Friday, November 11, 2005

Truck update

I’m trying something new here so let’s see if it works. I just downloaded the Word add on for Blogger.

So I talked to the shop today about the Exploder.  They said that the misfire code has stopped registering. That is a good thing as that means that most likely the piston did not float a piston ring. The catalytic converter is still full of oil. Actually the whole exhaust system is full of oil. They want to do a fuel injection flush to clean out the top end. But they can’t do that until they get the cat cleaned out. They are trying to keep from ruining the cat, as they just replaced it and the rest of the exhaust system 18 months ago.  When they started the truck up this morning they revved the engine a few times and turned it off. When they walked to the back of the truck there was a pool of oil under the exhaust outlet.  So the owner was going to use the truck to run all of his errands today to try and clean out the exhaust.
The rest of the day was spent trying to get M2C to relax. She is beating herself up over this constantly playing the ‘What if Game’. I’m sure you can think of the what if’s she’s saying. So I said “what if I had a pussy instead of a dick. That would make us lesbians”. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say.
**We interrupt this post to bring you the latest information.**  The shop just called. They did a leak down test on the heads. Acceptable is 10%. It is at a 15%. So what that means is that it needs to have a valve job. So now they need to take every thing out that they just put in for the gaskets and send the heads out to a machine shop. So we will be without the truck for at least another week. It will cost at least another 1500. They will have a better estimate for me on Mon. morning.**We now return you to your regularly  scheduled posting.**

Now where was I? So this afternoon M2C was really stressed out trying to do laundry and clean up from our mouse problems. (More on that later).  I put a movie on for the kids and took her to the bedroom. She got upset saying she had too much to do. I told her not to worry about the other things. Right now all she needs to worry about is relaxing. So I told her to just lay there and relax. At first she protested but I told her if she gets up I’ll be forced to tie to the bed. ;) I almost wanted her to get up. She asked me to make her some tea so I obliged. Then we just lay in bed. I ended up falling asleep. Side track: Why is it I can instantly fall asleep in the day time but at night I toss and turn all night?  

So now I’m going to a little back tracking here and go back in time to yesterday. Ever since the truck went back to the shop M2C has had a really bad knot in her shoulder. So she scheduled an appointment for yesterday when I came home from work. After the appointment she was on her way home in my truck when she got pulled over. She calls me up and asks me where the registration is for my truck because she was pulled over for no light over the license plate. I told her it was in the glove box. When she got home I asked her if I could see the ticket as it would be a fix it ticket in my name. She said that they didn’t give her a ticket because she couldn’t find the registration. Great news. But she almost had the truck searched also. This small town won’t pull over someone without having a second car there within 3 minutes. When the second cop gets there they search the vehicle. Last night they had 2 cops there. Luckily no search. Not that there was anything illegal in the truck but dinner was getting cold.  Plus the humiliation of standing on the side of the road having your car searched while people drive by watching.
Other than that it has been pretty dull around here. M2C has been crying a lot about her truck. I keep trying to cheer her up but it doesn’t help. I asked her if she wanted to go on a date when her truck got out of the shop. She said that is what people do before they get married. Not after.  Oh well. I’ll try again when she is in a better mood maybe.

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