Monday, November 07, 2005

It's back!

Well I finally picked up my wifes Exploder from the shop tonight. We had quite a few extra things done to it than just the head gasket. But none of you are interested in that so no details. The best thing is that the shop as usual gave us some good discounts on parts and labor. It's amazing what a few cases of beer can get you. I need to give him another case on payday. I buy him a case of beer after every job and he gives me discounts. He even has done some jobs for free.
It will be nice having 2 vehicles again. We can actually do stuff again. Plus I can drive to work again. Maybe. I've walked to work for a week now and it don't seem to bother me. It only takes 8 minutes to walk to work so I don't need to get up earlier in the mornings. I just need to make lunch the night before. So I might keep up with the walking to work unless it's raining.

I am now seeing the down sides of being a home owner. In the last 3 days I have received 10 letters from various companies asking the same thing. Would you be interested in mortgage insurance? I'm sick of it already. I talked to my mom today to see if I can stop the mailings. She said nope. Nothing you can do. The lender has already sold my info to other companies. Personally I think they should make that illegal. This company is making enough money off of me in interest. They don't need to be selling my info to anyone. I could care less if that is "the way it is". It just burns me. I get enough useless crap in the mail as it is already. I don't need more.

Nothing new to report on my thinking about a new job. In fact I went to a meeting today at work. Hopefully if we have a good winter I will be able to get some good over time. That is if we get enough snow in the sierras. I'm on the list to go plow snow and do chain control. When we do that we work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. Plus we get paid per diem for being away from home. The last time I did it 2 years ago I was there for 8 days and worked 110 hours of overtime (that was 110 hours in 8 days.) Plus mileage and meals. I made quite a bit. This year they are short handed in the sierras so they may call more people from the bay area and delta to help out. The down side is no internet for the amount of time you are there. Some people have been there for during really bad storms for 5 weeks working 12 hours a day with NO days off. Thats a lot of work but wow the $$$$$$$ signs are very hard to resist. Last year I wasn't called up. My boss said I was on vacation when they requested me. I told him this year that if I'm on vacation it don't matter. I have a cell phone call me. If you can't get ahold of me call my wife she can. I need to go to the snow.

Thats enough. I'm thinking about stuff thats still a few weeks from happening. Till next time.


~ anne said...

glad to hear you got your car back, having two is much more convenient. walking to work is a good idea, great exercise and helps with the high cost of fuel! i only wish my work was close enough to walk.

the junk mail will subside in afew months. it happens to all of us.

good luck with the extra winter work, sounds cold to me!


Michael said...

Re: the wife leaving her current job; I have left several jobs where I wanted to leave them high and dry. But my Dad told me, and others since then, that you never want to burn your bridges. After reading your story I would love to hear that wife just went in one day and told them, especially the two bitches, to f-off but that's probably not the best idea in the long run. It could come back to haunt her if she ever needs another job, especially in a small town or (God forbid) if she had to go back to that company. The one thing she does have control over is her last day. She works in a grocery store, right? My unsolicited advice...ok, that turned out to be longer than I planned so I'm just going to e-mail you.
Good Luck,

Michael said...

ok, the e-mail thing didn't work like I thought it would so here goes. She should give her notice next tuesday and just give them one week, last day would be Tue. Nov. 22. The reasons; in a non-professional (not mgmt.) job like her's one week notice is plenty. Also, with all the trouble she's had with the bitch there is always the chance that they could just tell her to not come back, I've seen that happen. Since she isn't starting the new job until Dec that would be 3 weeks without a paycheck.
Why leave on the 22? The kids get out the 23rd, she would have a nice little break before starting the new job, and (best of all) the days before Thanksgiving, especially Wednesday are the busiest of the year for a grocery store. They won't be able to replace her in a week so it would be like a last little jab at the store without screwing herself.
Just my 2 cents worth.