Saturday, September 16, 2006

For O

this post is dedicated to none other than my favorite blonde. I seem to be giving her an awful lot of attention lately haven't I. Get your minds out of the gutters people. There's nothing going on with us. Just some friendly jibes to a person that can't boil water. :D

Any ways it has been brought to my attention recently that the poor girl believes that Taco Bell is REAL Mexican food. Being a person that is married to a half Mexican I can assure you that Toxic Hell IS NOT authentic food. It's more like garbage. That was one of the best things about my m-i-l. She could cook some of the best homemade refried beans I have ever tasted. Oh and her hand made tortillas were to die for. Combine that with her shredded pork and rice and it was a meal and a half.

But unfortunately since her passing we haven't really had the opportunity to eat food of that caliber. But tonight we changed that. Summer got her first check from her new employer. We paid all the bills, bought all our food and have a little bit of money left to get us through to next payday. To celebrate we decided to go out to dinner on a spur of the moment thing. We went to a Mexican restaurant near home. And here is how this post if for O. While at dinner I decided to take a picture of a REAL burrito and REAL refried beans on the side. Topped with cheese. The only way to eat beans. So this is for you girl.

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures. I have a very out of date camera phone. It will be replaced soon though.


O272 said...

That looks a LOT like the stuff my cat eats, CH! Maybe he's Mexican, too! ;)

Rob said...

"I seem to be giving her an awful lot of attention lately haven't I. Get your minds out of the gutters people."

Sure sure, a likely story! I bet Mr. O is asking her right now about you! (evil grin)

Confused Husband said...

O Now that is just wrong of you. That's real food. but apparently your so used to this thing called Hamburger Helper. I'm sure that has to be what happened to you. Your taste buds are ruined.

rob Actually Mr. O knows all about it. Besides you know she likes the attention.