Monday, February 26, 2007

Interesting weekend

Well it was an interesting weekend. Actually a pretty good one. Besides the sex we had Fri. night and Sat. morning. Fri was my dads 61st birthday. So we went over there for dinner and cake. But as Summer has said her truck has been in the shop. So that meant we had no transportation to get over there. To my surprise my dad called and said that he and my mom would come over and drop off his F350 and leave it with us for the weekend. I was stoked. I LOVE his truck. 4 door crew cab, power stroke engine, this truck is just reeking of testosterone. :D So that was a good part of Fri. Then at my parents house my dad brought out a bottle of something he bought while in Mexico a few weeks ago. I thought that it was tequila. Nope I was wrong. It was something called mescal or something like that. Whatever it was I was a little apprehensive about drinking it at first. I was supposed to be driving my dads truck home. He said that Summer is capable of driving and gave me a shot. WOW! That was gooood. 1 shot, 3 beers and I was feelin' pretty good the rest of the night.

After dinner we had a cake for my dad and my mom thought it would be fun to put 61 candles on it. Talk about a blaze. :D Then she even got about a dozen of the candles that re lit. The youngest thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bred. After that my dad brought out the slide projector and we watched slides of my parents wedding day. It was pretty cool until the slides appeared of my cousin that was the ring bearer at their wedding. Those slides got fast forwarded through.

Sat. was the day to put the new closet organizer in youngest closet. I took everything out of the closet, took all the old shelves down, and found out the new one won't work. So that meant a drive to Lowes about 40 minutes away to buy a new one. Which they didn't have. So we had to buy separate pieces to make one of our own. It worked though. He is SO happy about his new closet. He is able to hang up his own clothes now. So when I did the laundry Sat. he wanted us to watch him hang up all of his clothes. He was so proud of himself. I also got 4 hours of overtime on Sat. as well.

Sun. I got another 4 hours of overtime as well so I was unable to make it to church with Summer. She also got to drive my dads truck again. For some reason she's not to thrilled with driving it. I suppose that it just has to much testosterone for her to handle. :-D

Lastly I am such a good cook! Oh MY GOD! I cooked something new last night and it was wonderful. I took a pork loin roast that had 2 pieces tied on top of each other. Then I cut the string and separated the two pieces. Placed new string on a cutting board and placed 4 pieces of bacon over the string. Next I placed a loin half over the bacon. Then spread some raspberry preserves on top of the meat. Place the other half of the loin on top of the preserves, put on another 4 slices of bacon, and use the string to tie the loins back together. Oh I forgot something. I soaked some hickory chips in water for two hours before I started to cook. When I lit the gas grill (wanted to use charcoal but it was wet due to the rain) I put the soaked chips in a tin cup over the flames to get some smoke going. When the grill was good and smokey I placed the loin on the grill with a drip pan under it to keep the bacon grease from catching on fire and burning the meat. Let me tell you that the smells coming from the yard every time I went out there was just amazing.

I AM the grill master.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oooohhhh Yeah! x2 :D

It's gonna be a good day.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sex Quiz

I've seen this quiz a few different places. So I decided to go ahead and take the test myself. Below is the actual quiz and the answers that I gave.

1. How often do you and your partner have sex (on average)?
Not in the last year (1 point)
Several times a year (2 points)
Once or twice a month (3 points)
X Once or twice a week (4 points)
Four or five times a week (5 points)

2. What are the longest periods you have gone without having sex together?
7 months to a year or more (1 point)
3-6 months (2 points)
1-2 months (3 points)
X 2-3 weeks (4 points)
A week (5 points)

3. Just how passionate and erotic is your sexual relationship?
Sex is non-existent (1 point)
Sex is passionless, mechanical, and non-erotic (2 points)
Sex is friendly but predictable and uninspired, lacking in creativity and spontaneity (3 points)
X Sex is pretty steamy (4 points)
If it got any hotter, our bed might catch fire (5 points)

4. How much intimacy and emotional connection is present when you have sex?
Sex is an intense meeting of our minds and souls, and not just our bodies. (5 points)
X Sex is a little personal, but much of "who I am sexually" never really shows. (4 points)
Sex is mostly on trading orgasms. (3 points)
There is no joining. I spend most of my time fantasizing about other partners, or thinking about other things. (2 points)
Sex is non-existent (1 point)

5. Do you and your partner structure your relationship to avoid sex and intimacy?
We go to bed at the same time and use it as a time to connect including sexually. (5 points)
X We go to bed at the same time and connect, but it rarely leads to sex. (4 points)
We go to bed at the same time, but there is no physical or emotional connection between us. (3 points)
We go to bed at different times to avoid having sex. (2 points)
We sleep in different bedrooms or live apart much of the time. (1 point)

6. How often do you and your partner kiss during sex?
X We kiss multiple times in almost every sexual encounter (5 points)
We kiss at least once in three quarters of our sexual encounters (4 points)
We kiss at least once in half of our sexual encounters (3 points)
We rarely kiss when we have sex (2 points)
We never have sex (1 point)

7. Do you and your partner ever have eyes-open sex?
X I and/or my partner sometimes have orgasms while looking into each others eyes. (5 points)
We sometimes make eye-contact during sex. (4 points)
We open our eyes, but never make eye-contact. (3 points)
One or both of us keep our eyes closed during sex. (2 points)
We never have sex (1 point)

8. Do you and/or your partner have sexual dysfunctions (problems with lubrication or erections, or orgasms)?
Neither of us have difficulty getting aroused or having orgasms. (5 points)
X I am (and/or my partner is) slow to arouse, but once we get started, we don't have any difficulties. (4 points)
One or both of us occasionally have difficulty with arousal and/or orgasms. (3 points)
One or both of us frequently have difficulty with arousal and/or orgasms. (2 points)
We never have sex (1 point)

9. Do you or your partner struggle with low desire to have sex (before you start)?
Almost always (1 point)

Usually (2 points)

Sometimes (3 points)

Rarely (4 points)

X Never (5 points)

10. Do you or your partner have problems with lack of desire during sex?
Almost always (1 point)

Usually (2 points)

Sometimes (3 points)

Rarely (4 points)

X Never (5 points)


Summer took this test as well. She did not see any of the answers that I gave and I was not in the room when she took the test. She got a score of 45 points. I must admit though that I answered number 2 based on our relationship over the bulk of our marriage and not the first 5 months of our marriage. At that point we didn't have sex from March 20th (8 days after our wedding) to July 25th (when I came home from boot camp). I don't count that period because we didn't choose to not have sex. If we were together we would most definitely have been making sweet sweet love. Oh yeah.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Finally! I have tried to make this post since last night. I forgot that when I set up my youtube account that it was set to make posts to the old Blogger account not the new one. But I finally got it straightened out after needing to create a new account with youtube. So here is what I tried to put up last night.

Tonight (last night) while downloading songs onto my ipod and shopping itunes I came across this song. I have heard it many times on the radio before but it was always with the electric guitars. Never acoustic. So I bought the song and played it on the computer. When the song started playing I grabbed Summer and started to dance with her in the living room.

It took her completely by surprise. We haven't danced in years. I'm not a dancer. I really love to dance. The closeness of it. The intimacy. It just gets me so horny! So it's a good thing we took care of that earlier in the afternoon. ;-)

Anyways it was real great. She was so happy and surprised. Her smile was huge. I'd even be willing to bet that if I were to look close enough that I could see her eyes starting to well up. We had a real enjoyable evening.

Any ways the song is called Everything changes by Staind. Their lead singer is Aaron Lewis and he sings some really moving songs. Most of them are about relationships. Like the one here. Someday I'm going to go see a show that Aaron Lewis does without the band. It's just him a guitar and a mic. Nothing else.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Well maybe I was over reacting a little bit in my previous post. I don't know. I do know that writing it out did make me feel a little better. I wasn't trying to make Summer look bad. I was just trying to get my feelings out without letting them fester inside me until they come out in a negative way. Like they used to with me blowing things WAY out of proportion and losing my temper.

My favorite blonde reminded me in her comment that I never said what her romantic gift was. I heard about this place on the radio and thought that it was perfect. Real romantic. And unlike flowers, balloons, and other things that fade or die, this would be with us forever. I had a romance novel custom made just for her and I. I got it here at a site called Book by You. If you click there I got her the book called ER Fever. What you do is insert specific information like names, hair color, eye color, etc. and they add it into the story. The book has Summer as the heroine and me as the hero. I even got to add her best friend into the story.

I thought it would be perfect.

She loves to read. Check.

She loves romance novels. Check.

She loves me. Check.

It's romantic and Valentines is about romance. Check.

True she wanted a CD or just some flowers. I got her flowers, and balloons. But the CD just doesn't say I love you, or romantic. I also don't want to go buy a CD at a store when I can get one through Itunes for a lot less. (Yes I know it's not about money.) Lastly I didn't here the CD she wanted till it was too late to go to a store and get it on time. We live in the boonies remember.

Any ways before I sign off for the night I'll leave you with the back cover of the book. It has a picture of Summer and I thought I sent along with the order. Then it has the normal description of the book.

In ER Fever,gifted nurse Summer Rose works side by side with the dashingly
handsome doctor, Confused Husband, saving lives in an action-packed emergency
room. Both have sworn off romance, but even our pair of dedicated professionals
aren't immune to Cupid's spell.... thanks to a little help from Bo and their
trusted friends. Just as CH begins to win the heart of SR, a vengeful former
flame swoops onto the scene threatening not only their budding relationship but
also their careers. With lives on the line, spicy romantic encounters and
drama-filled boardroom showdowns, the high stakes world of ER Fever will get
your temperature rising. Pick up your prescription for passion and catch the

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well I did it again. Even though I told myself not to. I even promised myself last year that I wouldn't do it ever again. I told Summer for a few weeks that I wasn't going to do it.

Do what?

Get a Valentines present for her. After the debacle that was last year I was through.

Then the day got closer and closer. I realized that it was very petty and child like of me to act in that way. So I found a gift that was very romantic. i thought that this would be the perfect gift. If I were a woman this would be exactly what I would want from the man that loves me.

So I ordered her gift on Mon. Paid extra money to have guaranteed delivery for V-day. That's when the first problem hit. The dam storms back on the east coast delayed the delivery. So much for guaranteed delivery.

It did get here today though. It was delivered to my parents house so that she would not see it. I picked it up and made sure it was the right thing. Came home and presented it to Summer. As is usual for me when I have a gift for her I am excited and happy. Just for the fact that I have a gift for her to show my love. I LOVE to give gifts! She opens it and gets upset. Again! That's 2 years in a row that this has happened.

So why should I bother with giving gifts anymore? Seriously. Our anniversary is in a few weeks, and a few weeks after that is her birthday. But apparently I suck at giving gifts so why bother? Why continue to set myself up for failure and humiliation? All those people that blog about how much V-day sucks and is just for businesses to make money are right. Not even a card next year. I'm DONE!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to ME!
Happy birthday to CH,
Happy birthday to me.

That's right. It's only 3 more hours till my 33rd birthday. I actualy can't wait for my birthday this year. That's just because of how great my wife is though. I'm getting an Ipod!!!!! I'm so excited. We bought it Sat. afternoon but she won't let me open it till tomorrow.

So we will be having my parents and grandma over for a lasagna dinner (my favorite), and some cake and ice cream.

As for an update on Summer she is doing beter. Today she didn't need any pain killers. YEAH! She also started to sleep in our bed again over the weekend. She was kinda forced to on Sat. night. Youngest gpt sick and insisted on sleeping on the couch. It's nice to have her in bed again, but it's still not the same. She is still staying in an upright position. She's not alowed to lay on her side. That's the worst part. No side laying means no spooning. No spooning means no cuddling. None the less it is still great to not sleep alone anymore.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nothing here

That's right my friends. I've got nothing going on here. At least nothing interesting. I've been bored out of my skull lately at home. Not sure why. The internet hasn't been holding my interest as much as usual lately. Hence the reason for me not posting much or visiting much. I've just been restless I guess. Summer is coming along nicely. She is still sleeping on the couch. I am starting to get the hang of sleeping alone though. I'm sprawled out over the entire bed when I wake up in the mornings. Although when I fall asleep I'm on her side of the bed holding tightly to the body pillow. Best invention ever for a person not accustomed to sleeping alone.

Last night was the first time since the operation that I have seen her without a bra on. She still has quite a bit of swelling to lose, and is still bruised up a bit. At least it don't make me queasy to see her now. So that is a good thing. But even though there is some swelling left there is a huge difference in how she looks. The other day when she was wearing her bra I looked down at her and I felt weird for a moment. It was like looking at the breasts of a much younger person. It made me feel like a pervert for a split moment. Then she kissed me and the moment was gone. My wife is an entirely new person in the way that she looks now.

So enough of that.

I guess there is one thing that has happened this week of importance. I started my new job. It is so great! I get to sleep until 7:00 now. I get up with the kids and help them get ready for school before I leave for work. I even have time to make me some toast for breakfast.

The crew that I'm on is great. My supervisors really are doing a good job of training me. Let me just say that it is nice to have an office job for once. now if only I can learn to type. That is a must with this new position. I'm catching on a lot faster with the time keeping than was originally thought. Now I need to learn how to do the scheduling. We have 2 ferries and 2 bridges that run 24/7 and 3 bridges that run 16/7. scheduling them is going to be a pain. There are so many rules that I need to learn. The bigger pain is that some shifts are 12 hours and some are 8. So that will take a little longer to get used to. I have 3 more weeks to learn as much as I possibly can before I am left out on my own. Next month I will start working nights and be in charge of all the ferries and bridges myself.

The other thing that I like about this job is that the time seems to be going by so much faster. I'm looking forward to going to work now. There is no down time like my other position. I have NEVER had a job like that before. The best part is that I don't have to talk to my old boss anymore. Unless I want to. Which has been 2 times in the last 3 days.

Monday, February 05, 2007

As my good friend LBP would say............*ding* and *DING!!* :-D

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ever have one......

......of those nights? You know where you have all these thoughts running through your head? Well that's where I'm at right now.

There are several things going through my head right now that are things to post about. But none of them are able to be stand alone posts. I just can't formulate them into something that can really be good to be one post alone. So I guess what I'm going to do is just give little snippets of the things running through my head right now. I apologize in advance if this post makes no sense what so ever or bounces all over the place. It don't even make sense to me!

First off we got out state tax return today. Like I said a few days ago- 'If you don't use E-file why not?' I filed last Sat. Check was deposited this morning in my checking account. It's the only way to go.

That being said we just had to go spend that money today. I paid off a credit card that we used for Christmas presents. 50% of the check gone. *SNAP* Just like that. After that check was written Summer decided that she wanted to get out of the house. So I washed her hair for her in the kitchen sink, gave her a bath/sponge bath, and helped her to get dressed. The boys were complaining about how hungry they were but I had plans. no time to stop and eat. Let's go!

First stop was the barber. I needed a hair cut badly. So did youngest. Afterwards I took the family out for a very late breakfast. It was more like lunch since it was after 12 by the time we got to the restaurant. After that we went to my favorite store. Wal-Mart. We got some things we really needed. Clothes, fishing licenses, you know. The necessities.

I was feeling really good about things. I took my family out for a really good breakfast. Bought them things they needed and wanted. Things were going beyond good. They were excellent. Then we went to work World so that I could buy my first pair of work boots in over 18 months. Not only were they my pair of new boots but they were the first pair of boots that I have paid more than 18 dollars for in over 7 years. I desperately needed work boots. My old ones had holes between the upper and the sole. They both leaked badly. My small toe was ready to pop out of my right boot.

So I got a pair of boots that were a little more than I wanted to spend. 70 bucks. I was alone when I picked them out. Summer was in the truck resting. I was supposed to get myself a new pair of jeans as well. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So as I'm paying for the boots Summer comes in with the boys. She asks me where the jeans are. I told her that I couldn't bring myself to get them. She said that I should get them because I need them. She also said that the money for the boots was fine. I needed them. So that was a good thing.

Then on the way home it hit me. I started feeling kinda low. I don't know what brought it on. I just started thinking about the money that we just spent and I got this low feeling.

That got me to thinking. When I was spending the money I was in this almost euphoric state. then after the money was spent I went straight down. It's always been like that. I just never saw it till now. Now I just need to figure out what it all means.

Well look at that. That almost made a post unto itself.

Secondly things are driving me fucking insane at home. I'm going crazy! Summer has been sleeping in the living room since she got home from the hospital. I'm not able to hold her close when I hug her. When I do hug her I can't think about just enjoying the holding her. Instead I'm afraid that I'm going to hurt her. There really is something to be said about the lack of physical contact affecting your moods. That and the lack of sleep. I can't sleep without her in bed with me. I need to be able to hold her to fall asleep. I'm getting up in the middle of the night to help Summer get off the couch so she can walk around the house to keep her legs from cramping.

I'm NOT complaining about this. It's just taking it's toll on me.

Lastly this one is kinda irritating me. For the last5 days I've been busting my ass doing everything here. But then when the kids do something I'm the one that gets their head snapped off. What the hell is that about? I'm not the one doing something wrong. But I'm the one that is getting snapped at for no reason at all. This is really taking it's toll on both of us.

So how much longer till things go back to normal around here?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hunting pictures

As I said a few days ago I will now post some pictures from the last few days of duck hunting.

Summer out goose hunting in my farmers field.

Our boys.

Our very small decoy spread.

The sunrise on my final day of duck hunting.

Me with the days take of ducks. My goose, drake mallard, drake teal, my cousins hen mnallard and hen wood duck.

The end of day total. The birds from the picture above, and 5 pheasants. 3 hens and 2 roosters. It was a good way to end the season.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

What a day!

Well today was interesting to say the least. after getting the kids ready for school I got the privilege of giving Summer a sponge bath. :-D Not the easiest when she still has to wear her bra, but we made do. Afterwards we went over a few things needed from the store. So while I was at the store Summer called the store and had them page me over the intercom. She tells me on the phone that the doctors office called and that they wanted to see her as soon as we could get there.

When I got home she said that she was to see a specific nurse and they would have a bed waiting for her and she would be admitting her. Well to me that sounded like they were going to re-admit her to the hospital because they found some problems with the lab results 9they sent the tissue removed to the lab for testing). I immediately panicked and feared the worst. Several of my readers can attest to that. Sorry guys.

So we get to the hospital and they have a room waiting for us. They were expecting us as they said on the phone. But they were not admitting her, they were registering her for the visit. About 45 minutes before they called she had taken some of her pain meds and was felling a little loopy. Hence the misunderstanding.

The visit was because the doctor had given SR's nurses specific instructions to give us when we left the hospital. First of all they were supposed to give her a special bra to wear while she was still enlarged from the swelling. They never gave it to her. They were also supposed to tell us to NOT change her dressings until we saw him again on Mon. Instead they told me to change her dressing daily. He found out about the mix up and wanted to set things straight. That was the reason for the visit.

So we got the proper bra. He re-dressed the surgery area. And I got to get the first look at her new tatas. Even with the swelling there is a huge difference. I can't wait till the healing is over. It'll be like opening a new present on Christmas morning. :D I'm so excited.

The rest of the day was spent taking care of her and helping her around the house. Doing laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, bathing kids.

so that was my day. Accomplished nothing I wanted to get done. My garage is still a mess. My hunting gear is still all over the place. And Summer's truck is still filthy.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.