Friday, June 29, 2007

Just stopping in real quick like to let you all know that I'm fine. Summer and I are fine as well. I was just at a really bad point the other night. Things are doing alright though. I'm getting ready to go out shopping with the boys now so that we can go camping this weekend at the family reunion. So that is something that we have to look forward to. The boys can't wait5r to see their cousins and go fishing.

On a side note I'm surprised that Summer hasn't said anything yet so I guess I'll have to let it slip a little bit here and finish the details after she gets the time to post up her version. In the previous post I had said that I had the opportunity to make Summer happier than she has been in a long long time. I mean she like a school girl squealing and shrieking. She still is all excited too. I surprised her on Fri. and bought her a new SUV.

that's all for now. Costco waits for no one.

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