Monday, September 12, 2005

Great Weekend!

Well we had a dam good weekend. We didn't go anywhere just stayed home but we had some good alone time on Sat. morning. The kids slept in and when they woke up our oldest son made breakfast for himself and his younger brother. Then they watched a movie. This allowed my wife and I to stay in our room till 10:30. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry for me. I took the kids out for awhile so my wife could spend some time taking a nap in the afternoon. She was tired for some reason. :) Later that night after the kids went to bed she actually came over to the couch and sat on my lap to watch a movie with me. It was great. We spent about 2 hours on the couch just cuddling and holding each other. ( I love to just sit and hold my wife.) On Sun. she went to church and left the kids with me. The youngest got in trouble last week so he had to stay home this week. The oldest wouldn't take a shower so he could go. She then had to go to work for the rest of the day.
So this weekend was not the weekend for me to go with her to church. I told her I will try and go with her next weekend if I don't work. My boss wants us to work 20 hours OT next Sat. & Sun. We did talk about her going back to school. As much as we both want her to go we decided that it could wait till the class is offered again in the spring. That will give us a chance to get comfortable with the house payments. The other thing is she would have to quit her job at the store to get the hours of school in. It was something that she brought up herself. So she is willing to wait till spring and we'll go from there.
Also a Thank You goes out to Digger. He made a comment that my wife had to comment on. She then spent the next 30 minutes looking at my Blog and others without making grunting noises.

Also have I mentioned how much I love my wife? Back in June she ordered my Fathers day present. Well it finally came in the mail today. She got me a custom and numbered goose call. It is #15 of 22. I've been wanting this call for months, and she got it for me. I'm going to have to thank her for it when she gets home from work tonight.


~ anne said...

glad you had a good weekend. sometimes not doing anything special is special. don't use the kids as an excuse not to go to church with her if that is what you want to do. you're the dad, the kids get ready and go!

great that she is willing to wait until spring for the class.

guess she got you the perfect fathers day gift! hope you thanked her properly.


The Venting Housewife said...

Hope you thanked her properly!
Glad it was a great weekend, when I do nothing its always the best.
I am not a church goer myself, and if my hubby was really into (thankfully he isn't) it would probable make for some awkward moments. But if you really don't want to go, she should respect that at the same time.