Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well I guess I'm wrong.

Well I guess the general consensus is that I am wrong about how I want my wife to quit. She has read all the responses to the post and says "see I'm giving them notice." So she will be giving them notice. Now we are 'discussing' when her last day will be. I'd like her to leave on the day before Thanksgiving. We are having her sister here, plus that leaves the whole weekend to get set up for Christmas. I really want to get the Christmas decorations good this year. Plus the kids are out of school from the 23 to the 28. I'm off work Thu. to Sun. So we can do something together as a family.
She wants her last day to be the 28th. She will end up working the day after Thanksgiving. Then work on Mon. That's it. No reasons for wanting to work those 2 days. Especially with her sister here. She says she might make a post on it later.
That brings up a question. I've seen Blogs that have team members that post. How do I get my wife on my site as a team member? I know I need to make an account for her but what else do I need to do? Especially as she has shown some interest on posting on my Blog lately as well as on some other Blogs as well.

There have been some other things that I have wanted to post about since Fri. but now that I have the time I don't have the memory. :-( I had all these wonderful thoughts while laying in bed the other night. Now I have no idea what they wee. Except for one. But that one is going to wait. I'm still debating on whether or not to post about my kids in detail.

As an update on us we are doing fine. My wife's truck is still in the shop. We should be getting it back tomorrow. She missed the wedding that she wanted to go to, and I missed a hunting trip with my dad. So we stayed in bed till 10:30 yesterday. Today I mopped the floors. Going to go to bed early tonight I hope.

On a side note as of getting Comcast Cable we now are able to watch HBO on Demand. So now I can watch every episode of Sex Detectives. It was referred months ago by

  • Lizzie
  • . I have watched them alone but they have given me some insight. Good program. I'd like to watch it with my wife but that is out of the question. I recommend it to anyone in a committed relationship.

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    Frustrated said...

    Once you have an account for her go to settings and there should be a tab that says members. From there you can add your wife.