Monday, November 14, 2005

Well as you all know I went duck hunting with my dad yesterday. It was an ok day. Never raised my gun to my shoulder the whole day. The only birds we saw were flying 400+ yards high. The geese looked like little dots in the sky. On the plus side though my dads dog was introduced to gunfire while out there. We thought he would be afraid because we think he came from an abusive home. He is real scitish around loud noises at home. But yesterday my dad threw a few bumpers for him to get him excited. Then I threw a bumper while my dad fired his shotgun. The dog looked at my dad then charged after the bumper.
The day was pretty decent. Although as has been the case with me lately I have come to another realization. I realized that my dad and I were together from 2:30 in the morning till 3:30 in the afternoon. During that whole time we never had any "real" conversations. We talked a lot but mostly about work and future hunting trips. There were a lot of things I wanted to talk to him about but I never did. It is always like that. We never really talk about anything deep or meaningful. It is all superficial.

So my wife made her Blogger debut yesterday. As Digger suggested to her she will probably change her name. I helped her set up the account. When we set it up we were both tired and couldn't find a name. So we used what she commented on my site with.

When I came home from work today she said she read the comments left for her. Then she said she actually started to cry because she wasn't sure what she should write, and that she was surprised people were that interested in what she had to say. I told her to just write the truth. There is nothing that she can write about what I did that I don't know about anyways. The only thing I don't know was what she felt. So this may be a real eye opener for me when she starts to post more. Right now I am waiting for her to get off work at the grocery store. She turned in her notice tonight. Plus I ordered some roses for her while I was at work. So at some point tonight while she is at work someone will be delivering 6 roses to her. With a card cogratulateing her on her new job.

One last thing before I sign off for the night. While going through my hunting stuff I found half a pack of cigarettes. It has been since sometime in Aug. that I have smoked. But when I found them I almost lit one up just because. I didn't do it. I also didn't throw them away either. I put them in my cold weather hunting jacket in the garage. I'm not sure why though. I just did.

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Anonymous said...

you ninny
throw them out.

those things aren't toothpicks to pull out on a rainy day.


lots of otherways to keep that jacket warm