Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's almost been a week since I last posted. To be honest I just haven't had the time. Or the ambition to. I'm in kind of a lull you could say. I really haven't even been reading a lot of my regular reads. Just to much other stuff going on that is consuming my time. It don't seem to be letting up either. The kids have both started back to school. Youngest is now in kindergarten. He is in an experimental classroom. This year the school has two classes for his grade that will be attending school all day instead of the normal half day. Last week he was doing great. He was real happy in school, the teachers were amazed at how well behaved he was. But last night I got a call from his resource teacher. She said that he had a problem at school yesterday. He was doing the same things he did last year. He hit, kicked, and yelled at his aid. Basically the same stuff he does at home. So now we are back to where we were a year ago. We have the teachers wanting to know if there is someone that could be able to pick him up from school if he continues to act up. I know that he can't be at the school hitting the staff. But at the same time if they send him home because of this early then he will get the idea that all he needs to do is hit a teacher and he can go home. I'm just lost right now. We have no clue what to do. The teacher was asking me if we had any suggestions as to what they could do to keep him in-line. I haven't got the slightest clue. We're still trying to find something that works ourselves. Nothing we try works for more than a week. It's all very frustrating. To make it worse when SR got home last night from doing a massage for a friend I to tell her about the call. (The teacher also happens to be a friend of hers from church.) When I did she got very upset and started crying and then yelling at me. It just wasn't a pretty night.

The only good news on the topic of youngest is 1) He was real good at school again today. He was the perfect angel that they thought he was last week. 2)We FINALLY have an appointment with the Autism center with Kaiser this week. We will be seeing them on Thu. for our first appointment. They say that it will be an hour long. Then we will make more appointments to finish the evaluations. All the evals will be an hour long to keep the kids from being wore out.

So hopefully we will be getting some answers here soon. All we want is to be able to find out what we should do to get him the education he needs at the same time get him to be of a better temperament.

One last problem with him is that he only has 2 more days left of his medication. We have been trying to get it refilled for 3 weeks now. But his Dr. is on a 2-3 month leave of absence. We have 0 refills on the medication. They won't give us any more until his Dr. approves it. His Dr. said that once we start giving him the meds which we have for over 3 months now not to take him off. So now what the hell are we supposed to do? I told SR to go to Kaiser tomorrow after she takes the kids to school and demand his meds be filled in person or she wants to talk to an administrator. I'm getting tired of Kaiser's BS.

So what else has been eating me the last few days? Lets see. Summer has started her new job last week so that is taking a lot of my time. I'm now doing the homework, cooking, dishes, baths, etc. Again. Just to where we were last year when she was still at the grocery store. I'm not upset about it this time though. It's just time consuming again. Plus I'm now waiting for her to get home before I go to bed at night. So now I'm up till 11PM at night. Or later by the time we talk for a few minutes and then try to fall asleep. She has been calling me on her way home from work so I can help her stay awake. The road I talked about last week with the near miss is the same road she travels. Also due to her late work hours it really isn't leaving much time for improving our "marital" relations. Like I'm even able to perform anymore anyways. But that is another topic for another time. Maybe.

We're also dog sitting again for my parents. So we have the dog until Sun night. My parents are enjoying their retirement by being on a cruise ship from SF to Alaska. So now we have a dog and 2 cats. Let me tell you the dog is just terrorizing the cats. :D

I'm also going to miss the dove season opener this year. This is the first time in many years that I will not have my hunting license before Sept. 1. I'm not sure if I will be going deer hunting at all this year. But I can't bring myself to tell my dad and uncle. They are both trying to get me to make plans with them for deer season. My dad wants me to help him get the jeep ready for the opener. Which is in about 3-4 weeks. I really feel bad about that one. You see my dad was going to sell the jeep last year when he moved. It is a 1946 Jeep Willy's. It was used in WWII as a military jeep and then sold to the public when the war was over. This Jeep has been in the family since 1946. I told him not to sell it and store it in my driveway so we could work on it together and use it for deer season. Now I don't know if I will be able to go. Duck season is looking very unlikely at the moment as well. That is the killer for me.

One last note from me before I sign off. I'm not sure if I posted this before or not and don't want to look. With SR's new job and hours I am in a situation where I must discontinue going to my men's group therapy meetings on Thu nights. On top of that my therapist is on vacation the whole month of Set. So no individual meetings either. I had an appointment set up for Oct 2, but he just called today and cancelled it until Oct 23. So I will now be going almost 3 months at all with no appointments. It just seems like a step backwards for me. I feel that when I am ready to start opening up to my therapist something happens like this. So now when I do meet up with him in 2 months it will almost be like starting over again. Times like this is what makes me wish that I was paying out of pocket for a therapist. At least that way I might be lucky enough to get weekly appointments like some of the other people that I read about.

Now it is time for me to take a break from the computer and get back into the book that I can't seem to put down. My deepest apologies go to O272 my favorite blonde. I was supposed to post something else for her last night but I have just been to caught up with the real world. I will get to it though O I promise.


The girl-next-door said...

CH things will get better...think positive thoughts. I hope the testing goes well for the kiddos. Have you read 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'? The main character has Asperger's and his reasoning skills made me understand some of the kids in my class better. I'll forward some links for Autism support and behavior mod sometime in the next few days after I've sorted out my back-to-school craziness.

I mentioned Regional Center's Repite program in SR's blog comment - sounds like this would be right up your alley. One foot in front of the other CH - that's all anyone can ask of you...and remember to breathe.

beautifully human said...

Life comes in waves. Just push slowly forward and things will improve and get better. Cross each bridge when you come to it rather than trying to tackle them all in one go.

Take care.

Beautifully Human xx

Rob said...

No worries dude. After our chat last night with you and SR, I saved you both a big bowl of ice cream! :-)

O272 said...

Real life always comes before Blogger life, CH! I understand! :)

Hope things start looking up with the youngest!

SR and I were talking about having our kids write when they were misbehaving. I forgot to include to have them write something positive about themselves instead of the *I will not punch my brother in the face* routine. Yeah, just like that guy on SNL used to do! ;)

hasarder said...

Hard times, hey.
Seems after the vacation real life's come crashing back in.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time is an excellent book! Really interesting and moving, well worth a read. Good tip, girl next door!

Hang in there, CH.

Emily said...

That seems like a really long time between appointments for you - how frustrating!!

I think it is great how proactive you have been about your son.

April said...

Sounds like things are very busy for you all. Life gets that way sometimes. :) I haven't been reading and keeping up with everyone very much lately either.

I've never understood how or why schools consider suspension or sending a child home as punishment. Like you, the child just learns what to do to get out of school.

*hugs* for you both & this situation.

Mr. Husbland said...

Missing a hunting season?! Man, you must be really busy then. :)

Sorry to hear things are so crazy. I guess it's better than things being in a shithole, eh?

Make sure you get your sleep CH. Things will get easier.