Friday, July 27, 2007

I don't know where the time has been going lately. I do know this though: there doesn't seem to be enough of it lately. I mean seriously think about it. Summer is almost over already. School starts again in a few weeks. Aug. 22 I believe. What do we have to show for this years summer vacation time? NOTHING! We haven't done squat this summer. no family vacation like usual. We usually take a trip to Tahoe a few weeks before school starts. Not this year. There just isn't enough money. That and the fact that I'm running dangerously low on vacation time. Things have just sucked it down big time this year. Between Dr. appointments, Summer's surgery, and coming home early to take care of youngest son it's just getting drained. I've got just over 2 weeks but I like to keep that in reserve. I see 100 hours of vacation as zero. Especially when there is only 40 hours of sick leave.

That last paragraph bored the hell out of you all didn't it. It's ok. Admit it. It bored me and I'm the one that wrote it.

Anyways I have a few things on my mind. Unfortunately they aren't enough to make a stand alone post. So it's time for the bullet post!

  • As I have eluded to previously I'm not a small person. Weight has always been an issue with me. In fact that is why I was kicked out of the Army.I was over weight. Don't take into account that from the day I signed up and the day that I was booted out I lost 80 pounds. I went from a size 42 down to a 36. Then when I left I ballooned right back up there. A few years ago, 2003I believe, I started a new diet. I did the Adkins thing. You know the diet where you eat meat and stuff but no carbs. That means no bread or potatoes. No beer or soda. I did dam good though. I started in June and stopped for the Christmas holiday. Went from 280 down to 206. Once again I was in a size 36. The intention was to go back on the diet after Christmas. Never happened. Now? Now I'm at the heaviest I've ever been. Just over 300. Plus my waist is a 44 now. I have tried various diets through the years and none of them worked except for the Adkins. I can't give up bread or potatoes again though. So now I'm considering something else. My neighbor had a gastric bypass surgery a few months ago. He's dropping weight like crazy. So I'm considering the thought of seeing if Kaiser will approve me for the procedure. I mean they have already told me that I'm "morbidly obese" so whats the harm. Right?

  • As most of my long time readers know I started this blog because of the problems that Summer and I were going through. Since then it has gone through a few different phases. Mainly now it is used to help me keep my thoughts in check. That was the main problem that Summer and I had. I would think something in the heat of the moment and instead of thinking about it I would say whatever was in my mind. I have done a much better job of that in the past year or two. It still lingers and I catch myself doing it, but I am getting better. It is coming at an expense though. I am now afraid to bring certain topics up in fear of them being taken the wrong way. So I just keep them inside. I know that is a bad thing as well. I really need to find a balance between the two. Some of these things really need to be said and discussed. I just need to get over my fear of losing my temper again.

  • I have always wanted to get a tattoo. Ever since I was in Jr. High. I just was never in a position where I could afford one. Well that urge of wanting one never went away. In fact it is getting stronger now. I really want one. Badly. I've got several in mind that I want to get. Just don't have a location of where I want them to be.

  • I really can't wait for the upcoming hunting season to get here. Especially since dove season opens on a Sat. this year. So I'll be out for the morning hunt and then the evening hunt. It's still up in the air if I'm going deer hunting this year though. I will be going duck hunting though. Surprise surprise. :D There is a group of 8 people that are putting in for the opener of goose and duck season at Tule Lake. My dad, 2 uncles, 2 cousins, and one of my uncles is bringing 2 nephews for their first duck hunt. Then we are planning on going back to Tule to go pheasant hunting. The plan now is to leave right after we eat thanksgiving dinner. Make the 11 hour drive, sleep a little bit and hunt Fri. Sat. and Sun. What a way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday!

  • This really has nothing to do with anything, but I really like this song. That and they are performing at Sac Valley Amphitheatre tonight. And I can't go. It's not that bad though. They are the only ones on the Project Revolution Tour that I'm interested in seeing so a ticket would just be a waste of money anyways.

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