Monday, October 24, 2005

Off to a bad week

Well not trying to be negative but this is starting to be a terrible week. I woke up this morning sick. By the time I got off work (late) I couldn't breathe or swallow. My head is so plugged up right now. I'm going to drink some tea, take some Nyquil and go to bed soon. I just have some things to mention before I take the Nyquil.

First is that the weekend wasn't the greatest here. A police officer was hit by a car full of teenagers on Fri. night. The kids were coming home from a football game and passed on a double yellow line, going head on with one of our local officers on his way home from work. One of the kids died at the scene. The other 3 were airlifted to a hospital. The officer was flown to a hospital where he was pronounced brain dead on Sat. night, and he died yesterday. It was his 26th birthday when he died. To make it worse he got married 3 weeks ago and just returned to work.
We only have a force of 23 officers including chief. We just lost one of them. We are in a small town so it hit the town hard.

On to my wife. She had her meeting with the store owner today. He said that he could have pressed charges against me for yelling at hot bitch over the phone the other day. Here's the thing though- I was not yelling. My voice was raised but I was not yelling. The other thing is that I was not even talking to hot bitch. I was talking to my wife. But the owner said they are not pressing charges (if they want to fine I don't give a shit anyways. They won't get anywhere with it. We could go back and sue the store for sexual harassment over the "happy ending" incident.) They are putting her back on the schedule. Her boss told her to come back to work tonight. She goes in at 4:30 and is back home by 4:45. They said they don't need her tonight and she needs to start next week when the new schedule comes out. This place is really making me mad.

Lastly is something that has been going on for some time now. I mentioned it to my wife the other night and she said she noticed it but didn't want to say anything. I seem to be getting bored very easy anymore. Nothing seems to be getting my interest up lately. That is part of the reason "I have not been posting lately. I still check out all the blogs in my favorites but thats it. I used to spend hours online. Now it just bores me. TV bores me. There's no good books to read any more. I can't wait till Jean M. Auel gets her next book published. But who knows when that will be.

Well it's time to get medicated. :)


bedroomdancer said...

Sorry you are sick, as I told another blogger, drink grape juice and take a hot bath. As for the boredom, is this a bigger issue you need to talk to a doctor about? Lack of interest in life is a signal for other stuff, maybe...

~ anne said...

sorry to hear the week isn't starting well. hope it will finish on a positive note.

maybe it's time for your wife to find a different job, they don't sound as if they appreciate her there.

hopefully you'll jump out of that boredom mode quickly! do something fun.


Confused Husband said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I've been laid up in bed most of the day.
My wife had her interview this morning. She came home with high hopes, and wow was she smileing like I haven't seen her smile in a while. Here's hopeing for a new job!