Friday, September 30, 2005

Farewell! :)

Well it is time to bid you all farewell. At least for the next 8 days. I am leaving in the morning for my trip with my dad. Just got the final things packed. I will not be back until Oct. 9th. My wife can not wait till I leave. She says that she will be able to sleep much better without me here snoring. I guess I need to give my CPAP machine another try when I return. I'm so excited to leave and be alone in the wilderness. We will be hunting about 1.5 hours away from civilization on the Oregon border. The only down side is the 13 hour drive there. That and I don't know if I can go 8 days without checking email and my online reading. See you in 8 days!


mr x said...

I don't see how anyone can sleep with a CPAP. My girlfriend has to wear one as well, for some reason she loves it and won't sleep without (she's an odd one). Have fun hunting lucky bastard! (Thanks for the tips on my blog, btw.)

Confused Husband said...

I have a hard time sleeping with mine so I don't. My mom can't sleep without hers cause shes had it so long.
Not a problem with the tips.

Frustrated said...

Have fun on your vacation!