Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sate Fair!

Sat. was the day that we all went to the California state fair. I had been looking forward to this years fair for quite some time. It's usually a yearly thing that we got to. But last year we went to Tahoe for vacation instead. This year almost didn't happen due to finances but we made it. as a great time. Went and saw all the cool exhibits, the animals, the side shows, the crazy people riding the insane rides, ate fair food, and the most important feature of the fair was people watching. Or to be more accurate stomach watching. :D

The day went pretty well. We only had one small outburst from youngest son because we wouldn't buy him a toy. We told him before hand not to ask for a toy because we were on a tight budget. So what does he do? He asks for a t-o-y every few minutes. Hey he didn't say toy, he spelled it. What are you gonna do? Well what we were supposed to do. We told him n-o. He threw a tantrum, hit and kicked me, I got flustered and and got him with my foot after being kicked 7 too many times. He looked at me asked why I did that, I told him and he settled down. Asked for dinner and things were fine afterwards. All in all though he did pretty dam good for as long as we were there. We left the house shortly after 11:30 and didn't leave the fair till after 10:00. It was close to midnight by the time we got home.

Some highlights of the day:

  • Spending the day with family. Always a plus.
  • Seeing the Toytopia exhibit. That was pretty dam cool. Got to see tons of toys that I used to play with as a kid back in the late 70's early 80's. Amazingly enough quite a few of the toys were still in the original packages. Even after 30 years.
  • Watching the Extreme Super Bike stunt riders. That was simply awesome. I was surprised by how many pictures I took while watching the 12 minute show. Close to 60 pictures and 3 short videos. (I'm testing out the new Google video feature for Blogger and posting a 19 second clip here.)

Some low points of the day:
  • The heat! It was just over 100 degrees on Sat. It was hot. It wasn't as hot as it was for some of the days I've attended in years past though.
  • The temper tantrum of youngest son. Enough said.
  • The cost of food. Un-freaking-believable! Good Lord! we spent 30 bucks just for 3 sandwiches and a thing of fries for Summer, CH Jr. and myself. That don't include the popcorn, lemonades, smoothies, corn dog, slice of pizza, funnel cake and ice cream cone. At least the water was free. There was no way in hell I was going to buy a beer. A 10 ounce cup cost as much as a six pack.
  • I know I'm probably going to take a ration of shit for this one, but it can't be helped. The funnel cake was a major disappointment. After reading all the reviews for the funnel cake on a few blogs and from from all the comments on those blogs that was my sole purpose for attending this years fair. After hearing about it's "gooey goodness" I just had to have one. It was alright but not worth all the hype I was giving it. It definitely wasn't worth the $5.50 I paid for it. That was for plain powdered sugar. If I wanted fruit toppings, or whipped cream it was an extra dollar per topping. Maybe I built it up to much. I don't know. I do know I will NOT be buying another one in the future.
  • I was unable to afford a deep fried Twinkie. I have been wanting one of those for years. But youngest ended up getting his toy after we were done buying food for the day. Oh well. I probably would have been disappointed anyways.

That's it for the fair review. One last thing to add though. When did the mow hawk come back into style? I saw no fewer than 6 kids under the age of 12 with this out of date hair style. What's up with that?

So to end I'll show a few photos of the day of fun.

Monday, August 27, 2007


A little over a week ago Digger tagged me over at his WordPress page. Me being the bad person that I am took way too long to get to it. So here goes. Let's see what we can come up with.

1. Blogger who is most like me: I'm not sure if there really is a blogger out there that I read that is like me. I'm a unique sort of guy. :D Truthfully There probably is a few bloggers out there that are like me but they just don't seem to be in the "circle" of blogs that I seem to read. But the blogger that comes to mind is RS. The reason that I say he is the most like me is because he was able to take his marriage from the edge of disaster and save it. So we do have that in common.

2. Blogger I read who is LEAST like me. this one is going to be a little bit easier for me to answer. Thing is there are quite a few bloggers in my "circle" that are total opposites of me. I'll go ahead and go out on a limb here and say that Christian Husband gets this nomination. I think it's for pretty obvious reasons for people that are familiar with the two of us.

3. Name 3 bloggers of the same sex you’d like to have drinks with. This is going to be another tough one to pin down. There are more than three male bloggers out there that I'd like to have drinks with. In the spirit of keeping this tag the way Digger intended it to go I'll go ahead and not nominate a blogger that has already been linked to in this post. Fist on that list would be LBP. Here is a man that shares the same passion that I do for the outdoors. He has a love for hunting and fishing. Need I say more? I'd like to spend more time with LBP than just drinks would allow. Here is a blogger that I'd like to spend some time in the field with.

Next on the drinks list would be FTN. Here is a blogger that has a great sense of humor. He also has an uncanny way of getting tons of comments. I'd like to get just half of his comments. The comments isn't why I'd like to hang out with him though. With FTN it's about his humor and his ability to have male friendships. I could learn from him.

Rounding off the 3 bloggers would be Mr. Husbland. he don't blog much anymore now that he has the addition of a baby to his household.he's another blogger that likes the outdoors. Hunting and camping.

4. Name 3 bloggers of the opposite sex you’d like to share a hot tub with. Now this is a really hard one. :-) Man I kill myself.

How am I supposed to answer this one and stay in good standings with my wife? The last thing I need is to be kicked to the couch at night. Especially with our couch. It's not the most comfortable one. First off though I'll have to say that having someone in the hot tub with a Kick Ass Rack!! is a must. this is a lady that has it all. The BOOBS!! (tm), the red hair, the florescent green finger nail polish and an excellent way with words. how could a hot tub party be complete with out her?

Therese in Heaven is the next lady that I'd like to invite. We could go over the basics of why it is important to save certain stories to tell about kids as they get older. Like brushing their teeth with lube. That is almost a requirement to tell when he gets older. Especially when he has children of his own.

And to keep me in good standings with my wife Summer Rose will be there as well. After Therese and Fadkog leave the fun will really begin in the hot tub. ;-)

5. Which blogger would you vote for in a political campaign? This is a hard one. It may even be the one where I re-link someone from a previous question. FADKOG just had a way with words. She can take the things that most people would think are boring and make it very interesting. She would be a perfect politician. I find nothing to be more boring than politics. With her in the running I'd actually be recording the talks just to hear what she would have to say. She is that good.

6. You are thrown into a dimension where you can read one, and only one, blog. Which one is it? This one is just to hard to answer. I don't think I could get by with just one blog. At the time that Digger first tagged me I had this one answered very easy. Unfortunately things happened and the blog that I was going to put here has gone dark. Finished Last was going to be the one blog that I would have to have with me. He had a way of getting you hooked. Leaving you with cliff hangers that had you chomping at the bit for the next installment. Sadly though he was discovered by a friend IRL and had to shut down his blog. If you are still reading blogs Mr. Nice Guy you are going to be missed.

7. Which blogger is living a life you think YOU might like to be living. There is no one single blogger out there that has a "perfect" life that I would want to live. Where everything they do I say 'Wow! I wish that was me doing everything they do.' The one person that has a facet of life that I'd like to be living right now though would be 2 am somewhere. I don't want anything to do with his marital situation, or his sex life (I don't know a sane person that would want that). But he is in a situation that I would LOVE to be in though. He is in the process of looking for a new job now. Has been for quite some time now. Recently he has had several job offers made to him. So many in fact that he has the opportunity to turn jobs down. That would be a dram come true for me.

Tag three people and you’re on your way! I'll go ahead and tag: Tajlude, Desperate Husband (just because I know you are looking for things to write), and aphron that is of course if you are still blogging.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I just heard about this on one of my local radio stations. Apparently this guys wife was selling her "goods" for $250 an hour for the last 12 years. Oh and the guy is a sheriff. How could you NOT know that your wife is sleeping around like that? I mean she could hide the money easily enough, but you just can't hide that much use and abuse of your "money maker".

Cops wife arrested for prostitution.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My week in review

What an interesting week I just had. First we have had someone (read neighborhood kid) coming into our backyard when no one is home. How do we know this? The person broke the gate that I just made 2 months ago. Then the other day when the kids were swimming in the pool with a friend, youngest son was getting out and was standing on the top step of the ladder. 4 feet off the ground. I just happened to be looking out the window to check on them at the right moment to see his friend push him from behind and he fell to the ground. Landing on the side of his ankle. I ended up taking him to the Minor Injury Clinic at Kaiser after dinner that night. He has no broken bones but he did have a sprain in his ankle. So he was on crutches for a few days. The day after this happened he had an appointment with his county social worker. During the meeting he tried to hit her with his crutches.

That same day we also found out that the non public school that he is attending will be shutting down for good on Aug. 24. So we have to find him a new school to attend. What makes it worse is that we had an IEP meeting the first of Aug and the school never said a thing about closing down. Even though they knew about it at the time of the meeting they were still talking to us about the plans they had for our son when regular school started. So now we have to find him a new school.

Before I continue with the next portion I need to add this little disclaimer: I in no way, shape, or form, am writing this portion to be derogatory or offensive to my Catholic readers. This is just from my own little heathen point of view. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way I can go ahead and continue.

On Fri. I had to attend a funeral for my great Uncle. He passed away from Alzheimer’s last week. Well he was a very devout Catholic. So that means that it was a Catholic funeral. A full on Catholic service with communion and everything. It was like attending a mass on Sun. morning. In fact it was THE LONGEST funeral services that I have ever attended. We entered the church just before 1:00 in the afternoon. By the time that the services were done it was close to 3:00! WOW! Let me tell you something-My ass hurt from sitting in those pews for so long. Then with all the ‘Please stand’ and the ‘ You may be seated’, well let’s just say that I got one heck of a workout. I think I can go ahead and skip the gym wok out this week. (Yeah right. Like THAT’S ever going to happen.)

I did learn some interesting things about my Great Uncle though throughout the services. I always knew that his goal in life was to make people laugh. He loved playing jokes on people. Well his older brother told a story of when they were kids. His two brothers were asleep in their bedroom. GU (great uncle) wanted to scare them for a joke so he threw a firecracker between the two beds. Well he missed and caught the drapes on fire instead. His dad ran into the room and stomped the fire out in his bare feet.

Back in the 60's he was going from job to job not really finding anything stable back in Pa. When he was in the Navy during WWII he fell in love with Ca. So he packed his bags and left his wife and 4 kids in Pa. while he was looking for a job and a home. 3 months later he wrote to his wife and said that he was ready for them to move out here with him. Apparently he was so happy to see his wife and kids that 10 months later they had their fifth child. He always said that he wasn't a horny Protestant. Instead he was a very faithful Catholic.

After the services we all went to my cousins house for a few hours to spend time with family and have a little bite to eat. That's when the bad thing happened. My grandma who is 83 years old was walking outside to find a place to sit. She was carrying a plate of food and a cup of coffee. When she went to step from the house to the patio she forgot about the 3 inch difference in height. Down she went. She hit the ground hard. When she landed the entire fall was on her upper arm. Now from her elbow to her shoulder she is different shades of blue, black and purple. Luckily she had no broken bones. We took her to the Dr. on the way home that evening. I was sitting with my back to her when she fell. Then I heard someone hit the ground and saw people rushing to someone. My mom said it was grandma and all I could think was that she broke her hip. Leave it to me to think the worst right off the bat.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I saw that Therese had made her own Simpson's avatar and I figured I'd do my own too. Seeing as I am a Simpson fan and all. still waiting for my chance to see the movie though.

Friday, August 10, 2007

For lack of anything else to post tonight I copied this from
Finished Last. It has been pretty busy week around here. I'm taking a test for a promotion at work tomorrow morning. Hopefully I pass it again. The last time they had the test I ranked number 18 in the state, but the test got "compromised" so they threw it out. Then there is the fact that we have had someone breaking into our back yard on several occasions the last 2 weeks. Moire about that tomorrow though.

Enjoy! If you think something is left out or want to know more about something here just ask me in the comments and I'll answer anything you want.

1. HAVE YOU GOTTEN LAID IN 2007? Yes I have. Many times I must say.

2. EVER HAD SEX IN A PUBLIC PLACE? How public do you consider public to be? If you mean in front of a group of people then the answer is no. I don't think I could deal with that. But if you mean in a parking lot of a Target store while the store is open then yes I have.

3. EVER LAUGH DURING SEX? IF SO WHY? Yes I have. Because my partner is/was a very quiet person during all of our previous encounters. Then in the middle of one encounter she just let out with Harder! Faster! It took me by surprise and I laughed. Worst thing to have done at the time.

4. EVER CRY DURING SEX? IF SO WHY? Not that I recall.

5. DO YOU LIKE TO CUDDLE AFTER SEX? Of course I do. who doesn't like to cuddle after sex. That would be a better question.

6. EVER REGRET SEX WITH SOMEONE? The easy answer to this would be yes. I could very easily say I regretted having sex with the 2 ladies prior to Summer. but then I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't have sex with them. So no I don't.

7. EVER FAKED AN ORGASM? Nope. Is it even possible for a guy to do? Seriously.

8. DIRTY TALK, OR SHUT UP? That is something that has just entered into our sex life. The dirty talk that is. I love it!The dirtier the better.

9. EVER HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX? Well let me think here.HHhhmmmmmmm.....I have 2 kids and got a previous girlfriend pregnant........I think the answer is yes.

10. EVER MASTURBATE TO YOUR FRIEND'S SIGNIFICANT OTHER? I'm not that big on masturbation for starters. So no I haven't.


12. EVER HAVE A THREESOME? Yes. very fun too I must say.


14. EVER THOUGHT OF SOMEONE ELSE DURING SEX? Do I have to answer this question?

15. HAS THE CONDOM EVER BROKEN? Several times. Honestly! No joke.

16. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE? Falling asleep. Or quite possibly one time Summer and I were in the throws of passion before we were married. At the time we were living with her mom. I was a smoker at the time and her mom had supposedly quit. Or wasn't supposed to because of her high blood pressure. Well as we are in the moment her mom walks into the room and asks me for a cigarette. Then asks me for a light. She then proceeds to sit down on the bed and start talking to us. Can we say show stopper? I don't know if she knew what we were doing at the time or not. I know she knew we were having sex while we lived there but I don't know about that moment in time.

Actually some if not all of my most embarrassing sexual moments have happened as a result of Summer's family in one way or another. Her sister had a way of walking in at the wrong time. Still does sometimes. Except now it's more of her calling on the phone at the wrong time instead. Her brother was throwing things at us another time. NO he was NOT in the room but the way the house was designed you could throw things from one room to another at some parts of the house.



19. DO YOU THINK THAT NUMBER 18 IS POSSIBLE? Well since I pleaded the fifth who knows? Anything is possible right?

20. ARE YOU HORNY NOW? Ummm let me check my pulse.

Yup. I still have a pulse so the answer is YES!!!

21. HOW MANY SEXUAL PARTNERS? 3 But then again that number could change depending on your definition of "sex". With the 4th person there was no "penetration" sex so I just go with 3.

22. DO YOU LIKE SEX IN THE CAR? Sure do. Lost my virginity in a car.

23. DO YOU STILL TALK TO THE PERSON YOU LOST VIRGINITY TO? Not since the last time we slept together. Which was about a month after I broke it off with her. We stayed fuck buddies for a month or so after.


25. EVER BEEN WITH A CHEATER? Not that I know of. Unless there is something I should know about my love.

26. TOYS, GOOD OR BAD. Sadly I don't get the opportunity to find out. Summer says they are very bad.

27. LINGERIE. Sure!

28. EVER SLEEP WITH A CO-WORKER? I married a former co-worker.


(*)parent's bed Hers NOT mine!
(*)your bed
(*)picnic table

()kitchen counter
()dining room/kitchen table
(*)woods (open and/or in a tent)
()hood of a car
(*)the other person's bed

(*)in a house with parents home
()at a party
(*)on top of the washer/dryer
(*)with other people in the room

()grandparent's house
()bookstore stock room
()linen closet
(*)in a lake
(*)at your place of employment
(*)been caught/walked in on

Friday, August 03, 2007

I am man.....(part II)

So what was I talking about yesterday? Well nothing major. I just had a bad case of the "wandering eye" the other day.

We had an IEP meeting for youngest son the other day (again). at this meeting there was a new person in attendance. When I walked into the room I instantly noticed her. Well to be more accurate I noticed parts of her.

Now I know that I have said in the past that I am not a huge fan of breasts. At least not a huge fan of large breasts. Now don't get me wrong I do like them. I like to look at them. Touch them. All the other fun things that there are to do with BOOBS! I'm just not a person that notices them before I notice other body parts. Like belly buttons. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!

This was not the case at the meeting though.I walked in and instantly noticed the top that she was wearing. It was a re top with black flower shapes in it. The sleeves were long and flare at the wrists. The neck took a really big plunge. Down to her twins. What a nice set of twins they were too. The bra she was wearing didn't push them up but it did push them together. Quite nicely I must say. Made for some really nice cleavage shots. I found myself having a hard time not staring at them. I did good though. I paid attention to what was going on in the meeting. I did good there. But I did find myself glancing over at her.

After the meeting as I was walking to my truck she called me over to talk to me some more. She told me some things that she was not able to say in the meeting because she is contracted through the school. I really noticed them then. She is about a foot shorter than me. So I had to look down to talk to her. That's when I noticed how tanned they were.

So yes. I have to admit it. I am man. I am pig.

Does this mean that I'm no longer attracted to Summer? Does this mean that I want to do things with another woman? Does this mean that I am just a normal living, breathing, sexual man? That has good eyesight?

The answer to the first two questions is HELL NO! I'm still very attracted to Summer, and her new set of twins. But due to the fact that I am a living, breathing, sexual man some things are just inevitable. I'm still going to look. I', just not going to act on anything that may or may not pop into my mind. (More about that some other time.) It could mean that I'm wanting some sex too. Maybe a little of both?

Besides how does the saying go? Just because I'm on a diet don't mean I can't look at the menu.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I am man........

.......I am pig.

Some things just can't be helped. I am a visual person. When I see something that catches my attention I can't help but notice it. Unfortunately it don't stop there at noticing it. It captivates me. Consumes me. I find myself fighting the urge to stare at it. Trust me when I say that I am not proud of this fact. I really don't like it. It is a part of what makes me.......well........me.

What am I talking about some of you may be saying. Others may know exactly what I'm talking about.

For now though I'm afraid that I must leave it at that and got to work.