. By 1:30 we were on our way out of the house to go shopping for Easter presents for the boys. That was an unbelievable trip as well. We talked about some of my different fantasies that I have. Some of the things that we have been reading on different Blogs. It was really good. For the first time in years we were able to talk openly about sex and my fantasies. They still won't be coming to be reality but at least I can talk about them, without her getting all ooked out (I'm using that for lack of a better word). It was nice to just be able to talk and get some feedback.

And now we are watching The Chronicles of Narnia as a family. It's just been a wonderful day that I won't soon forget.

Just in case you haven't seen her post here's the link. Please stop by and let her know what you think. She might even post another if the feedback is good.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I missed it.

I can't believe that I missed it. Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog. I was thinking that it was actually going to be next week.

So a whole year has passed. A lot of things have happened in that year. I have met quite a few people that I consider to be friends. I have seen a few of those friends disappear to never be heard from again. I have come a long way in my road to "Self Discovery". The road is in no way over either. There are still many more obstacles. In the past year Summer and I have come from being on the brink of divorce to being happy with each other in a way that in my opinion we haven't had since we were dating. The communication is getting better every day. I'm starting to learn my "triggers" and know when I need to remove myself from the situation. The next step will be for me to be able to face my triggers without removing myself and face them.

In the past year summer went from not liking the whole Blogger experience to well it's ok, to the point where she is now. She has her own blog now. Is posting her own
HNT photos. She is even planning her next photo right now as a request from one of her readers. I can't wait for that one. ;-) She is actually starting to lose her protective shell that has been there for years. Even from before we met. 13 years ago she would have never even considered putting pictures on the internet. She has opened up to me in a more loving way the past year.

I have read many blogs that make me think "You know what? You really don't have it that bad." Summer has done the same. We both have had to learn how to swallow our pride the last few months. I have gone from being a very negative person to at least trying to see the light. I'm not as mad as I used to be. The depression still kicks in but not as much or as long as it used to in the past.

The sex the past year has been phenomenal! Especially since Summer has started writing her blog. It has helped her to put the past behind. She realizes (at least I hope) that I love her for who she is and not for what's between her legs. She is starting to open up to me in ways she never has before. She is even initiating more often now.

I'm learning how to be more supportive of her with things going on around the house. I now know that sometimes if she cries it is not because of something that I have done but maybe because she just feels like crying. Or maybe because she is happy about something. And that all she wants from me is to just hold her and not say anything.

I really do believe that things will out for us for the better. And I owe that in part to all of you. The people come here and read me and set me straight if I am in the wrong. You all have been a huge form of support for me.

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Maybe you had to be there

At dinner tonight I was sitting accross from Summer. We had just been talking about different things when I noticed something in her hair.

Me "Summer, you have something white in your hair."

Summer "Yeah right."

"No really you do. It's white and just about even with your ear."

Summer "Well it's your fault it's there."

S-I-L "What?"

Summer"Well it's his fault. He put it there. It's his."

At that point S-I-L and I looked at each other and just starting laughing hystaricaly. We both have the same dirty minds that are always in the gutter. At which point Summer turns beet read and tells us that we are gross.
So what was in her hair? Ranch dressing.

I just love having S-I-L here at times. She really makes it easy for mr to just be me.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Blogger for Word

The previous post was written using the Blogger for Word add on. Let me just say that IT SUCKS! The font size is all jacked up. I could'nt get the font style or color right. I just spent half an hour trying to get it set up so that it would at least be legible. So I just wanted to appologize in advance for any problems you may have in reading about my dream.

New Post below!\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/


Have you ever had a dream that effected your whole day?

I did last night. That’s very unusual for me to do. It is very rare that I ever remember a dream. I often times say that I don’t dream at all. And if I do have a dream I usually forget it within a few minutes of waking up. Last night was different. I had this dream, woke up, fell back to sleep and continued the dream where I left off.

It was weird because when I woke up this morning for work Summer says that I was mad at her when I left for work. I was mad at her but in my dream. She said that I was yelling in my sleep. My S-I-L (she’s here for 2-weeks. Picked her up on Sun.) said that she heard me getting mad in my sleep as well. She was in the next room.

So what was this dream you are asking? Well I guess I’ll tell you what it was. Parts of it are starting to get fuzzy but I still remember the gist of the dream.

Summer was
getting ready to go out partying. I was going to stay at home with the boys.
Then a guy that I didn’t know came to pick her up. I was a little miffed that
she was going out with this guy because I didn’t know him. She said that he was
a “
He didn’t
come alone though. He came with one of his kids as well. Guess what? Summer
volunteered ME to watch his kid for the night.

They left the house together holding hands and getting
quite close. They said that they would be home around midnight.

I woke up (in my dream) at 2AM to find that
she was not home yet.

It was at this time
that I woke up for real to find that Summer in fact was NOT in our bed.
She was in our youngest sons room sleeping with him. So I called her a few times
but got no response. So I got out of bed and used the bathroom. When I came back
to bed Summer was back. We hugged each other and I went back to sleep spooning
her. That’s when the dream started again.

I woke up again
this time it was morning and she still was not home. This was around 7AM.

finally came in at 8AM. Drunk as a skunk and high on something. I gave her a hug
and tried to kiss her. She quickly covered her mouth and told me that I don’t
want to be kissing her mouth. She said she needed to go get a shower and rushed
to the bathroom. I followed her in and watched her get undressed.

This is where things get really weird.

Once she got
down to just a bra and panties I saw that she had purple hickies on her breasts
and that thee was a very large wet spot on her panties.

As she got completely undressed
and stepped into the shower I could see that there was a large amount of ………….
Well…………..semen oozing out of her pussy. I asked her what she had been up to the
previous night and she didn’t remember.

After she was
done showering we tied to discuss what happened the previous night. She had been
doing a lot of drinking. That was obvious. But then she said that she thinks
that someone spiked one or more of her drinks. Her “friend” found her in an
uncompromising position and brought her home. She thinks that what she had taken
was ecstasy, because she was really into feeling the touches of other people.
The effects were still there too because she was having a hard time keeping her
hands off of me. She was also kissing me a lot because she had brushed her teeth
in the shower.
We then tried to
figure out who spiked her drink.

This is when the alarm went off.

This dream has stuck with me ALL day. It’s all that I have been able to think about. When the alarm went off and I woke up I was till spooning my lovely wife. After I hit the snooze button I returned to bed but this time I scooted as far away from her as possible. I was upset with her for doing what she did I my dream. Even though it was only a dream.

When I told her about the dream after work she said that must be why I was “short” with her in the morning. Then she was upset with me because of what I dreamt.

So here is what was so strange about the dream: Summer doesn’t drink. Period. She also doesn’t go to parties. She also doesn’t do anything (even with me) that would cause her to not want to kiss me. (Figure it out on your own.) The other thing is that if she wasn’t at home I definitely would not have been sleeping.

So that was my dream. I’m trying to find out why I would have such a weird dream and why this
is the dream that I remember. Any clues?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's finally done!

Summer and I finally got the post done on birth control over here. So now that her post is done I can give some of my input. Actually I don't have much to give since most of it is over there anyways.

As she said I still ask her if she wants to have the breast reduction done. She never has liked the size of her breasts and I'm not a huge breast man anyways. I know that for the longest time she has wanted to get it done but just kept putting it off. Now she really is in a position where it would help her out quite a bit but she can't because of work. It will probably make her more comfortable, she will not have such a hard time finding a bathing suit, and bras for smaller chests are much prettier. Plus I won't have to fear them as much. I have a very real fear of large breasts.

The other thing is that her post says that the IUD can't be felt. That is true for the most part. It is not a problem at all during oral. Or for sex in most positions. But on some rare occasions when I am in there for some deep penetration I can feel the strings a little bit. They do cause some minor irritation to the head but it's not to bad. I can also feel it if I have more than one finger inside at a time. Other than that it is the best thing for us.

We can have all the spontaneous sex we want. I can perform oral all I want without getting the funky taste of the spermacide. That was the main reason that we didn't use the diaphram like we should have. I love the smell and taste of pussy. Especially Summer's. The diaphram ruined that for me. Plus it was hard to say in advance if we were going to need to have it in place or not. And it just ruined the moment to be getting all hot and heavy to then say "Oh we need to stop. I'm not wearing my diaphram." Then get up go to the bathroom put it in come back, it was a mood killer. I also don't like the idea of being put on a "schedule" of when we can have sex. If we are in the mood I want to have sex then and there. But then again who's not like that?

So now it's whenever and wherever we want to have sex. Wake up in the middle of the night and she's receptive? OK! 6AM before work? It's game time! God I love the IUD!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pictures from my trip

Here is a picture of me and the plow truck that I was driving while there. We were on standby here for 3 hours while they were clearing some jack knifed big rigs off the mountain.

This is a picture of the "convoy" that I was in while plowing after the road opened. You can't really see the snow coming down that well in the pic but trust me. It was coming down pretty good. We plowed for pretty much the whole shift except for when the road was closed.

I took this just because this is a bad ass piece of machinery. It is a snow blower.

This is looking towards Truckee at the Yuba Gap exit on I80.

Another picture from the same off ramp.

These last 2 are just going to be of the lovely accommodations the state provides for us.

And there you have it. I'm off to have a snow ball fight with the boys. I brought home an ice chest full of snow for the kids to play with. :D

***another post below****

I'm back!

Well they decided to let me come home last night. Actually it was more like they made me come home last night. It actually upset me that they sent me home. Especially since 6 hours before they sent me home they were talking about keeping me there until the 18th. So I made a HUGE mistake. Once they told me that I started to calculate how much I was going to make while away. Then I told Summer how much I was going to make and we started to make plans for a family vacation this summer. Now it's gone. I still made out pretty good though. I worked 53 hours of OT in 6 days. The first day there I worked a 17 hour shift. We had a lot more snow than I expected for spring time. Between 8 AM on Tue. & 8 PM last night we got about 18-22 inches of snow.

The trip was definitely interesting. I worked a Noon to Midnight shift. The hours sucked. There wasn't time to do anything. And I don't have a clue how people can travel for their jobs either. I didn't a decent nights sleep the whole time up there. Mainly because unless I can cuddle with Summer there is no way that I'm going to sleep. Plus being away from the kids sucked too. The food there was really good. That's the good thing about being there. The cooks really take care of the people who come up to plow snow and put up chain control. The greeted me with a smile every morning asking what I would like to have them cook for me. Then at lunch they would ask what I would like for desert after I was done eating. Top notch service.

The first night up there I got scared shitless. I never plowed snow before and I got separated from my group. I could hardly see anything in front of me. I'm not even sure if I was driving in my lane or not. All I could do was to follow the pile of snow from the plow in front of me. Luckily I80 was closed down due to a few major accidents.

So even though I wish that I could have stayed there longer it sure was nice to come home. 6 days without any lovin was WAY to long for me. So my homecoming was definitely enjoyable. ;)

I took some pics while I was gone. I'll get them posted after I load them onto the computer a little later.