Friday, August 26, 2005

Other Blogs

So I've been reading quite a few Blogs lately. Some of them pretty good. I find that most of the Blogs I read are about husbands dealing with cheating wives or wives who won't have sex with them. The majority of the Blogs I have been really hooked on lately are the ones with wives going into detail about their affairs. For some reason I am really drawn to these Blogs. But they do make me feel suspicious about my wife. I just can't stop reading them. The Blog that I have been truly captivated with is written by M and is called the tale of my discrete affair.

Some things that I have noticed though in reading a couple of mens Blogs is that their wives have not had sex with them for several months at a time. My wife and I are not in that situation. Even when we were at our worst back in Feb. and March we were still having sex a few times a week. (I'm not trying to turn this into a detailed sex Blog.) One of the things I have noticed is that the worse we get communication wise the better we get in the bedroom. The less we talk the more we make love. I think part of it is because the more we talk with each other the less I feel the need to be with her in the physical sense. I think that the other part of it is that my wife uses sex to keep me from pursuing conversation with her. Again this is all speculation.

One last thought for now. In reading M's Blog someone commented they thought most men would be more upset with the lying and deceiving an affair would cause than the actual act of having sex with someone else. I think that is about where I am. It upset me more that my wife lied to me about what was going on with Mr. D, than the thought that she wanted to have sex with him. For some odd reason the thought of her with someone else gets me turned on. But if it happened without my knowing or being lied to it would piss me off. Is this normal for men or am I a freak?


mz said...

i think this might be more a normal reaction that you think. but i could be a freak too, so who knows? :)

good blog... hope you continue posting regulary. and good luck on the house.

Lizzie said...

I just read your blog start to finish. You really drew me in with your writing style. My heart goes out to you for everything you have been through. You obviously love your wife very much and want to keep your marriage together. I'm so glad she isn't having any contact with Mr.D anymore. Like Morgan, I hope you'll keep posting.

Lizzie said...

I also meant to mention Tahoe. We spent the first two weeks of August in Kings Beach. The best place on EARTH!

Confused Husband said...

Thanks for the input.
Shasts I agree about Tahoe. It is my favorite place in Ca. I wish I could have spent more than 5 days there.

Anonymous said...

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Douglas said...

Maybe this isn't your dear wife, but women in general have a need for conversation. What other evidence do you have that your wife wishes to avoid conversation?