Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The performance problem

I guess I'm going to tell what happened last week. I'm still a little upset about it but so far no repeat problems.

When I came home from work last Thur. I talked to my wife about the payday shopping that we needed to do. She said that all she needed to do was change clothes and she'd be ready. So I followed her to the bedroom to take a shower. When we got to the room I closed the door and started kissing her and pulled her top off. We started kissing each other for awhile when the phone rang. So I went to the phone and answered it. It was for my wife so I gave it to her and continued where we left off before the phone rang. (Hey the other person couldn't see me). When she hung up she was ready to go and so was I. The problem was not getting things hard. We made love for quite some time. The problem came when I couldn't. The soldier came to the battle ready to fight but when he pulled the trigger the bullet didn't go off. There was no climax. After being in the room making love for an hour I could not complete even though she did a few times. So she said that it was ok, we could try again later that night. We decided to take a shower together and that was when the other problem hit. Usually when we take a shower together I get hard at the site of her. But that day I guess after not completing I couldn't get hard with her in the shower with me. That got me really upset and it bothered me the rest of the night.

Later that night after the kids were asleep we started making love again. I almost felt like it was going to happen again. I could get hard but the feeling was not there for me to complete. I finally did complete but it seemed forced from me and not 'natural'. It also took a lot longer than usual. (I guess thats not all to bad but that night it was). Since then we have only made love one time and things were fine. It still bothers me though about that night.

It seems we are changing places in our love making. I used to be the one to finish first and it would take her awhile. But now she climaxes first and I climax later. It's just never had to be 'forced' out till now. So there is the problem I had. Even though I know it's not true it still makes me feel like I'm no longer all the man that I should be.


DH said...

Hang in there, CH. Take comfort in the fact that you made a "comeback" so to speak since then.

Try not to think too much...just have fun with it!

swinger said...

hey shit happens...happens to me once in big deal, usually attributed to stress.....

when I start to feel like it isn't going to happen, I start imagining that my wife has a big cock in her mouth and she's getting gangbanged...or I'm fucking her after she got home from a girls night out where she fucked someone in the parking lot, etc. Usually gets me off!

Colonel Ingers said...

Ever been to a movie-set like Universal Studios? You know, where they have that main street of a Western town but if you go behind the builings, you see it's all just frontage?
Everything's like that really, it's this or it's that, depending on your viewpoint.
One of the most sexually exhilirating, electric nights of my life was spent with my partner of the time and another man.
We did everything imaginable with a sense of freedom I have never managed to attain since. But here's the thing....I never came once. And that was perfect.
It's all in how you view it.

Happy Days!

Roximoon said...

Dont worry.. this happens to everyone.. Honestly.. your woman can be the hottest thing on earth but there is just that one or 2 days that you cant seem to get your body to respond the way you want it to..

Dont worry about it honey.. You'll be fine..

Digger Jones said...

Good heaven's! You (and your partner) are actually in a MUCH better spot than you've better been! You're no longer leaving her high and dry, but she's getting hers which hopefully results in you getting more.

Getting off is not the critical thing; staying hard is. Yeah, age will take a lot of that urgency down a notch and you're a better man for it.

Don't get all anxious or you'll end up with worse problems. Your wiofe seems very understanding, as well. Kudos to her!


The Venting Housewife said...

I think everyone gets it....sometimes my man can't get there, but if you are stressing about it, it makes it more difficult. Do you know that it is actually rare that women climax during intercourse, so Kudo's on the wife.
Just relax, there is nothing wrong with you.