Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wow. My creative juices are not flowing anymore. After yesterdays post giving some history about myself I'm not sure what else to say. There's not much going on in my life anymore to post about. I'm not going to try and start something either. My wife and I are actually in pretty good place right now. We're both sleeping better at night now. Except for the cat waking us up. I got a cat for my wife the night of my last post back in May. She is now very active and wants to play in the middle of the night. Specifically she wants to attack my feet. If it's not that she gets as close to my wifes head as possible and purr loudly. We didn't get a chance to talk today because I was late coming home from work. By the time I got home she was at work already. That's the way our day goes. I get home and she's walking out the door 40 minutes later. She gets home and it's 10 at night and bedtime. We did talk on the phone today and she wants to go back to school again this winter. She needs to get 300 more hours of school and she will be a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. They will teach her Hot Stone Massage and she will also be able to work on pregnant women. The really good thing is that they have a class that covers the National Massage Therapist Exam. When she takes that test she will no longer be a Certified Massage Therapist. She will be a Licensed Massage Therapist. That means she can work anywhere in the US. We are going to talk about it when she gets home. I'd love for her to go back to school and get her license. We just need to talk about the finances for it. When she went to school the first time it was at night. I could stay at home with the kids while she was at school. This new course is in the afternoons. We need to have a babysitter for 3 hours till I get home. She'll go to school just need to figure things out.
So for now thats all there is. If you have any questions for me about my past go ahead and ask. I'd be glad to answer. I won't tell much about my wifes past except for what I have already given. She has told me that she will NOT be posting anything on this site. She says all she would be able to say are bad things and she don't want to do that.


The Venting Housewife said...

Well its great to see a man that supports his wife as much as you seem too. Well I get why your wife wouldn't want to post, its hard to open yourself up to strangers. But its sad that she says everything would be bad, is there nothing good she can talk about??

bedroomdancer said...

Hey confused I read a few more of your posts and wanted to comment on your feelings about not going to church with your wife. As for not going until she invites you, that's silly. Be the bigger person. If ever there was a time to do that, do it now. Secondly, as for the people there that you don't want to see, yes, their behavior is horrible, but God judges them, you don't have to worry about that. I like the comparison of church being like a hospital. IT's for sinners, sick people. You don't wait to go to the hospital until you are well. Same with a church. Everyone there is a sinner.

Sorry to rant, hope you aren't offended. I just think it would be a really good thing for you to take the high road here. You seem very willing to do what it takes, so do this. And, as for getting your wife to answer questions or blog, if it's not her thing, don't push it. The important thing is for YOU two to communicate.

Michelle said...

It is too bad that she is not willing to post. It would have been great to hear both sides of the story. Maybe she will change her mind.

Digger Jones said...

I'm with bedroomdancer on most things. I think pressuring your wife into posting is a bad idea on many levels especially when she's not very open to blogging at all. I do understand why you'd want it, tho. At least you might get to see her thoughts, which you don't see much of. You might consider having a "Couples diary" that isn't posted, but is just for the two of you. She might rather go for that.

As for church, you go because you want to, not because your wife invited you. Just like she should have sex with you because she wants to, not just because you asked her to. Works the same way. You want to be together and do things together and it shouldn't take an engraved invitation.



Confused Husband said...

Well I'm not going to push her into posting on here.If she wants to read some of the comments thats fine. She does that most of the time anyways over my shoulder. If she wants to say something thats fine too. As of now I'm not going to ask her about it anymore.

Bedroomdancer no I'm not offended. It takes quite a bit to offend me. Thats why I started this to get some input from the outside.

As to going to church with my wife it is something I want to do. But I feel if she don't ask me to go with her that I'd be intruding on her space or territory. OR her time away from me. (Time away from each other is as important as time alone together)

married to confused said...

I just read your comment THANK YOU digger! I don't have to ask him every sunday to go yes it should be up to him not me!! even when he did go with me it felt odd and lectured when we got home. This is one of my few comforts zones left since my family has moved out of state.
Thankyou for your time.

bedroomdancer said...

Well, I can admit when I'm wrong. Married with confused sounds like she might be more comfortable at church by herself. But that sounds like it's because "It felt odd and lectured when we got home", which brings me back to my point, if confused goes to church with her he needs to forget about judging or whatever it is that makes him cranked up about church.

I do also feel like you guys need time together (thinking of the opposite schedule here) more than you need time apart. Maybe church isn't the place for it, but you should find it somewhere.

Sorry to stick my nose so far in again. Hopefully what I say is helpful, not annoying.

Confused Husband said...

No your not being annoying. I need to learn that we have different communication styles. What I view as trying to engage a conversatioin she takes totally different. I do plan on attending with her again. Maybe this weekend maybe not. I don't want to screw things up again. The past few days have been really great. ;)

On your site you said that you have had BTS cake. How was it made? I've seen several recipes for it but like my sisters best.

Please leave your thoughts. They are welcome here.


bedroomdancer said...

I'll have to get the recipie from my sister.

Glad to hear you are thinking about church. Keep an open mind, I'm sure your wife will appreciate it.