Monday, May 02, 2005

Almost to current events! (VII)

So now we are brought up to events happening last week. I had to work the night shift at work for 4 days. April 17 - 21. During this time when I got home at 5 AM I would try to talk to my wife because I wasn't ready to go to sleep. Let's just say that it is amazing what a person will say when they are half asleep. She told me that she wasn't wanting to go to work on the 10th as it was her first Sun. back from Utah. But she said that she was glad that she ended up going to work because if she hadn't gone she would not have seen Mr. D in the store. She said that seeing him made her day. She also said poor Mr. D he is just sitting back waiting to find out what my husband and I are going to do. It was like she wasn't even talking to me but someone else. Then she had said that she was upset with the fact that I was at home in the daytime. She told me that She was not happy in the marriage and that if we split up at least one of us would be happy. This had devastated me. I thought that we were making some real progress the last 2 weeks that she had been home. Most of the stuff that she said was more like she was just talking in her sleep because I wouldn't say anything to her and she would just start talking in the middle of snoring. I was just to tired to talk to her when I woke up in the afternoons to really talk about it with her. I wasn't getting a lot of sleep in the day time and I was working 10 hours a night.
During that week the cell phone bill came on the computer and as I was looking at it I saw that despite what Mr. D and my wife agreed on my wife was still calling him on a daily basis. Even when she was in Utah trying to think about our marriage she called him. She was even sending him text messages still.
So Thu. came around and I didn't have to work that night. I didn't really want to sleep a lot that day so when my wife came in the room I pulled her into bed with me. We played around for a while and then fell asleep together. Our kids were in school so we had the whole morning to just lay in bed and talk. I talked to her about what was said in her sleep and she didn't have a lot to say. I then talked to her about the cell phone bill. Still she had not to much to say. So I started asking her questions. I asked her if she still had feelings for Mr. D. She said yes. She had feelings for him that went beyond friendship. It also came out that it in fact was NOT Mr. D that was pursuing a relationship outside the marriage it was my wife pursuing him. I asked her what her intentions were if we were to get a separation. She said that she wanted to see if there was something between her and Mr. D. I told her that well you already know what kind of relationship you two have because of all the talking that you do. She talks to him in a week more than she talks to me in a month. She said that she wanted to see if they were compatible in the bedroom. (that was always one part of the marriage that was perfect between us.)
I told her that I would not let her separate from me so she can screw him and come back to me. I was not a revolving door. I then asked her why she wanted to sleep with him. She said that she couldn't really explain it. I asked her if she just wanted to "try" something different. Not because she was bored with me but because it is human nature to be curious. As faithful as I am to my wife I believe that monogamy is not in human nature. I am faithful to my wife because I love her. She is the only person in this world that can get me excited. So I told her that if she wanted to "try something" different fine. As long as I new about it and it was only a one time thing. I was willing to try anything to get her back to me. We talked about it for quite a while but nothing really got resolved. I could not believe that I gave my wife permission to sleep with someone else. Things weren't looking good.

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