Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Finally! I have tried to make this post since last night. I forgot that when I set up my youtube account that it was set to make posts to the old Blogger account not the new one. But I finally got it straightened out after needing to create a new account with youtube. So here is what I tried to put up last night.

Tonight (last night) while downloading songs onto my ipod and shopping itunes I came across this song. I have heard it many times on the radio before but it was always with the electric guitars. Never acoustic. So I bought the song and played it on the computer. When the song started playing I grabbed Summer and started to dance with her in the living room.

It took her completely by surprise. We haven't danced in years. I'm not a dancer. I really love to dance. The closeness of it. The intimacy. It just gets me so horny! So it's a good thing we took care of that earlier in the afternoon. ;-)

Anyways it was real great. She was so happy and surprised. Her smile was huge. I'd even be willing to bet that if I were to look close enough that I could see her eyes starting to well up. We had a real enjoyable evening.

Any ways the song is called Everything changes by Staind. Their lead singer is Aaron Lewis and he sings some really moving songs. Most of them are about relationships. Like the one here. Someday I'm going to go see a show that Aaron Lewis does without the band. It's just him a guitar and a mic. Nothing else.


EvilDodger said...

As long as chicks dig it, Evil is all for music!! This seems a little sissie for my tastes, although Dodger would probably like it!!

for a different kind of girl said...

ah! i'd forgotten about this song! now i'm adding it to my list of things to acquire.

what a wonderful moment you shared. i'm also making a note to do the very same thing here! we used to do that a lot and it's like a bit of perfection!

thanks, also, for the tip on youtube. i've had the same problem and thought i'd nipped it, but apparently not. i'll have to recreate an account, too.

Dirty Filthy Princess said...

I LOVE this song!! And that was so sweet what you did! I love moments like that. My husband isn't a dancer either so the moments when he has danced with me really stick out in my mind.

Go, CH!!

Summer Rose said...

Thank you dear, for the dance and the song that does, remind me of us. I also love the acustic version of this song rather than the raido version.