Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not much going on.

Well there's not to much going on since my last update. I did get the motivation to get the garage cleaned out finally. What a difference. Now I just need to get the workbench and closets straightened out. I even had enough motivation to edge the lawn on Sun. too. I've lived here for 4 years and 11 months and that was the first time the lawn was edged. I had to borrow the edger from my neighbor. Thats definitely on the list of things to get when I'm a homeowner. Along with a lot of other things. So that takes care of Sun. Oh I also got called to work. A drunk driver hit a stop sign on the highway and I had to replace it. Easy 4 hours OT.
On Mon. we went to my parents house for a BBQ. The kids got to meet the new dog. He's really shy of new people. We think he was abused in his last home. This is the 3rd home he's been in in the last month. He's about 13 months old. After about 4 hours he finally opened up and started to play with the kids. He would chase them for a while then they would chase him. While I was down there I went through some old photos from before I was born to when I was about 10. It's amazing how much we all have changed since then. I decided to take on a new project now. I'm going to scan all of my parents photos onto the computer. If I can figure it out I'll try to make a slide show of them on a DVD. Side note : If anyone knows of a place to convert old 35mm slides to disk and convert 8mm movies to disk could you let me know please. My parents have a bunch of slides and movies from when my sister and I were kids.
My wife and I are doing pretty good at the moment. We're not really doing much hence the loss of things to say.
So here's a little about myself. I'm 31 years old, 5'11" tall, and am overweight. I weigh about 280. My whole family is big. My kids luckily got my wifes metabolism. They eat and don't gain weight. I graduated High School in '92 at the bottom of my class. Barely even graduated. Funny when I went back to school in '95 I got a high GPA. Graduated with my AA degree in '97 with a 3.4 GPA. I never had a girlfriend in high school. Never even went on dates. Didn't do drugs or drink in school either. When I graduated thats when all that changed. I got high the first time in Oct. of '92 and loved it. I smoked pot every day a couple times a day till I met my wife in July of '93. I loved to smoke weed. Started drinking too. Not a lot but enough. Then I got my first gf in Feb. of '93. It was a weird relationship to say the least. All we had in common was sex, drugs and ............ I guess that was it. She was a wild girl. She would do anything anywhere. Didn't matter who was watching either. I broke up with her a month later. Then there was my second gf in May same year. All we had in common was well........ see previous gf. But she messed with me. I never did meth/crank till I met her. Did that wasn't to crazy about it but did it to be with her. The only good thing about crank was the sex. We would go for hours. Then I made the 2 biggest mistakes of my life. 1) got her pregnant. 2)Introduced my sister to crank (she loved it and did it from '93 till '02/03. along with much worse drugs). This gf got pregnant, decided she did not want my baby (found out after we broke up) and did an 8 ball at once to kill the baby. I never saw her again and never touched crank again either. She messed me up big time. So then in July I met my future wife. We met on July 30, 1993. We started dating on Sept. 5, 1993. After we started dating getting high was no fun anymore. Since Sept. 1993 I've got high about 6-7 times. Thats when the problems started with my sister and wife. Those problems lasted until about 2 years ago when my sister graduated from rehab. My wife never did any drugs so I stopped when we started dating. Thus I didn't hang out with the same people. Those people (sister) didn't like that. Wife didn't like sisters influence on me. I was in the middle as I loved them both. So then came Nov. 25, 1993 Thanksgiving day. That was the day I asked her to marry me. She said yes. That weekend I got kicked out of my parents house because she spent the night in my room. Even though we did not have sex. She had the flu, I slept on the floor she slept in my bed. So I moved into her moms house. On Feb. 1, 1994 we found out we were pregnant. I was so happy and so was my wife/fiance'. That was 12 days before I turned 20. We got married in March of '94. 11 Days after our wedding I went to Al. for basic training in the Army.
So that is the beginning of our relationship. From time we met to date of marriage was 8 months. I still to this day don't regret any of our time together. There are some parts of my past I'm not proud of ie. second girlfriend, the drugs, and introducing my sister to Meth/crank (but hind site if it wasn't me it would have been someone else). But that is my life. It made me who I am today. If I can help someone with my mistakes then it wasn't a total failure. Thats the way my sister sees it now too. She has been sober for 33 months now. She is a sponsor to people in AA and NA. She went from a person that I didn't want to talk to or be around my kids to one of the strongest people I know. I'm very proud of her and still love my little sister.
Till next time.


Biff said...

Dude...you are a wreck.

What a background. No wonder you have problems...

First thing you need to do is lose 100 lbs. At 5'11", you shouldn't be anywhere near 280! You're probably a walking heart attack.

If you lose the weight, you will feel SO MUCH better about yourself, it will be shocking to you. Your wife will find you attractive again, sex will be better, pretty much everything will be better.

With your background, I have to give your wife a lot of credit for sticking it out with you.

By the way, if you look in the phone book under "video", you should find a company that will do the video transfers you mentioned. However, it won't be cheap.

The Venting Housewife said...

Wow what a way to let us get to know you! I think just about everyone has tried them, I was never an addict but did it at parties and stuff.
I married young also, I was 22 and I met my husband in highschool at 18.
Thanks for sharing :)

Confused Husband said...

Biff, I've always been this weight. In fact when my wife and I first met I weighed more than I do now. There's just something about me that just don't seem to lose weight. My wiofe eats as much if not more than I do but she stays the same. She's been in the same size pants for 12 years now. Except for when she had our 2 boys. And no she's not big like me either.
2 years ago I went on the Atkins diet from June to Christmas. 9couldn't get back on after the holidays. In that time I lost about 75 pounds. 209 was always my stopping point. I could go no lower even if i stopped eating. It was the same when I was in the Army. 209 was a wall i could not climb.
Venting House Wife, I have no secrets. My life is an open book. Sometimes it's a little to open btu thats how I've always been. Drugs were easier to quit than smoking though.