Saturday, March 31, 2007


Oh yeah!!

And since we are finally getting a date night tonight (the first in so long I can't remember), Let's just go ahead and chalk up another Oh YEAH!! for tonight as well.

My parents are watching the boys over night, we're going to dinner and then a movie. Maybe take a stroll through Victoria's Secret to look for some new bras for the boobies. Then we'll come home and have The Sex. Hopefully more than once.

Have a nice night. I know we will. NOTHING will spoil this. Nothing.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I just took some pictures at work the other day and thought that I'd go ahead and share them here. These pictures actually have a lot of meaning to me. Simply because of the fact that I am scared of heights, and I had to climb to the top of a draw bridge to take these pictures. This is a picture of the bridge at sunset. Excuse the junk in the freground. We are replacing the bridge haouse so it is a construction zone.
Here we are atop the bridge looking east. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be up there.

Looking south we see the other bridge in the air to let a tug boat go underneath. The birdge would be the tower you see in the middle of the picture.
Here we are looking straight down. Scarey.
This is looking north towards Sacramento. If you click on the image and enlarge it you can actually see the tall buildings in the city. We are currently about 30 miles from downtown.
The following pictures are the bridge in the open position for the tug and barge to go under.

The next bridge I hope to concur is over 100 feet tall. There are some amazing views from that bridge. Then I'm hoping to concur the final bridge which is close to 200 feet tall. From that bridge I will actually be able to take a picture of my roof.


The thinking blogger

I am honored to say that I have been nominated by RS of Restoring the Covenant as a blogger that makes him think.
Thank you very much RS for the nomination and sorry it took so long to get to doing this.

Here are the rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

Wow. Now I need to think of 5 blogs that make me think. Obviously all of the blogs I read make me think! :D

Alas I can only nominate 5 so here goes.

Of course you had to know this one was coming. I'm going to nominate my very sexy, very loving, very special wife Summer Rose. I am choosing her not because she is my wife. So there is no fear of favoritism. I'm choosing her because she has made me think about our life and what I needed to do to change it and make it better.

Next will be a person that has already been nominated. But I can't help but to nominate Unsolicited Advice. Both versions. I have stated on many occasions that in his comment section that the post made me think. And isn't that the point of the award?

Next on the list we have Dirty Filthy Princess. She is a wonderful adult blogger. In a committed relationship with her husband. She is very devoted to her values and loves sex with her husband. How great is that?

LBP makes me think quite a bit as well. he makes me think about how badly I want to go hunting in the places he has been. We share a great love for the outdoors and our families.

Last but not least We have a tag team nomination that makes me go a little over 5. They have been nominated already, but I have to nominate them once again. This couple is an inspiration to all. They have proven that even when things get unbelievably difficult and hard, You can make it out the pother side together. Not just together in their case though. They have come out stronger as well. I'm talking about Therese and RS.They are open and honest about their struggles. Yet they have a wonderful sense of humor when they get on some topics in the comments. Especially when it comes to making Therese blush. :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My take on male friendships

Last week FTN wrote a very good post about male friendships. I wanted to post a comment on that post but couldn't figure out how to word it. Then I figured that it would be too long for a comment. Then Passionate Man (whom I miss reading very much btw) mad a comment in the comment section of my last post that tied right in with what FTN had said in his post.

To quote PM: "Your wife is very cool to say that.

And, after all, you have friends IRL to who you talk about your gripes and frustrations, right? Summer is smart enough to know that...and that you need to voice them so they don't build up."

So here we go with my reality/oppinion on friendships in general. Not just male friendships.

When I was in school (Jr. high and High school) I didn't hang with the "in crowd". I didn't really have a specific group of friends that I hung out with. I had a whole bunch of acquaintances though. There were some real good friends I had. One of whom was the best man at my wedding.

But looking back on my past most of my friends were of the female persuasion. I've always had an easier time of talking with members of the opposite sex than I did talking with guys. In the core group that we had towards the end of high school we had a ratio of close to 3 girls to 1 guy. It was what worked for us.

I don't know what it was or actually still is that makes it easier for me to talk to people of the opposite sex. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm not into the normal guy stuff. I'm not really into sports. Or things that most guys do.

Then after graduation I got into the stoner crowd. You know the group of people that were always in a cloud of smoke pondering the meaning of useless trivial stuff. Oh the fun we had. :D But even then we had more girls than guys we had in that circle as well. That's also when my sister got to be one of my good friends. We finally had something in common. At that point I was 19, my sister was 17 and we would hang out at a local bar with about 6-8 other people ranging in age from 16-19. Yes we were allowed to hang out at a bar when we were underage. As long as we didn't actually step up to the bar it was cool. We were there for the pool table. We were dam good too. That's where I met my first GF. After I met here and started having sex with her that was it. For the entire time we were together (a whole whopping month) and for a time afterwards when we were just sleeping together without dating I didn't hang out with any of my friends. It was just her and that was it.

After I stopped sleeping with her I found myself back in the core group at the bar playing pool. A month later I moved away from home for the first time. For the first time I had more guy "friends" than girl friends. But they were more like acquaintances than friends. A few months later I met Summer and we became an item.

We got married and moved to Oklahoma (just the thought of that state makes shivers go through me). Then from that time forward it was just her and I. For the last 13 years I haven't had any real close friends at all. Male or female.

Currently I don't have anyone that I consider to be my friend. At least in real life. There's no one that I call on the phone to just shoot the shit with. I don't go to someones house to hang out or do stuff with. I go to work and come home. That's it.

So in answer to PM's comment no. I don't have friends IRL that I talk to about anything.

I don't even consider the people that I work with to be friends either. I talk to them about work and that's it. I'm there to work. Not make friends.

I sometimes think that has a lot to do with my frustrations in life. I don't have any one besides Summer that I talk to about anything. Don't get me wrong. I love Summer and love to talk to her. But sometimes I think that it would be nice to go hang with the guys once in awhile and do guy things. Whatever guy things are.

With that being said about real life friends, I feel that the only friends I do have are the friends I have online. Not saying anything bad you all that I consider to be friends but how sad is that?

Once again FTN brought up another post about friendships. This time it was about friends as a couple. You know friends that you and you spouse have in common. Another couple to hang out with. That is another thing that Summer and I don't have (she has friends of her own we just don't have friends as a couple). I'd like to have another couple that we can got out to dinner with or go to their house and play a game of swap your undies. :D You know stuff that friends do as couples. At least that is what FTN makes me think couples do when they get together. that is what you do together isn't it?

But as my brain works at the moment I want these things on one side of my head. The other side says how are you going to do this? Here you are at 33 years old. Do you plan on just going up to a couple and say "Hey let's go out to dinner and go home and play a rousing game of swap you undies." It's just not gonna happen. So here I sit.

you know something? I just realized that this is 2 days in a row that I posted something that probably made no sense at all.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dilema time

That's right friends. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. A conundrum if you will.

You see here's the problem. I used to use this blog as a place that I could go to so that I could vent my frustrations and what have you. But I'm finding it harder and harder to do that here. Take my last post for example. I just don't feel that this is the place that I can vent some of my true feelings anymore. I can vent issues with work, my parents, and society in general. But I feel that I can no longer talk about things that upset me and hurt my feelings when Summer is concerned.

She reads every single post that I write. Most them she reads as I'm writing them over my shoulder. So that's part of my dilemma. The other part of the dilemma is that I really don't want to get into a he said she said thing here. Maybe that's not the correct wording. Many of my readers read what she has to say along with reading me. I'm just starting to see the down side to having us both blog.

I guess my point here (if there really is a point) is that I love my wife with all my heart. But as in everything marriage has it's ups and downs. I like to be able to write about both here. It just seems like it's getting harder and harder to write the downs that we go through. Maybe it's because I spent so many years being nothing but negative. I've really tried to to be a better person for her and for the kids the last few years. I feel that if I do some venting here that I'm reverting to my old ways again. I don't want Summer to feel that I am doing that to her either. On the same token as that I know that it will do absolutely no good to keep it all inside.

Did I make any sense?

Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm a WHORE!

That's right friends. I have turned into a WHORE! (TM) . Not you typical whore as in the lady of the night street walker mind you. I'm turning into an over time WHORE! Since 2 PM last Fri. March 16 I have worked 25.5 hours of over time. I'm going in at5 midnight tonight to work another 8 hours of overtime. If not more. This is really going to come in handy to after not having an income from Summer since the end of Jan.

In other news Summer and I ended our dry spell this morning. I was like a volcano erupting! :D It was an impromptu spur of the moment coupling. I like that term. Coupling.

Anyways Summer thought I was asleep this morning as she got undressed at the foot of the bed for her shower. I called her over to me, and pulled her back into bed and on top of me. It didn't take long to find my way inside either. We both had so much pent up sexual energy that it didn't take long for either of us to finish either. So that was the appetizer. The main course is coming after the boys go to bed here in a few minutes. I plan on using the entire time I have between the boys' bed time and midnight when I have to be at work to give her all the attention she deserves.

Have a great night friends. I know I will. ;-)

**Update 3/24/07 10:00AM**

Well that didn't go like planned at all. After I hit publish I went to take a shower. You know, so I could be all squeaky clean for our coupling. I still love that word. Coupling. Yeah.

So I walk into the bedroom, get undressed and Summer comes in after me. She starts grabbing me and says that when I get out of the shower it'll definitely be time for some coupling. (She actually said make love but I like coupling better.) so I'm all riled up and wired for sound. Things are getting hard already. I'm in the shower for 15 minutes tops (I had to give my hands a scrub type treatment to make them nice and soft for Summer). Get out dry off and walk out to the living room in my Scooby Doo 'Rrradies Man' boxers. How much more irresistible can a guy get? Only to be told that she is tired and ready to go to bed and sleep.

Can we say instant feelings of dejection? Good. Instant feelings of dejection. So instead of coupling we went to bed where I held her as she fell asleep on my chest. And I almost overslept for my midnight shift to start.

Don't get me wrong now. I thoroughly enjoyed the cuddle time. It felt great after a week of no cuddling. It just really hurt my feelings to be turned down like that. Especially after being told 15 minutes earlier that she was looking forward to our upcoming coupling. In my opinion the cuddling would have been much more satisfying after a good hour or more of coupling.

Don't you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting really bad

I'm sorry to say this but I have become really terrible at updating this place. My new schedule is just throwing me for a loop. Don't get me wrong now. I LOVE my new shift. It's great. Except for the part about not seeing Summer and the kids as much as we would like. But you have to take the good with the bad I guess. It may be hard now but in the long run I believe it will be for the best.

For starters the new schedule has left me in a much better mood. Work is going smoothly and I don't have anyone micro managing me and watching my every move. I don't have to work with any of the annoying coworkers now. And my old supervisor is talking to me like an equal mow. Amazing what a promotion can do for you. The good thing about being in a better mood is that when I do see the family I'm in a great mood when I see them.

The down side is that there has been no time at all for Summer and I to get physical with each other. She had a visitor last week and it was really an unpleasant visit at that. Then yesterday she started back to work. So now I get home a little after midnight and she's dead asleep. She gets up at 5:30 to get ready for work and I'm dead asleep. I get up around 7:00 or so and try to help get the kids ready for school. The kids leave around 7:45 and she's out the door 10 minutes later. I go back to sleep for a few more hours, get up do whatever and leave for work at 3:15. She gets home from work a little after 4:00. So we don't have time to see each other, talk, or have fun time.

Truthfully I feel like my balls are going to explode at any moment now.


I may have to rethink this whole no masturbation thing.

The next time I possibly see any fun time in the future is maybe on Sat. night when she gets home from work and the kids are in bed. Oy-Ve'. I might forget what to do with everything by then.

Other than that things are going great! I'm happier. Summer is back to work so we once again have 2 incomes. It's finally raining again. I love my job and look foreword to going to work every day now.

It's good to be alive. :D

Friday, March 16, 2007

OH yes. The game is ON! These would be in response to RS and fadkog. They have been inundating me with videos and songs long since forgotten. So I decided to strike back.

how bout the boots being knocked.

Or the Medina?

How about this favorite walk of mine?

This is in response to fadkog and Debbie Gibson.

And who can't forget this red head?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More hospitals

Well today I get a call from my mom saying that the Dr. wants to operate on my grandma. She has been in the hospital since last Thu. They did some type of test today and found that her pancreas is back to normal after 5 days with no food. The gave her a small meal last night and did the test this morning to find that the gall bladder is still inflamed and swollen. So the Dr. told my mom they would operate either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. They would let her know. So she said she would call me to let me know, that way I could take off work and be at the hospital when they were doing the operation and when she woke up.

Well my mom calls around 1:15 and says the nurse just came in and said they are taking her down to the operating room in 15 minutes. Nice notice. So I rush down there and wait with my mom. Any ways they wanted to do the operation laproskopickly, but said it may have to be done by cutting her open due to some adhesion's from having her appendix removed and from a tubal pregnancy. Luckily they were able to do it the first way.

Everything went fine. They were able to remove her gall bladder with no problems. The Dr. came out and talked to my mom and I and said that the operation isn't the thing to worry about though. He said that with people her age the first 2-3 days of recovery are the critical time periods. After the operation her heart is working harder and at more risk. So now the real waiting game begins.

The problem was when I was in the waiting room. I get a call from Summer asking me when I was coming home. Grandma had just gotten out of the operating room so I haven't been able to see her. And here is SR wanting me to come home because she can't control the kids. I understand that the kids are a handful. But I needed to be there for my grandma. After all when her mom was in the hospital for her bypass operation I watched both our kids and another kid for over 14 hours by myself so she could be at the hospital where she was needed.

Am I asking too much by wanting the same in return?

Monday, March 12, 2007


13 years ago an amazing thing happened. Summer Rose said 'I do'. We celebrate 13 years of marriage today. I still feel the same today as I did 13 years ago as we drove to Reno to get married. I'm the luckiest man on earth. Never again will I take that for granted.

Summer I love you with all my heart. You are the best thing to ever happen to me and I am thankful for that every day of my life. I just hope I can make you as happy as you have made me.

With all my love.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


that describes how today was. i finally got to sleep for starters.i hit the pillow last night and crashed. then i didnt wake up till about 930 or so. we all slept real good. then i did some laundry and saw how good of a day it would be and loaded the fishing poles in the truck. those of you that dont like my cali weather ( therese andfadkog) you might not want to here about the rest. :D

the weather was so good that in the 3 hours we were out thee i got a nice tan on my arms and summer got a tad bit red on her arms. the fishing sucked but the relaxing sunny springtime day was just what i needed to recharge my batteries. we'll have to go fishing more often this year i think.

well this needs to be short. summer is feeling "hungry" tonight. ;-)

one last thing....happy birthday! to my sister.

oh my grandma is still in the hospital. her pain got really bad this afternoon when my mom and sister were there and they gave her a shot of morphine. she still cant eat or drink. she is living off of an iv and using a sponge to moisten her lps.

Friday, March 09, 2007


That is a number of significance.

Why you may ask?

I'll tell you why.

That my dear deaR FRIendsa is the number of hoursa I have been awake.

Oh fine. I guess your going to ask this too then - Why CH have you been up for more than 39 hours straIGHT?

I guess I'll have to tell you that as well. Just don't expect it to be coherant. My thoughts are anything bUT cohereant at the moment.

Anyways it all started yesterday. I woke at 7 and all was well for the entire day. I went to work at 3:30 and all was well at weork too. Then sR calls me at arouinf 9:15 or so. She says that my 83 year old grandma has called her because she was unable to get ahold of my mom. She was having severe stomach pains and cramps. I tried to get ahold of my parents to no avail. So I called my grandma. Talked to her and wanted her to call 911. Well not only is she 83 she is also STUBBORN!` She refused to call. Wanted me to call the adsvice burse first. So I called tme and told the info that I could and they said to get to her and see oif she was in a shocky condition. Called my boss and said I was leaving, got my work stuff all locked up. I couldn't just leave. I was sorting 60 preples pay checks. Had to put them in the safe. Then my mom called. Her and my dad were at a play in Sacto. To,d them what was going on and they said they were on the way and would meet us (grandma and me
) at the hospital in Vallejo.

I left work at 10 and went to her house to find hewr ion the phone to the advice nurse. She gave me the phone so she could to say it nicely?........upchuk.

The nurse asked me some questions then asked me if she was having shortness of breathe. Grandma said yes so I was told to call 911. Called them and a few minutes later they ger there, do their thing and load her in the ambulance. Then they say they are tasking her to Stockton!! So they leave and I call my mom again to tell her that thjey werent taking her to Vallejo but stockto instead. They were in Dixon. 40 miles the other way. OUT of they way. So they came back through town and picked me up on the way as I didn't have gas to get to the hos[pital. We get there 15 minutes after the ambulance. Dad was making good time for an o9ld man. :D

By this time it was11:00. Importsant!

They tkae her blood and xrays around midnight. dad goes home with my sister around 1. My uncle goes home around 1:30-2:00. Mom and I stay. Around 2:30 they take her to get a cat scan? Cscan? some type of scan.

Around5:00 they take her for an ultrasound.

Qwe have been there for 6 hours so far and never ONCE did a Dr. come out to talk to us. Nurse says that there were some real abnormal test results. Theyre thinking intestinal blockage or gal stones.

Also keep in mind thAT NEITHER MOM NOR i HAVE SLEPT YET. Oh did I mention that when SR called I just put dinner in the microewave and it was dsetill in the their at work as I was at the hospital. That means no food since 11:45 on Thur. it was now fri.

arouind 8:00 this is 25 hours of no sleep we are told that she has pancritis or something like that. Who told us this? Grandma! DR still hasn't spoken to us!!!!!!

MY mom called relatives and told them what was going onh. Appparently my aunt called the hospital and reamed there asses for not taliing us directly. Head nurse comes out toi talk to my mom, says she just czame on shift ands asked what was happening. We told her the whole story. She says she didnt even know that grandma hasd relatives in the waiting area. I'm ghetting pissed by this time. I was tired. I needed a shower. I STUNK!! I could smell myself. My mom was still dressed up for her night out with my dad. I was starving!

Finally at 10:00 27 hours of being awake we see a Dr. He says that she is being admitted to the hospital indefinately for the pancriitis. She is allowed NO food. NO water untill the symptoms cure themselves. Great. Finally around 10:30 mom decides that if we dont go home soon she wont be able to drive us home. So we leave. My uncle and aunt would be there in 30 minutes anyways and there was nothing we could do. She finally was sleeping. Get home around 11:30 do to an accident. (4th fatal on higfhway 12 in 5 days) I takew a shower take a 45 minute nap, get re-dressed, go to grandmas house to meet mopm to get grandmas stuff so I coild take it to the hospital for her. She needed her bibles, rosary, glasses, teerth, stuff like tn atg.

Things get interesting around 2:30. I thought my mom wasa going back with me. She wasn't. That meant I had to take Summers truck to Stocjkton as she had a full tank. I don't. I call her and tell her and she gets mad at ME!!! WTF!!!!! She's mad because I'm driving her truck and leaving her truck less. She was planning on staying home anyways. I didn't feel like arguing so I hung up on her. Came home got in her truck and went back to the hospital. Just got home about half hour ago. Maybe 45 minutes.

Nothjinhg has changed. She is still in pain. Staying there at leasat throught the weekend. Maybe longer. Don't kinow. They do want to take another ultrasound to check the golstone issue when the pancreass gerts better.

So it is niow 10:30. Been awake since 7 yesterday morning. I have eaten a pice of cake and half a bowl of clam cjower. Anbd I'm no longer tired! I'm wired and ready to go! maybe has something to do with 8 cans of mountain dew, 2 bottles of mountain dew energy drinks and a 1 litre bottle of dew.

And there's no sex to put me to sleep either! no visits but lother issues down there. GRRRRRR! How am I going to fall asleep?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sky rockets..... flight.

Afternoon Delight!


What month is this?

Seriously. I really want to know. I'm not trying to pour salt into some peoples wounds but I need to know. Here we are supposedly in March now. We are in the 70's during the day. And what do I see while at work last night? People out water skiing! Seriously. Not just one boat either. At least 3 actively skiing/wakeboarding, and a few more ski boats going up and down the sloughs and river. They have to be nuts (or have some pretty big ones) to be out there right now. Yes the outside temp is nice. But the water has got to be cold still. Not to mention that there hasn't been enough time to clean the runoff out of the water to make it clean. It's still murky and brown. Bleah.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oh yeah! :D

But this just wasn't your typical run 'o the mill 'Oh yeah'. This one was special. this morning for the first time in a month I got to see some tatta's while in the throe's of passion. While my sexy wife was perched up on top of me I decided to undo the bra that she has been wearing 24/7 except to shower. Oh what a site. It was pure bliss. What was even more blissful was getting to rest my hands on those now much smaller tatta's. No fondling, or playing. Just resting my hands there feeling the new firmness in them. It was like the first time we ever slept together. I was making love to a 14 year younger SR. The stimulation for Summer was great too. Right after I put my hands on her she had one of the biggest, longest climaxes that she has had in quite some time. And that's a good thing. It means that there was no nerve damage in her sensitive places causing her to lose sensations there. That was a concern of ours going into this.

So all in all the recovery is going quite well. If only I can keep her resting like she is supposed to.