Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nothing here

That's right my friends. I've got nothing going on here. At least nothing interesting. I've been bored out of my skull lately at home. Not sure why. The internet hasn't been holding my interest as much as usual lately. Hence the reason for me not posting much or visiting much. I've just been restless I guess. Summer is coming along nicely. She is still sleeping on the couch. I am starting to get the hang of sleeping alone though. I'm sprawled out over the entire bed when I wake up in the mornings. Although when I fall asleep I'm on her side of the bed holding tightly to the body pillow. Best invention ever for a person not accustomed to sleeping alone.

Last night was the first time since the operation that I have seen her without a bra on. She still has quite a bit of swelling to lose, and is still bruised up a bit. At least it don't make me queasy to see her now. So that is a good thing. But even though there is some swelling left there is a huge difference in how she looks. The other day when she was wearing her bra I looked down at her and I felt weird for a moment. It was like looking at the breasts of a much younger person. It made me feel like a pervert for a split moment. Then she kissed me and the moment was gone. My wife is an entirely new person in the way that she looks now.

So enough of that.

I guess there is one thing that has happened this week of importance. I started my new job. It is so great! I get to sleep until 7:00 now. I get up with the kids and help them get ready for school before I leave for work. I even have time to make me some toast for breakfast.

The crew that I'm on is great. My supervisors really are doing a good job of training me. Let me just say that it is nice to have an office job for once. now if only I can learn to type. That is a must with this new position. I'm catching on a lot faster with the time keeping than was originally thought. Now I need to learn how to do the scheduling. We have 2 ferries and 2 bridges that run 24/7 and 3 bridges that run 16/7. scheduling them is going to be a pain. There are so many rules that I need to learn. The bigger pain is that some shifts are 12 hours and some are 8. So that will take a little longer to get used to. I have 3 more weeks to learn as much as I possibly can before I am left out on my own. Next month I will start working nights and be in charge of all the ferries and bridges myself.

The other thing that I like about this job is that the time seems to be going by so much faster. I'm looking forward to going to work now. There is no down time like my other position. I have NEVER had a job like that before. The best part is that I don't have to talk to my old boss anymore. Unless I want to. Which has been 2 times in the last 3 days.


Rob said...

"Next month I will start working nights and be in charge of all the ferries and bridges myself."

I was going to tease you about those fairies but I'll resist. Congrats on the new job dude and best of good health now to SR.

Michael said...

Hey, just trying to get out and say HI to everyone. Hope SR is doing well.

ArtfulDodger said...

Y'know I can't help but think back to the 'old' days and the worries that seemed to dominate and think about how far you've come, heck, how far you both have come. I'm very happy for you both and glad to hear how well Summer is doing and how excited you are about the new job. You've come a long way and I bet it feels really good.

LBP said...

Great Post, CH. Good for you.

for a different kind of girl said...

congrats on your promotion. how wonderful to actually look forward to going to work!

sometimes nothing isn't so bad!