Monday, June 02, 2008

Ch Is Working Days

Since my dearest hubby has decided not to come back to blogging, any time soon. He is doing very well. I did ask Ch when he was planning on returning to blog land there was no answer, he owns another blog that family can venture to and leave comments, he has not touched that one either I have no idea what will happen if I don't post for him. There are two posts up on my blog that tells what we are going through I must warn you will, it will not be easy to read. There is so much more to post than what I have there. So much pain and tears seemed to well every time I write. Ch will be back to working night starting in July I'm not looking forward to it, what can you do. It's part of life and his job that he has to do. I'm blessed everyday to have such a wonderful husband Ch has become and every day I let him know it. In the mean time keep watching my blog for further updates.

Summer Rose