Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just another day

Well I did it. I called in with the flu this morning. It was actually a good thing too. Apparently the dryer went out when I was gone. It was squeaking really loud. Loud enough for the neighbor to complain about the noise. I took it apart and assumed that the problem was the belt. But you know what they say happens when you assume. So I drove into town to get a new belt. When I got to the appliance store they said that the belt was fine and that the bearings were worn out. I thought ok. You can tell this without even looking at the machine. But I didn't drive 40 miles round trip to come home empty handed. So I bought the parts. $50.00 When I came home I took the dryer apart even more. Well what do you know. The bearings were shot. I put it back together and no squeak. I'm just a regular repair man now. If it's broke I can fix anything! Except the problems with that dam Exploder.
Other than that the day was pretty dam boring. My wife worked and then after work she had 2 massages. She got home about 30 minutes ago. We are still waiting to sign papers on the house. I'm getting tired of waiting. We were supposed to sign the papers the day I came home from vacation. Now we have to wait till Fri. I want to be a home owner.

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