Friday, February 16, 2007

Well maybe I was over reacting a little bit in my previous post. I don't know. I do know that writing it out did make me feel a little better. I wasn't trying to make Summer look bad. I was just trying to get my feelings out without letting them fester inside me until they come out in a negative way. Like they used to with me blowing things WAY out of proportion and losing my temper.

My favorite blonde reminded me in her comment that I never said what her romantic gift was. I heard about this place on the radio and thought that it was perfect. Real romantic. And unlike flowers, balloons, and other things that fade or die, this would be with us forever. I had a romance novel custom made just for her and I. I got it here at a site called Book by You. If you click there I got her the book called ER Fever. What you do is insert specific information like names, hair color, eye color, etc. and they add it into the story. The book has Summer as the heroine and me as the hero. I even got to add her best friend into the story.

I thought it would be perfect.

She loves to read. Check.

She loves romance novels. Check.

She loves me. Check.

It's romantic and Valentines is about romance. Check.

True she wanted a CD or just some flowers. I got her flowers, and balloons. But the CD just doesn't say I love you, or romantic. I also don't want to go buy a CD at a store when I can get one through Itunes for a lot less. (Yes I know it's not about money.) Lastly I didn't here the CD she wanted till it was too late to go to a store and get it on time. We live in the boonies remember.

Any ways before I sign off for the night I'll leave you with the back cover of the book. It has a picture of Summer and I thought I sent along with the order. Then it has the normal description of the book.

In ER Fever,gifted nurse Summer Rose works side by side with the dashingly
handsome doctor, Confused Husband, saving lives in an action-packed emergency
room. Both have sworn off romance, but even our pair of dedicated professionals
aren't immune to Cupid's spell.... thanks to a little help from Bo and their
trusted friends. Just as CH begins to win the heart of SR, a vengeful former
flame swoops onto the scene threatening not only their budding relationship but
also their careers. With lives on the line, spicy romantic encounters and
drama-filled boardroom showdowns, the high stakes world of ER Fever will get
your temperature rising. Pick up your prescription for passion and catch the


Rob said...

So dude, what did your good wife get for you? Or if she couldn't (due to her surgery), what did she get you last year? Just curious....

SM said...

I like the Book by You idea. I'll have to look into that for GJ. I've been lurking at your blog and enjoy it.

Confused Husband said...

Rob The only thing that SR has ever gotten me for V-day is a card. Since my birthday is the day before the gift usually gets combined. So does the card for that matter. :-(

sm Thanks for liking the blog. It really is a good idea if the person goes for that type of thing.

O272 said...

Your bday gets combined with V-Day? That's just wrong! SR!!! As someone who has a bday very close to Xmas, I gotta speak up for CH here!

Recovering Soul said...

Therese's birthday is only a week away from Valentines and mine is only a week away from Christmas. We do seperate things, still, to ensure we celebrate every special day.

Summer Rose said...

O - Here's the thing, my massage insurance cost me $260.00 so I had to switch to a cheaper company of $199.00. It may be wrong of me of doing this.

And when someone tells you that's all you want is an ipod well then, what am I suppose to do? What I had in mind of getting him was a duffle bag for ch's wadders, and since hunting season is over there is no way I'm going to find one of those now.

As for the book I finished it today, book by you did a good job on writing a cool book that included my best friend and my cat.

ArtfulDodger said...

The book by You sounds like a very cool gift, I've bookmarked the place cause you never know...

Emily said...

I've heard about those books - they sound really fun.

You know, I bet SR is still in a fair amount of pain from the surgery and sometimes that affects people's general temper and ability to be sensitive to other people's genuine efforts.

You and SR have made so much progress and this is such a minor blip in a very happy story...

I actually kind of hate Valentines Day. It's a very difficult thing to get right and sometimes it seems like everybody's expectations are just too high.

Summer Rose said...

Emily - Thank you for understanding, you are right it shouldn't be about gifts or anything like that what is important is that you love the other person very much.

O272 said...

If it's the thought that counts, then what was wrong with the book? Now I'm cofused, too! ;)