Friday, March 09, 2007


That is a number of significance.

Why you may ask?

I'll tell you why.

That my dear deaR FRIendsa is the number of hoursa I have been awake.

Oh fine. I guess your going to ask this too then - Why CH have you been up for more than 39 hours straIGHT?

I guess I'll have to tell you that as well. Just don't expect it to be coherant. My thoughts are anything bUT cohereant at the moment.

Anyways it all started yesterday. I woke at 7 and all was well for the entire day. I went to work at 3:30 and all was well at weork too. Then sR calls me at arouinf 9:15 or so. She says that my 83 year old grandma has called her because she was unable to get ahold of my mom. She was having severe stomach pains and cramps. I tried to get ahold of my parents to no avail. So I called my grandma. Talked to her and wanted her to call 911. Well not only is she 83 she is also STUBBORN!` She refused to call. Wanted me to call the adsvice burse first. So I called tme and told the info that I could and they said to get to her and see oif she was in a shocky condition. Called my boss and said I was leaving, got my work stuff all locked up. I couldn't just leave. I was sorting 60 preples pay checks. Had to put them in the safe. Then my mom called. Her and my dad were at a play in Sacto. To,d them what was going on and they said they were on the way and would meet us (grandma and me
) at the hospital in Vallejo.

I left work at 10 and went to her house to find hewr ion the phone to the advice nurse. She gave me the phone so she could to say it nicely?........upchuk.

The nurse asked me some questions then asked me if she was having shortness of breathe. Grandma said yes so I was told to call 911. Called them and a few minutes later they ger there, do their thing and load her in the ambulance. Then they say they are tasking her to Stockton!! So they leave and I call my mom again to tell her that thjey werent taking her to Vallejo but stockto instead. They were in Dixon. 40 miles the other way. OUT of they way. So they came back through town and picked me up on the way as I didn't have gas to get to the hos[pital. We get there 15 minutes after the ambulance. Dad was making good time for an o9ld man. :D

By this time it was11:00. Importsant!

They tkae her blood and xrays around midnight. dad goes home with my sister around 1. My uncle goes home around 1:30-2:00. Mom and I stay. Around 2:30 they take her to get a cat scan? Cscan? some type of scan.

Around5:00 they take her for an ultrasound.

Qwe have been there for 6 hours so far and never ONCE did a Dr. come out to talk to us. Nurse says that there were some real abnormal test results. Theyre thinking intestinal blockage or gal stones.

Also keep in mind thAT NEITHER MOM NOR i HAVE SLEPT YET. Oh did I mention that when SR called I just put dinner in the microewave and it was dsetill in the their at work as I was at the hospital. That means no food since 11:45 on Thur. it was now fri.

arouind 8:00 this is 25 hours of no sleep we are told that she has pancritis or something like that. Who told us this? Grandma! DR still hasn't spoken to us!!!!!!

MY mom called relatives and told them what was going onh. Appparently my aunt called the hospital and reamed there asses for not taliing us directly. Head nurse comes out toi talk to my mom, says she just czame on shift ands asked what was happening. We told her the whole story. She says she didnt even know that grandma hasd relatives in the waiting area. I'm ghetting pissed by this time. I was tired. I needed a shower. I STUNK!! I could smell myself. My mom was still dressed up for her night out with my dad. I was starving!

Finally at 10:00 27 hours of being awake we see a Dr. He says that she is being admitted to the hospital indefinately for the pancriitis. She is allowed NO food. NO water untill the symptoms cure themselves. Great. Finally around 10:30 mom decides that if we dont go home soon she wont be able to drive us home. So we leave. My uncle and aunt would be there in 30 minutes anyways and there was nothing we could do. She finally was sleeping. Get home around 11:30 do to an accident. (4th fatal on higfhway 12 in 5 days) I takew a shower take a 45 minute nap, get re-dressed, go to grandmas house to meet mopm to get grandmas stuff so I coild take it to the hospital for her. She needed her bibles, rosary, glasses, teerth, stuff like tn atg.

Things get interesting around 2:30. I thought my mom wasa going back with me. She wasn't. That meant I had to take Summers truck to Stocjkton as she had a full tank. I don't. I call her and tell her and she gets mad at ME!!! WTF!!!!! She's mad because I'm driving her truck and leaving her truck less. She was planning on staying home anyways. I didn't feel like arguing so I hung up on her. Came home got in her truck and went back to the hospital. Just got home about half hour ago. Maybe 45 minutes.

Nothjinhg has changed. She is still in pain. Staying there at leasat throught the weekend. Maybe longer. Don't kinow. They do want to take another ultrasound to check the golstone issue when the pancreass gerts better.

So it is niow 10:30. Been awake since 7 yesterday morning. I have eaten a pice of cake and half a bowl of clam cjower. Anbd I'm no longer tired! I'm wired and ready to go! maybe has something to do with 8 cans of mountain dew, 2 bottles of mountain dew energy drinks and a 1 litre bottle of dew.

And there's no sex to put me to sleep either! no visits but lother issues down there. GRRRRRR! How am I going to fall asleep?

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