Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And it's a new day

So after I was done posting last night I gave my wife a hot bath. Lit some candles, and let her soak for awhile. While she was soaking I put a towel in the dryer to heat it up. I went back to the bathroom and washed my wife off and let her soak more while I got the towel from the garage. I dried her off and laid her in bed and gave her a back massage. She was so emotionally drained from the day. We both were. So we went to sleep just holding each other. I love moments like that.
So today I was at work and a guy I work with says his kid that is getting divorced is selling a mini van for 1500. Talked to my wife about it and she got mad at me because 1) its a Ford and she hates Ford (her uncle retired from Chevy, mine retired from Ford.) & 2) she hates mini vans. Again I told her we are not in a position to be picky. She started yelling at me so I hung up on her. I sent her a text to call me when she's wants to talk not yell. She called back 5 minutes later and she still was not happy but at least she was not yelling. Side note here for years I have yelled at her for things like she is yelling at me for. I'm trying to get to a point now where we can talk to each other without turning things into a yelling and pissing match. God I hate the things I've done to her in the past. So when I came home after work she was singing a different tune. She said that she would be willing to look at the mini van because of what a friend told her. Her friend said she had a dream 2 months ago that my wife would be driving a mini van soon. Not that I believe in that sort of thing but it made my wife happy about at least looking at it so I'll go for it.
It's not like I am going to buy the van anyways. I'm just going to look at it. I'm thinking now that I might fix the Explorer for the 1500, and hope we can make it last for the next 18 months or so till we can be picky about what we drive. Also if we have money left over buy the mini van to keep as a back up vehicle if something happens to the Eploder.
I just hope that I'm making the right decision to fix this car instead of get rid of it. I don't like the idea of paying it off for 6000 then trade it in for 2500 or less. Thats just to much of a loss. Though its not like we haven't already lost enough money to this P.O.S. I can't wait for Sat. morning to go on vacation.

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bedroomdancer said...

Giving your wife a hot bath is so sweet. I'm sure she apprecaited it.