Friday, May 06, 2005

Buying a house

So we went to my parents house last night and started the process of buying our house from my parents. I'm not sure if it is the right thing to do considering our current situation but I'm feeling that if we don't buy a house now we never will. Plus I found that the way we are planning on buying the house we should be able to get a couple thousand dollars at the time we sign papers. I figure that if we do this we can use some of the monies to help my wife get her massage business going. The hope is that if I help her with the business she will see that I am trying to make things better with us. At the same time I feel that I am taking a huge risk of losing everything. Am I doing the right thing? I really want to know. So anyways we filled out the applications last night. On the way home we talked about what we would need to buy to get her started. About halfway home she started crying. She was trying to hide it hoping I would not see because it was dark but I could see the tears and the expression on her face as cars passed us. She would not tell me what was wrong. All she said was that she did not know why she was crying. Do women really do that? Cry and not know why they are crying? It made me feel helpless. I could not talk to her about why she was crying and therefore I could not help her feel better.
The thing that we did talk about on the way to my parents house was that she doesn't want to celebrate mothers day this year. It is just 2 days away. I have been asking her for awhile what she wants to do and she wouldn't say anything. Finally last night she told me she just wants it to go away this year. She doesn't want to celebrate it this year because she don't want to deal with the loss of her mom. I think it would be better to do something that would celebrate her moms life on this day instead, but I don't know how to approach her on this. Nothing much else to say today.

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