Friday, September 23, 2005

The ups and downs of life

First off I'd like to thank you all for your input on the performance problem last week. Looking back on it I think that I was trying to hard to make it happen to fit it into the time constraints. Besides last night was wonderful. ;) Like Digger said we are in a much better spot than we have been in that department.

Yesterday at work I seemed to be having a good day so I called my wife and asked her to bring our youngest son to my yard so we could go out to lunch. She agreed and picked me up and we went to Mc Donalds. (yeah I'm a real extravagant guy ;p ) It was nice to be able to go out to lunch with my wife and son. We had a good time.

Later that day when I came home from work the kids were at our neighbors house playing with their son. We talked for a little while and the day was still going pretty darn good. We cooked dinner together and after dinner I decided to let my sons go play in the backyard and I helped my wife with the dishes. Thats when the down hit. I was standing behind my wife giving her a hug and talking about how hot I was. So I asked her if she would like me to cut my hair or let it grow back out. She said it was up to me. I said I don't care tell me what you want. Would you like me to trim my beard too or even shave it off? She said it's your body do what you want. My response was I know it's my hair and beard I'm asking because I want to know what you want. I just want to make you happy. At that point she started crying. A lot. Her face got all puffy and tears were srteaming down her face. So instantly I thought that I did something wrong to upset her, and asked what was wrong. She said she didn't know. Nothing was wrong. Me being the idiot male I am kept pushing it asking why she was crying, what did I do or say. She kept saying nothing. So the rest of the night was spent in silence. After the kids went to bed she came to the computer with me and sat on my lap and actually read a few Blogs. She seems to be interested in ~anne's Blog. She started taking control of the mouse and browsed my site for awhile. When we got to the post entitled Am I whipped? she read the part about her "assets" . She says 'Oh great. Now I have assets!' I told her I didn't know what else to say. She then thought that what I meant by being whipped was that she bosses me around. I had her read the whole post and she understood. We went to bed and I asked her again what was wrong and she said she's not really happy, but couldn't explain why. So I just held her and we went to sleep.

Today was a decent day. I came home from work early so that she could go to a job interview at the "retirement" community in town. It's actually one of those Active Adult Communities where you need to be over 55 to live there. Apparently they are looking for a Massage Therapist to work in their gym. She said that the interview went real good and that as of now she is the front runner for the job. So she is in a good mood today and is happy now. So We'll see how she's doing when she comes home from work tonight.

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~ anne said...

i am honored mrs confused is interested in my blog.

i hope if she wants that job she gets it. it is always so much more rewarding to work at a job you actually like!

good luck