Thursday, September 14, 2006


Very intersting. This was so interesting to me that I had to post it here. Whether anyone else finds it interesting or not we'll just have to wait and see.

I just got done looking at my site meter and found a very.....almost disturbing thing. There have been 5 visits today alone from a person that lives 19 miles from me. Even stranger I lived in this town from 1990-1998. My parents lived there untill last Feb. So I'm curious if this person is someone I went to high school with. Or my sister went to school with. So if your from a town close to the delta drop me an email. let me know if any pics look familiar.

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Confused Husband said...

I am such an idiot! I finally realized who the person was that I was referring to. It was Summer and me! We cant get the cookies set up right on the laptop so whenever we visit from that computer it logs it in. The company changed the city of our ISP and we didn't know about it. I'm hiding this in comments as to not let everyone know about my stupidity.