Friday, November 11, 2005

I forgot to tell about the mice

So for the second post of the day I will tell you about our little mouse or mice not sure yet. On Wed. night after putting our youngest to bed the cat wanted to get into the linen closet very badly. So I opened the closet and came to the computer to read up on all of your lives. Then I heard her going away from the closet. I turn and look and she is going into the youngest son’s room with something in her mouth. I go down the hall and see her playing with a dead mouse in my son’s room while my son is laughing hysterically. Me being the husband I am thought that I would call M2C at work to tell her how good her kitty was. Well that was a bad idea. She freaked out on the phone.
So on Thur. she took every thing out of the linen closet and vacuumed it out.  Today we went to put the linens back into the closet and found fresh mouse ‘gifts’. So we had to take everything out again and vacuum again. In the process I went into the coat closet and found more ‘gifts’ in there as well. But the good news is while cleaning the coat closet we got rid of a bunch of jackets that we don’t wear anymore. No we did not through them away. We are donating them.

So there is the mouse tale.


bedroomdancer said...

Well, that happens. At least you have the cat. If there's anything in life I hate like a dead mouse, I hate a live mouse worse.

Digger Jones said...

Actualy, I've just noticed the M2C references and figured out who it was based on your query earlier on how to add her to the blog.

So when is she going to post something of an introduction? Or did I miss it already?

Oh, and she is most welcome to post comments over at my place.

You know, by finding those "gifts" all over your closets and cleaning them out, you've probably spoiled some baby mouse's Christmas!


Confused Husband said...

Call me a total ass but I could care less if I ruined a mouses Christmas.;)

Digger as to when she will make the introductory post I'm waiting for the same thing. Hopefully soon.

Summer Rose said...

As for the mice droppings I found in the linen closet. They ended up in the sheets that I use for my clients not a good thing! Which I just washed three days ago. And having to do more laundry is not what I need at this time.

As for my introduction I'm working on it. I just haven't had a chance between working and taking care of the needs of every one it will be shortly. Sorry

ksy said...

oh good, while you're in the pitching mood, pitch something else out (rectangle package?)

there's nothing more repulsive than a guy/gal who wreaks of smoke.