Friday, November 04, 2005

Well my wife was given her start date the other day. Her first day of work will be Dec. 1st. So as we had our 10 minutes of talk time today between me getting home and her leaving for work she said she needs to give the store her 2 weeks notice. WTF?!?!? She don't owe them shit. She was all for it few days ago. Not telling them until they call her for not being there. Unfortunately she has cooled way faster than I have. Here's my take on the situation as told to me by my dad. "Why do you need to give your current employer 2 weeks notice if you already have a new job lined up? If you boss were to fire you would they give you 2 weeks notice before firing you? Or would they fire you on the spot?" I took that piece of wisdom very seriously. Because it is true. If my boss were to fire me they would not warn me. They would fire me on the spot. So we are trying to find common ground here. She says she don't want to get in trouble with the store owner. I said what kind of trouble? You are quitting so he's no longer your boss. Maybe she can just go to work one day and not be dressed for work. Then when she gets there say I quit. Or do like I did at my first job. Just walk out in the middle of a shift by quitting. (We had 4 people quit that night. All within 2 minutes.) But when the big moment comes I will definitely let you all know how she quits.

Wife has been sick for a few days this week. She's better now though.

I came to a new revelation this week. I need a new job. A job where I am the boss. Or at least I have very little contact with a boss figure or other people. So the search for a new job is in the thinking process as of now. I'm really sick of people telling me what to do. Well that's really not it. The problem is that my boss likes to micro-manage. Plus he likes to assign you jobs that he knows will get a reaction from you so that you will say something. Then he says you have an attitude and it needs to change. The big problem is that he's not going anywhere as he didn't pass the superintendent test. So we are stuck with him. I just don't want a job that I need to commute to. As I have said my round trip commute is about .6 miles. I also need to make the same amount I make now. So I need a job that pays 20 an hour. More if I need to commute. I also want to have my weekends off like I do now AND be home every night like I am now.

These requirements are going to limit me to stay at my current job. Some jobs I have thought about are a truck driver as I already have a class A license. But there really isn't any money in it unless you go long haul cross country. I have thought about going to the private sector doing what I do now but they work 10-13 hours a day 6-7 days a week. They also get laid off when the rain starts. A job that I thought about yesterday is a garbage truck driver. Picking up peoples household garbage. They have weekends off, home every night, and make more than I make now. They just have to be around garbage everyday. Then there is my ideal job. Going into business myself doing woodwork. I loved doing that when I was younger. I used to make furniture. I made the bed that my son sleeps on now when I was in highschool. It is a twin bed with 6 drawers on one side and a storage bin on the other side. It also has a 7 foot headboard that is a book shelf. I have also made computer desks, bookshelves, microwave cabinet and towel racks. I just don't have the time to make enough furniture to support my family. Also I don't have any wood working tools anymore since I moved out of my dads house. I might do that as a hobby though when I get my tools.

I have also had something else on my mind lately that has to do with the blogs I comment on. When I leave some comments and look at them later I realize that I am trying to say something and be sarcastic or funny but they can be taken completely different. You can't hear the tone of someone's voice when they type. I have been told that sometimes when I am trying to be funny some people don't take it that way. So if I have offended any of you I'm sorry.

I have some more things on my mind but I'm cooking so maybe I'll write more tonight or in the morning.


Digger Jones said...

Well, I've never seen anything offensive written by you to someone else. Not that you couldn't be if you wanted to, but anyone reading you for any length of time would figure out that offending others isn't what you're about.

Turning a hobby into income is a fine idea and really your best shot at finding hapiness. It sounds like that's sort of what your wife has done. With a Dec. 1st start date, it sounds like the extra money might come in handy, even if the place is a sewer hole. Working retail is the pits, especially around the holidays.


Lizzie said...

Just a quick word about the 2 week notice ... sometimes it's a good idea to leave on good terms. You NEVER know when you might need a good reference or something. I say it's always better to not burn any bridges. It's only two weeks and like Digger said, it's $$.

Confused Husband said...

From Married to Confused

Thankyou Lizzie for your comment on the two week notice. I've been trying to figure out when to quit our busiest week is right before thanksgiving and during the week of thanksgiving. Not best time to quit, my last day and no turning back is going to Nov. 23, or 28. Not sure which.
Thankyou to all of you for your support in getting my new job.

~ anne said...

first off, congratulations on the new job!

i have to agree with the comments here. the extra income by working the notice would be nice and i think the two week notice is a good thing. like lizzie said your wife may need them as a reference in the future. i know they didn't treat her right but her giving notice is the mature and level headed thing to do. She will leave there knowing she did right by them even if they didn't do the same.

Good luck in finding a new job as well!


bedroomdancer said...

I'm here to chime in the same as Lizzie and Anne, I personally think 2 weeks notice is always a good thing, not burning bridges, might need them for refferences later, ect. As for married to confused's question. Giving them 2 weeks is enough I think. Just pick a day that works for you and tell them you are quitting. You could just leave them in the lurch, but you aren't.

whoami929 said...

Don't mean to beat a dead horse but 2 weeks is the right thing to do. I just started reading your blog, I'll be back.