Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Questions for CH **Edited** UPDATED 8/13/06

I got someone to play along! :D These questions were submitted by my favorite blonde.

1. What's your middle name? You'll never find out in a public forum.

2. What's 483 x 36? (show your work) yeah right. Who do you think I am? Einstein?

3. What are your thoughts on the recent Mideast peace deal? I don't watch the news. I also don't read the paper. So I have no clue.

4. Do you snore?Nope. SR on the other hand can wake the dead. That's not entirely true. I have actually been known to snore so loudly that I wake myself up. I have an excuse for this though. I have sleep apnea.

5. Do you think the government has the cure for cancer?They sure do. They just won't give it to us because they want to keep the little people like us down.

6. Do you write love letters to SR? Sadly no I don't. But I do send her love text messages quite often.

7. Do you shop quickly or do you read labels and such? I get in and get out. Why read labels?

8. Do you dress up for Halloween? Yes. I dress up like a pirate every year. It's actually getting old though and the kids say its not fair because I look like a pirate on a daily basis.

9. Would you ever encourage your boys to join the military? If it was what they wanted to do yes.

10. Do you prefer the top or bottom when having sex? As long as I'm having sex it really don't matter. I'm game for anything that gets put into the mix.

11. What's the temp like in CA in January? Depends on who you ask. I think the temps are perfect. But thats because tempos in the 30's to 40's is prerfect for me. SR on the other hand says it's to cold. You know this is a lie though. We're in Cali baby! It NEVER goes below 65 degrees and the sun shines on a daily basis.

12. What size shoe do you wear? 13 extra wide.

13. Do you do your bills online? Some of them I do pay online. The ones that don't require automatic payment.

14. Who will feed the cats while you're on vacation? The cats will feed themselves while on vacation. We will leave the food in a self feeder, We have a self waterer, and we just bought an extra liter box yesterday.

***15. What worries you most? That some day the ass holes from PETA will take over and take away my right to go hunting.

16. Would you like to sit on a jury? Yes. But they won't pick me because I think everyone is guilty and the punishments for the crimes are to leniant.

17. Do you like questions? Sure. Bring them on. That's why I opened myself up to these.

18. Are you glad you got a pool?You bet! It was the best money I've spent in a long time.

19. Do you have a good chili recipe? Unforunately no. I just use pre pockaged chili seasoning. Follow the directions and add a few extra seasonings to make it taste the way I lioke.

20. Do you read the newspaper? No. I'm very uninformed. The only thing worth reading in the paper is the comics anyways.

Remember if you have any more questions feel free to ask me. I'm an open book to any questions you want to ask me.

**edit Somehow I forgot to answer this question. My lovely wife brought it to my attention though. Also don't forget to watch the video from the previous post. You'll be rolling on the floor.

More questions have been submitted! This these questions came from hasarder.

1. Which animals do you hunt? My first true love of hunting is hunting waterfowl. I love to hunt ducks and geese. The next things I hunt for is pheasants, quail, and doves. I also do a bit of deer and pig hunting. Someday I want to hunt for more big game animals like black bear, grizzly bear, elk, moose, carribou, and big horn sheep. But those will have to wait.

2. Do you eat them? I eat everything that I shoot. If I don't intend to eat it I just don't shoot it. Plain and simple. Otherwise it is a waste and disrespectful to the animals that I shoot. I do on occaision give some of my ducks away but that is to people that I know will eat them. As for deer and pigs I have never shot one yet. But my uncle has shot a few deer and an elk. He has given me meet from those animals everytime. So he will be getting meet in return if I ever get lucky. In fact while on vacation I will be eating the last of the elk breakfast sausage he gave us. MMMmmmmmm good.

I have never heard of eating roo. Is it good?

This group of questions came from rob.

How well do you know your wife and how well does she know you, do you think? In other words, do you feel that everyone has some secrets and that both you and SR still have some deep secrets hidden from each other? Well rob you've done it again. You have me stumped. I *think* that I know my wife pretty well. A little better actually than she would like me to know her. She knows all of my secrets. She knows more about my secrets than anyone else in the world. I don't have anything hidden from her. Except maybe some things that are still hidden from myself. I've had things that I have hidden from myself for years. Take my molestation for example. I kept parts of that hidden for over 20 years. I'm sure SR has got some secrets that she has in hiding from me. I'd like to think that she don't keep things from me but I'm not a child either. I know that sometimes spouses don't share things with their significant others because they don't want to huirt the other partners feelings. SR falls into that category. I on the other hand believe that if I am hiding a secret from her then that is more hurtful than keeping it a secret. That is why it is so important for me to talk to her about some topics.

These are things that we are still working out.


Summer Rose said...

I have to agree it's freaken cold, sometimes we don't see the sun for weeks. because of cloud cover, so about 60 during the day freezing at night.

O272 said...

I don't think y'all know what cold is!

Thanks for answering my Qs, CH! :)

Summer Rose said...

ohh you mean like ice and snow on the ground that would be the montains. Where CH was called to the snow earlier this year. The only thing that I've noticed is frost on the ground.
S.R. :D

hasarder said...

Two questions.

1. Which animals do you hunt?

2. Do you eat them?

My dad and I used to go rabbit shooting when I was a kid, but I'm too squeamish now, and it's not safe to eat rabbit here anymore.

I'll still eat roo if someone else shoots it.

Rob said...

Here are my Q's for you CH:
How well do you know your wife and how well does she know you, do you think? In other words, do you feel that everyone has some secrets and that both you and SR still have some deep secrets hidden from each other?

hasarder said...

Thanks for answering!

Roo (yes, that's kangaroo) is one of the best meats around. It has a stronger flavour than beef, and no fat whatsoever. It is the leanest meat you can get (makes good sausages!) Beautiful when marinated, a bit tough if overcooked. It's the cheapest meat you can buy (you need a permit to shoot it).

Not everyone eats it over here; some think that roos are just too cute to eat and some think the flavour is too strong. Very few people eat game meats here; it's all lamb, beef, pork and chicken so anything stronger and they freak out.