Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A bad day for my wife

The following letter was sent to the city Chamber of Commerce this week in the town that I live in. This letter was given to my wife today as she went to the Chamber to pay her fees for joining. To give you some info she is a Certified Massage Therapist, went to school for 10 months to become certified, as I've stated before she takes her career very seriously. She has stated that she did not pick this career God picked it for her. It is her calling. She also has a business license with the city. She is not the person that the letter refers to as living in the community the person who's name was deleted), but she is the person offering the back to school special.

My Town Chamber of Commerce:


I do read your approved ads in the Local Paper weekly and have notice a marked decline in the types of businesses that you are recommending. If they are in your section, I assume that you are sanctioning them, correct?

I did notice a few weeks ago that you started adding massage therapists (parlors) in your sanctioned section. By all appearances you are approving and promoting what is commonly known as a front for prostitution, in most cases. There is only a non-local phone number for this (name deleted) person, so this is obviously a cell phone and absolutely no address? What kind of people and what kind of ads are you condoning! If you doubt what I am saying, please check your own approved ad for this "business" and tell me what the "other services also provided" pertains to. How more suggestive can you get.

. These are the kind of businesses that have-been known to degrade communities and cause the wrong kind of people to be drawn to your town. Does she work out of the local motel room for an hour at a time? How can you accept this kind of "business" in what you want to be a legitimate promotion of local businesses? Do you know if these people have business licenses and are paying the proper taxes and fees which add revenue to the city coffers, or are you just promoting un-licensed businesses just to get your Chamber of Commerce fee?

In the following weeks, you 'have added another massage therapist (parlor), this one trying to get kids in with a very bad taste "back to school special". At least this one has an address!! Why would the (MY Town) Chamber of Commerce promote this type of business since it is known that this kind of business has always attracted the wrong type of people to areas and has degraded the community? So when will you start promoting the complete line of adult entertainment complexes and really make (My Town) look like a seedy community. After all, I have already heard that (My Town) is known as the "Ghetto of (My County) County". By you promoting these ads, you are continuing this reputation.

_ ---.­

We don't have enough police to keep these kind of businesses monitored, especially when they will not even give their addresses. These people should be run out of town and not promoted in your publications. I also believe that this (Name Deleted) person is running her "business" out of her bedroom in a rental house in the (Housing Development) complex. If so, this is a clear violation of the CC&R's. There are no home businesses allowed according to these governing rules. She violates many of the other CC&R's just by looking at her un-maintained rental property. This is another indication of how these kinds of people can easily disappear when they need to. There is no investment in the community, just use and abuse.

If I am wrong, I apologize, but it is obvious that (My Town) and the (Housing Development) development in
particular is rapidly becoming a slum.

A very concerned citizen interested in the viability of a prosperous and upstanding community.

CC: Mayors Office

So that was the letter that was mailed to the Chamber. She spoke to the head of the Chamber and that person was very upset about the letter and said she will back my wife and the other party 100%. Both massage Therapists are licensed with the city. My wife took this letter very hard and was almost in tears when she talked to me about it. I didn't know what to say except to hold her until she went to work. She is in the process of writing a letter with the cooperation of the Chamber to be published in the next issue of the paper. (It only comes out once a week.) The thing that will really piss off the letter writer is that in the next issue my wifes add will no longer have an address but instead read "Mobile Massage! We come to you!" As she lost her space in the "Massage Parlor". She is also not using a local phone number but her cell number instead. This person really made my blood boil. Mainly because the person did not have the balls to sign their name. Pussy! I guess that is better though so I can't look up there name and address in the phone book or online. (I love the internet!) So she is now at work and I'm at home fuming.

I'll post more later. I'm going to my Grandma's now.


Graham. said...

My, but America seems to be cursed with more than its fair share of bigotry and prejudice - if it's not communists they are scared of, it's massage therapists.
Is your wife ever propositioned by any of her customers by others who think the same as this idiot?
Maybe she could try advertising "No sex"? Although that seems to be pandering to this anonymous coward.
And what's wrong with prostitution anyway. Some people need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the 17th. century.

Stay strong.

bedroomdancer said...

So, so sad what idiots can do by running of thier mouthes. This person obviously has no clue, and yes, is stuck in the 17th century. Massage Parlors are reputable and needed businesses. The letter to the editor is a great idea. Otherwise, ignore this idiot. Obviously not worth your wife's time. Suggestion, flowers or something nice might make her feel better....

~ anne said...

some people can be so narrow minded. tell the wife to ignore the obvious coward who wrote this letter.


Confused Husband said...

Thank You for the support from my wife and myself! I had a hard time convincing her this afternoon to NOT pull her add from the paper alltogether. I told her if she did that the person would win and get what he wants. She should not give in to an annonymous person. She was even thinking about cancelling her wishlist of a decal with her business name on it covering the back window of her Explorer. She has decided to keep the add in the paper and still go for the window decals.
Thanks again for the support!

The Venting Housewife said...

So just because you want to have a massage business, it will be considered a whore house. Wow. Give your wife a big hug, and tell her to forget it. It was probably some old bag with nothing better to do.

Stevo said...

Best of luck to your wife and tell her to keep her chin up. It is truly amazing how many closed and narrow minded people there are in this country. No doubt it was a good Christian that wrote that letter - or maybe a member of the Taliban - not much difference.....

You can either ignore them or you can confront them, I prefer to confront them. A letter to the editor of the community paper is in order; let your wife set the anonymous asshole straight and she can sign her name to show that she cannot be intimidated.