Saturday, September 09, 2006

Be warned!

Just a little warning for you out there. When O makes a post like THIS stay away! She has super human powers that are able to send cold viruses 3000 miles through internet connections. Now I'm down with a cold myself. :-( And on a weekend to. That's even worse. I'm stuck here in bed with nothing to do. The good thing is I can't believe how good the boys are being today. They let me sleep till 11:00 this morning and did everything SR told them to do before she went to work. I went and laid on the couch for awhile watching some TV and youngest came and laid down on top of me. A few minutes later he was out cold. Wish I could have taken a pic of it.

So now here I am. Back in bed. Waiting for something interesting to happen. Not likely. So if anyone else out there is as bored as me on this fine Sat. afternoon drop me an IM. Don't believe the status symbol to the side. I am online it just isn't working properly for some reason. I'm on Yahoo Messenger. My screen name is in my profile.

O you do realize this was all in good fun. Right? You didn't cause me to get sick.


O272 said...

Maybe you should be nicer to me! :P~~

Feel better, CH!!! That's an order! ;)

Confused Husband said...

O Be nicer to you? What's that supposed to mean? I'm always nice to you. After all your my favorite blonde. :D