Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Am I whipped?

Well this last week has been pretty uneventful again. My wife got sick last week around Thu. I told her to call in sick on Fri. but she would not do it. When she came home that night she could barely talk. Every time she tried to talk she would go into a huge coughing fit. I asked her if they realized at work how sick she was and she said they didn't care. She was the only closing bagger and she couldn't go home. I was pissed off at her boss. I can't wait till she can quit that job. So I took her to the Dr. on Sat. morning and they said she had a viral infection in her lungs that was ready to turn into Bronchitis. She was told to spend the next 3 days in bed. So she slept for the rest of the weekend and into Mon. Then I found out this morning that she called Mr. D again last night for 10 minutes. I told her that she had 2 options now. 1-I erase Mr. D's number off of her phone or 2- I pack her bags and she moves out of the house when she gets off of work. I erased his number before I went to work this morning. When I got home from work I tried to talk to her again but it was unsuccessful. She started to kiss me and hug me and I gave in. Why do I always give in to her when she hugs me or kisses me? It's like I'm whipped but not in the sense that she bosses me around and I do it because of her assets. But that she can use her assets to get me to drop a subject she don't want to talk about. I just like to hold her in my arms. So that is where we are at now. I'm just waiting for her to get off work so we can attempt to talk again.

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