Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And it all comes crashing down!

Well all the good happy feelings I've had lately about our financial situation is gone. It's gone. A huge bomb was just dropped on us today and I don't know what we are going to do. Words cannot describe how I am feeling now. I want to lash out at anyone. I want to crawl into a little ball and hide. I want to just say fuck it to everything and everyone.
So here's what's happening. I picked up the Exploder from the shop on Mon. night. Dropped down 1200 dollars. I was told to not take the vehicle on any long drives. When I get home let the engine cool, check the coolant level, and check the oil. The mechanic told me to do all this before M2C drove any where on Tue. So I did as I was told. The coolant was low so I added some. The oil level was right where it was supposed to be. It was hard to see as it was fresh oil but I know what I am looking for.
Yesterday M2C calls me up at work and says that it is low on oil. I said I checked it last night it is fine. But go ahead and buy some so we have some on hand. She calls me up a few hours later and asks what kind to get as she is at Autozone. I told her what to get. When I get home she says and I quote " I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. I put just a little to much oil in this after noon." I said as log as it was a little bit it will be fine. That is where I made my mistake. I didn't check to see what a little bit was. I guess stupid me.
So today she calls me up at work and says she had to take the truck back to the shop because the check engine light came on. When I get off work go to the shop so we can drop off the Explorer. I think ok not a big deal. When I go to the shop after work M2C is not there yet. The shop owner looks at me and he is shaking his head with a very bad look on his face. He said she put in 2 quarts of oil. Not a "little bit" but 2 whole quarts! He said there are sensors going haywire all over the engine. Here is a partial list of the problems. Some are definite some we have to wait till they tear down the whole top end. AGAIN!
Catalytic converter full of oil exhaust blowing blue smoke.
PCV valve full of oil. Needs replaced.
Whole top end which was just thoroughly cleaned needs to be cleaned AGAIN as it is full of oil.
Possibly blew some where between 1& 3 piston rings. Will find out for sure once top end is torn down.
Has a constant misfire on one of the cylinders.
Other things that will not be known till the teardown is complete.
So now we are down to one car again. If we need to replace the cat again and the rings plus the cost of complete tear down again we will not be able to afford to fix them without charging the Visa again. That is if the engine is even worth fixing which it might not be.
So now M2C is crying a lot. (Well not really at this moment she is at work.) I am extremely pissed off now. I can't get mad at her because then I am an evil ass hole. It's not really her that I am mad at. It's really me. I never should have told her to check the oil. I checked it myself and it was fine. If I didn't tell her then maybe she would not have put the oil in the truck. But on the other hand and this is the big one (well 2 things) I asked her to wait till I got home to put oil in it. And the second even bigger is that she was at Autozone. They will come out and put oil in for you if you ask. They will check the oil to see if you even need it. All you need to do is ask for help. So hear I am stuck at home with non vehicle again for who knows how long. It's been a month since I shot my gun and I really need to shoot something. Preferably that dam Explorer. The worse part is that since we paid it off we lost our gap insurance.
I'm going to go now before I say anything else that I may regret.


Desireous said...

Wow that just sucks! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

sometimes life kicks you more than one time in a row. and it's DAMN unfair.

well, it can only go up from here...

I give you credit for trying to save your marriage. I haven't read all your entries yet, but your site's pretty eclectic so far.

Times like this? it's time to hang onto each other.

Anonymous said...

You're handling it well. You're right to not be mad at her. She just did what she was told and you were right in asking her to check the oil. There's not much you can do about it. You both thought you were doing the right thing. I hate money shit like that, too, though. It seems like such a waste. You're a good husband. I'll have to read some of your previous entries. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

DH said...

Damn sorry to hear about the bad luck. I hope it's not as bad as you fear.

kitty said...

I think it's things like this that make my husband not complain about the fact that I don't drive....
I have a hard time opening the hood.... I can't imagine actually adding fluids!! hehehe

I hope it all works out!! :)

Michael said...

So sorry to hear about your shitty vehicle luck. I hate car repairs. I live 30 miles from work so it's a real pain in the ass to deal with broken vehicles. I finally decided to lease my vehicles. I started looking into replacing my truck and I got such a good deal I traded my wife's SUV too. Now we're driving two brand new vehicles that are both under warranty so I don't have to worry about repairs or whether I'll be upside down when it comes time to trade. The downside is that my totaly payments went up $200/month, but I thought it was worth it. I feel your pain, but it'll get better when M2C starts the new job. Hang in there.