Monday, September 18, 2006


This is just going to be a quickie post. I have been ordered to do 50 push ups in bed with SR by Captain Winky.

So we had the IEP meeting for youngest son today. Things just aren't adding up. The Autism center hasn't tried to contact the school for any information at all pertaining to any tests that the school has done. The school has contacted them several times but they wont return the calls. Even though we signed a release paper allowing them to discuss the issue with the proper school officials. Our caseworker from Kaiser is very displeased with the center as well. She feels that they have not done enough testing of our son yet. They never went over half the tests that have been done and just told us to stop administering the Abilify. She believes that there is something else besides just ADHD. Especially since the medicine prescribed to him for when he was thought to have Autism helped him out so much. The problems at the school started back up when we stopped that medicine and went to ADHD meds. So now he's back on Abilify and he's getting better again. He is being allowed back into the school for this week but only for half days. On Fri. we have an appointment at another school that is about 25 miles from home. It is a "non public" school. It is set up to be in a stricter environment than the school he is currently in. They have staff on board that are trained specifically for his type of problems. So if we like the school he will begin attending there next Mon. morning. As long as the school he's currently at can find the transportation. So now it's just another waiting game to see if we like this school or not.

The thing that I don't understand about this school is that it is not a public school. So does that mean it is a private school? They didn't make it sound that way when we were in the meeting today.

The biggest thing to come out of the meeting today was that the school has finally realized what we have been trying to tell them for the past 2 years. He has some really big issues here. The thing for us now is to get Kaiser off there asses long enough to give us some straight answers instead of the dam run around that they have been giving us since the beginning of 2006.

Sergant Stiffy Out.


O272 said...

I've heard that about Kaiser...

Go ahead and call it a private school if you want. None of us will really ever know! ;)

Hope they get transporation put together! This school sounds like just what he needs! :)

Finished Last said...

Kaiser is the devil. Hope you get all the help you need

Just Me said...

Man, I feel your frustration. I work at a public school with at risk kids, and my principal is the distict special ed director.

Communication between schools is horrendous - I am sorry. But I am glad you have found a place for your son. (and if it isn't a charter school, it is private.)

I wish you good hope.

FindingHeart said...

Heart goes out to you and the fam. As a teacher, an unofficial advocate for ADD/ADHD students, a man growing up with undiagnosed ADD, and a father, I hear your pain loud and clear. Don't worry about what the school is called. Think about the services they provide. You son's least restrictive environment may or may not be in a public school. If the school can't handle it, then let them provide the best nurturing and educational environment they can outside the school.

Found you through FTN's religion discussion. Looking forward to reading more here later. Peace.

The girl-next-door said...

CH I'm going to email SR and give her a little info about non-public sounds like your district is moving towards a vendor (which is not neccessarily bad). Typically they cost big bucks...which is why districts offer placements at them as a last resort.