Friday, May 06, 2005

Her give a dams busted

If any of you listen to country music I'm sure you have heard the song " My give a dams busted" I can't remember who sings it. I think it might be Jo De Mecina but am not sure. Anyways we were listening to the radio a few days ago when that song came on. After listening to it I asked her if that is how she felt. She told me that when she heard that song for the first time laughed to herself because that was how she felt. She said in a way she still feels that way. I was thinking of all the shit that we have put each other through the last few months or really the shit that she has put me through that I have posted and started to think if things keep going the way they have as much as I love her my"Go Screw Yourself" is really starting to come to the surface.
I've noticed lately also how well the music that we listen to can let out some of the feelings we keep inside. I find my wife listening to a lot of songs by Reba McEntire. Songs about leaving and such. I find myself listening to a lot of Rock songs that describe how I feel. Like Theory of a dead man - No surprise that bitch is leaving me. Puddle of Mudd - Away from me. Evanesence - My Immortal. There are many others but the list is to long. The point is that I find it weird how certain songs can come to mean something to us at different periods in our life. A year ago those songs would still be good songs but they would not have the same meaning. The same thing happened afew years ago when my wife was pregnant with my youngest son. That was the same time that Creed came out with the song With arms wide open. It had a special meaning to me. Just some food for thought.

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