Monday, June 04, 2007


As you can see I have made a few changes here today. What else are you going to do when your at home in bed sick all day?

Some of the changes I really like. Like the new column. Some I'm not to fond of. Like the new template and the fact that the columns don't line up properly. I'm afraid to change the template though because if I change back I'll most likely not be able get the third column back again. The columns not lining up though that's a different story. It is driving me crazy!It's only been there for about ten minutes now and it's already eating at me.

So anyways what do you think of the new look? Should I keep it,or go back to the old one?

On a much more positive note Summer and I have booked a trip for a weekend getaway in July. My mom will watch the boys for the weekend and we will be going to Circus Circus in Reno. Not our favorite casino resort (Atlantis if you were wondering) but it is away from home and the kids so we don't really care. So now we have a room booked and a sitter. Now all we need is a plan of what we are going to do while we are away.


for a different kind of girl said...

Oh, some of those things just shouldn't be planned. If you know what I'm saying. And I think you do. Even if you are sick.

Confused Husband said...

Some of those things won't be planned. ;-) But we (SR) don't want to lock ourselves in the room the whole time either. We don't gamble so thats out. No shows of interest either.

Maybe locking ourselves into our room is a good idea! :D

Tajalude said...

Criminy CH, when AIN'T ya sick?? :P

Sounds like a great idea for a good time!! I've never been to Vegas... I hope you live up to its' reputation :D

FTN said...

Yay for kidless vacations! That'll be something to look forward to.

What's the problem with the columns, exactly? I'm not sure what you are wanting to line up. I might be able to help, possibly.

Confused Husband said...

Taja I haven't been sick since I went to the hospital back in Jan.

We've never been to Vegas either. Would love to go there though. But Reno is close enough for our budget. :D

FTN I actually got the columns lined up yesterday morning. They were pretty bad before. They were out of alignment. I might take you up on help though for fixing a few other things.

Crazy Computer Dad said...

I went to Reno once, stayed in Atlantis even. Only time I have ever been in a casino. It wasn't my thing. :-)

However, not too far south of Reno is Bodie, a ghost town/mining town. If you like hiking, a little further south of Bodie is the Virginia Lakes trail in the Hoover Wilderness. That was amazing. I have some pictures of that hike and it was one of my favorites.

I'm sure you two will have a great time!

Therese in Heaven said...

The new look is great. Makes me want to "remodel" too!