Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day weekend

So Mother's Day weekend has come and gone. We didn't really do much of anything. Sat. we slept in till about 8:30 then got up and started the housework. My wife and I planned on watching a movie together that night. We watched about half of it before our youngest son woke up and we ended up going to bed. I wasn't really into watching the movie anyways. I liked the movie but my wife sat at the desk while I sat on the couch. Not my idea of how a couple should watch a movie. Before we got to bed she asked me if I would go to church with her again on Sun. I told her that I would love to go with her but only if she truly wanted me to go. She didn't answer me and went off to bed.
We woke up early on Sun. and she got in the shower while I went back to sleep. When she got out of the shower she was upset because I was still in bed and wanted to know why I wasn't getting ready for church. I told her because she never answered me last night. So she said yes I really want you to go. We went to church and when we came home I went and bought lunch for us and then we went to Walmart to get her gifts for mothers day. They were sold out of everything that she wanted. So we got her some stuff for her massage shop that she will be working at instead. On the way home I tried talking to her about a meeting that the city is putting on for small businesses next week. I wanted to know if I could go with her to support her in her venture. She told me that she had no intentions of bringing me along. So this started a 30 minute "discussion" of how was I supposed to support her in her business if she won't let me do anything supportive. She always tells me that at his period in time you did not support me. Every time we try to talk about our marriage she says this. But in actuality she wont let me support her. I try to support her in everything she does but I always get rejected. The rest of the ride home was in silence. She just seems to think that if she don't talk to me about it that it will just go away. What it really does is get me to thinking about it more and more until I go crazy. I tried talking to her about it that night again but I got the same result as I got in the afternoon. After the kids went to bed that night I asked her if she would like me to give her a massage. I figured that her being a massage therapist she might get tired of giving massages all the time and not getting any in return. The answer I got was a sharp and fast "NO!" What the hell! I try to do something nice for her and get a snappy attitude instead. We ended up going to bed as I was to pissed to sit with her anymore. Why do I love her so much with all that's being done?
So this brings us to today. When I was at work I did some talking to a person that my wife works with. This person knew nothing of the letter that was sent to me 2 weeks ago from another person they both work with. This person told me that what my wife is doing is really pissing them off. The way she would tell me one thing and everyone else a complete different story. Anyway this person told me that I am not the brightest person for trying to buy a house with my wife after all that is going on. They also told me that maybe I should call her on her bluff about leaving and see what happens. (Apparently I had already done that in my drunkenness the other night. I forgot about it but apparently I had all my wife's suitcases on the front porch when she came home from work that Fri. night.) What that person said made me do some really good thinking. I agreed that buying the house now was not the best idea. So I decided that when I hear from the loan person again I would see if I qualify by myself and refinance with my wife at a later date. I also decided that if my wife was going to continue to live with me she would have to go to counseling with me as soon as I could get an appointment. Either through my insurance or through her church. (She has been telling me the whole time that she will not see a counselor.)
When I came home I told her about the talk with her co-worker and what I had decided. I told her that I played by her rules, and had kissed her ass since Oct. and I was tired of being played. She got upset but agreed to see a counselor as long as it was through the insurance. Apparently she is afraid of being told that she is wrong in her God's eyes. Then I started talking to her about I felt like she was stabbing me in the back about the whole apartment thing. Nothing from her. Then I tried to talk to her about how since our oldest son started asking if things were ok between his mom and I he has started to stutter constantly. It just pisses me off to feel so helpless and see what we are doing to our kids. She keeps telling me that "The kids will adapt and be fine if we split up." Bull shit! It's obvious that they are not doing fine. She just stormed out of the house to go to work.
To top off the wonderful day I went to the store to buy some frozen pizzas for dinner. When I came home I heard a phone beeping. My wife left her cell phone home and it was beeping because she missed a call. Guess who called. My favorite person in world - Mr. D. That bastard had the balls to call her after he sat in my home and tell me that he would cease contact with her. So me being the guy I am I sent him a text saying that she left her phone here and that he promised not to call her anymore. I also asked him why he had not been returning the messages that I sent him and why he was ignoring me. A few minutes later my wife's phone rang again. It was him. I answered it and he had the nerve to say that he dialed the wrong number until I said his name. He then said he is not avoiding me and that his phone is not text capable. What a lie. If his phone was not text capable he would not be able to receive text. He then said I'm sorry she left and I'm trying to stay out of the whole situation and hung up the phone. Unfortunately I could not say anything to him because my kids were in the room. How is he staying out of it if he is still calling her? If his phone is not capable of text how did he know that I sent him a message when I was drinking that she was leaving me? That bastard is really pissing me off.
So that is my day so far. It's not over yet but that is all that has happened. I'm sure it will get worse when my wife gets home and I ask her about Mr. D. Till next time.

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