Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yesterdays Roller Coaster Ride

Yesterday was full of emotional ups and downs. I started off ok. Then my Overtime check came in. With 5 hours I hadn't counted on. Things were looking up. Then my wife called me around 10 and said she might get fired. Uh-Oh. Things are going down. As the conversation went on things got worse. I'd like to say that it's a good thing my wife don't have my temper or she would definitely not have a job. Her boss screwed up her schedule when I was on vacation. She requested to work Mon. Wed. and Fri. from 12:30 to 6:00. She had a sitter arranged for the kids from that time. Instead they schedule her for her regular hours of 4:30 to 9:30. Not a big deal we still had a sitter. Then on Sat. they called her and told her they need her to work for someone who called in sick due to Homecoming. So she said ok and worked from 1:00 to 9:30 on her day off. My mom watched the kids. (side note: The dam kid new about Homecoming MONTHS ago. He did NOT request it off. Instead he calls in sick so he can go to the dance. I would have fired his High School lazy ASS!!!!(There goes my temper again)).
Then the problem started. They put her to work in the days this week. Mon. was ok I was home from work as it was a state holiday. Then her relief person comes in and has a dislocated shoulder. So they ask her to work till closing time. She says fine. She worked 12:30 to 9:30. Then they schedule her to work on Tue. She NEVER works on Tue. So that is the day I call in sick. She works from 12:30 to 6:00. Then had 2 massages at 6:30.
So now that brings us to yesterday. She calls up and tells them that she don't have a babysitter for the kids. They want her to work from 12:30 to 6:00. She has 3 supervisors say thats ok. You can come in from 4:30 to 9:30 like normal. But no! My bosses wife says "I already have a closer. If you can't come in at 12:30 to 6:00 we will have to fire you." After all the shit she did for them. She has worked there for 4 years and only called in sick 2 times, and both times had a Dr. note. EVERY time they ask her to come in on a day off she does. She has bent over backwards for this dam store. So when she called and told me what they said I instantly went into attack mode. (I only have 2 modes with my temper. It's either ON or OFF. Thats why we have had problems in our marriage.) I told her to tell her boss to go Fuck herself (in front of MY boss as he was standing next to me and at first we were on speaker phone). They screwed up the schedule. You don't need to work for them anymore. Tell her and everyone else there to go fuck themselves. In fact I'll go and tell them myself (I would have to. At that point I didn't care.). She said no she will try to find a babysitter first. So she calls back 30 minutes later and says she has a babysitter for the boys and by-the-way they want her to work the same schedule today. So that means babysitter this afternoon too.
That is the thing that really pisses me off. We work our schedules so that both of us can work and still have at least one of us at home with the boys all the time. So now we have to pay for a G%^ D%^&M babysitter. It cost us $50.00 for the past 2 days of babysitting. She only made $67.00 working both days. Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to put down the money that my wife makes. If it weren't for the money she makes we would be bouncing checks every month. It is just that when she makes 67 bucks (pre tax) and we have to pay 50 bucks for childcare we lose money, so what is the point of her working? But at least she still has her job. Good thing she thinks before she acts. I really need to learn how to do that.
So things are looking better her work thing is figured out. I'm now just stewing over it. When I came back to the yard at the end of the day things were EXCELLENT! We received checks that the union told us we would get a year ago but never did. We thought it was the union blowing smoke up our asses. Then it came. 1 years worth of back pay for the money the state was taking out of our checks for medical. I got 1100 yesterday. Of course Uncle Sam and the Governator took there fair share. I took home $800. That is on top of the OT check from the morning. So I was on cloud 9 so to speak. I called my wife at work and told her about the money and asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner. She said it sounds ok, we'll figure out where when I get home this evening. Things were really good now.
When she got home last night the boys and I were all dressed and ready to go. She still needed a shower so the youngest and I went to the store to buy some flowers for her. We got 2 bunches of flowers and a card for her and gave them to her when she got out of the shower. Then things went down hill again.
My wife was happy about the flowers, but I could tell something was wrong. So I asked her about it. She didn't feel like going out because there was too much to do at home. We went back and forth for a few minutes and I said if you want to go out with the boys and me come out when you get dressed, I'll be on the computer. I came to the living room and felt like breaking down but couldn't. My stomach was all knotted up, My throat was tight and I could feel the moment of needing to cry but it never came.
She did come out and we went to a nice restaurant in town. It was actually a nice evening. Our youngest actually behaved himself. No screaming, running, climbing on tables etc. (Yes my son is the one that all the other people complain about.) Hence the reason that we DO NOT go out to dinner very often. In fact the last time was when we were in Tahoe. The time before that was about a year ago. But last night he was great. Until dinner was done. Then he wanted to go see the water. So we missed out on dessert so he could see the water on the balcony of the restaurant. The dinner was nice. I actually ordered drinks for myself and a virgin daquerie for my wife, appetizer, and didn't worry about how much the food cost. I am never like that. We always drink water cause it's free, and never get appetizers. We went home after dinner and went to bed as it was late. That was it.
This morning when I woke up my wife was in the shower so I stayed in bed till she got out. She came over and sat next to me as she finished drying off. I was in my normal physical state when she sat there naked so I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her over to sit on my lap facing me. She said you're going to be late and I just got out of the shower. I said I don't want to make love to you. I just want to feel you. So she lowered herself onto me and we just sat there for a few minutes not moving and just holding each other. It was .......well...... wonderful! Just feeling her without making love. I got up and went to work. This was the best work day I've had in a long time.
My wife will kill me if she reads this post.


DH said...

Why would she kill you? I thought it was a great post. Good for her for keeping her cool about the job thing, but you're does suck.

I'm glad she ended up going out to dinner with you guys...I think you needed it.

And congrats on the unexpected check...those are ALWAYS welcome at my house.

Confused Husband said...

DH, It's not the whole post that she would kill me over. It's the last paragraph. Talking about stuff like that is not looked upon nicely with her. It's ok to do it, just don't talk about it. Ever.
The checks are going to be used for good. Our youngests Bday is next Wed. and Christmas is comeing. No CC for presents this year.

Lizzie said...

I'm glad you clarified why you were pulling her onto your lap. She needs to relax and allowing you to hold her is a first step. Very nice ....

And congrats on the break with the $$. A windfall is nice every now and then.