Friday, April 22, 2005

Begining cont.

So anyways I know that I had an issue with my temper and finally started to deal with it. Then came the day that my life started to fall apart. Oct. 24, 2004. My wife and I woke up on that Sat. morning and laid in bed as we usually do on Sat. mornings. We started to talk a little bit with each other and I could see that something was bothering my wife. I was always good at knowing when something was bothering her just not good at seeing most of the time it was me. So I asked her to tell me what was wrong and she said nothing. I then asked her again and told her that I could see that something was wrong with her. I said tell me whatever it is that is bothering you just tell me the truth that is all I want. So the truth is what she gave me. She told me that she wanted to leave me and that she had stopped loving me some time ago. She was waiting to finish school (she was going to school to be a massage therapist at the time) and get a job then leave leave me when she felt that the time was right. I was caught off gaurd. I had no idea that she felt that way. We had talked previously about buying the house that we live in when she was done with school. My whole life just fell apart in a matter of seconds. So we talked for about an hour more in bed while the kids were watching cartoons. When we were about done with our conversation she proceeded to ask me to make love to her. I was really confused then. You tell me that you don't love me and then an hour later you ask me to make love to you? Of course I did do it though. I never was one to turn down sexual advances from my wife. The rest of the day we really didn't talk much. I just kept to myself for awhile. Actually for a couple of days.

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