Saturday, September 03, 2005

The new Layout

Well for some odd reason I decided to change the layout of my site tonight. I'll never do that again. When I did this it cleared all the changes that I had made to my site. I had to renter all the Sites I frequent. Not that big of a deal but time consuming. The bad thing is that I can't get my site meter running again. Other than that I like the way it looks. Not much else to report on now though. I spent the day with my dad today. We went to get him a new dog. He put his last one to sleep about a month ago. He had cancer. So we got him a new German Shorthair from a lady that does rescue work on Pointing Breeds of dogs. He's a year old and is already birdy. Once he gets used to his new surroundings the fun begins in training our newest hunting partner. I'm now looking forward to the upcoming season a little bit now. Yippee! Another good thing is that I'm getting my first massage in about 2 months tonight when the kids got to bed. It is nice being married to a Massage Therapist.;)


Frustrated said...

It was really sweet of you to get your dad another dog. I read your comment and I all I can say is talk about timing. lol. I just posted about my talk with Calvin. I'm still in shock about how well it went. I've never had a professional massage before. Lucky you. I'm jealous. :)

Big Mike said...

With all your comments about being financially strapped, maybe giving up hunting will let you put some money aside to pay for your wife's massage equipment?